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The amazing myth of mental slavery. K.M. Khan-Gilgit Sep 15, 2021 405
Korea voices regret over Tokyo's decision to change term for victims of wartime sexual slavery. Sep 10, 2021 226
Repeated distortions of history. Sep 10, 2021 497
From 1860s marriage advice to Black Lives Matter New donations to museum span decades. Mick Zawislak Sep 3, 2021 561
Court orders Tokyo to disclose assets in Korea by next March. Sep 2, 2021 384
'Mental slavery'. Aug 27, 2021 346
English medium system brought mental slavery: PM Imran. Aug 26, 2021 323
British Army bought slaves but they went on to serve as equals. .these are my heroes; VC HERO JOHNSON BEHARRY'S AF S AFRICAN ANCESTRY. EXCLUSIVE BY SARAH ARNOLD Aug 25, 2021 1247
British Army bought slaves but they went on to serve as equals ..these are my heroes; VC HERO JOHNSON BEHARRY'S AFRICAN ANCESTRY EXCLUSIVE. SARAH ARNOLD Aug 25, 2021 1239
British Army bought slaves but they went on to serve as equals ..these are my heros; VC HERO JOHNSON BEHARRY'S AF S AFRICAN ANCESTRY. EXCLUSIVE BY SARAH ARNOLD Aug 25, 2021 1247
MODERN SLAVERY IN THE UK; After the impact of lockdown, referrals for potential victims have increased again. DEBORA ARU Aug 21, 2021 516
MODERN SLAVERY IN THE UK; After the impact of lockdown, referrals for potential victims have increased again. DEBORA ARU Aug 20, 2021 515
MODERN SLAVERY IN THE UK; After the impact of lockdown, referrals for potential victims have increased again. DEBORA ARU Aug 20, 2021 515
Bishops should follow sisters' lead on racial justice. Aug 20, 2021 1012
Korean-American foundation continues to tell truth of sex slavery history. Aug 19, 2021 693
2023 Elections: Save Nigerians From Slavery Akintoye, Others Tell Political Parties. Aug 18, 2021 315
Referendum, New Constitution, UNGA One Million March: Akintoye, Others Declare Verdict. Aug 17, 2021 797
Afghanistan has broken shackles of slavery: PM Imran. Aug 17, 2021 394
Afghans have 'broken shackles of slavery', says PM Imran Khan. Aug 17, 2021 899
We can become good slaves by imitating others but cannot go ahead: PM. Aug 17, 2021 446
PM Imran talks about overpowering 'shackles of slavery' at Single National Curriculum launch. Aug 16, 2021 520
Harvard professor Ramseyer denies Japanese military's forced mobilization of comfort women. Aug 15, 2021 280
The young boys carried into slavery from Port of Liverpool; STEPHEN GUY journeys into Liverpool's maritime past. STEPHEN GUY Aug 15, 2021 415
It was slavery of the highest order. Even at 101 it's still on my mind... some things never go away; ON ANNIVERSARY OF VJ DAY, , POWs REMEMBER THEIR ORDEAL Brave Jim survived Japanese hell. Amanda Killelea Aug 15, 2021 798
Liverpool: The city that made Farage 'give up' ex-ukip leader upset by council 'allowing' artistic project. LIAM THORP ECHO Reporter @LIAMTHORPECHO Aug 12, 2021 434
International solidarity meeting held to mark 30th anniversary of sex slavery testimony. Aug 11, 2021 288
Slavery boss 'lived like king' as he made victim sleep next to his dogs. Aug 11, 2021 621
THE REAL HISTORY OF "JUNETEENTH" AND EMANCIPATION: President Biden has made "Juneteenth" a federal holiday. In reality, June 19, 1865 was not the end of slavery in the United States. Byas, Steve Aug 9, 2021 2696
Death over slavery is Kashmiri martyrs message for India: Report. Aug 5, 2021 167
Journey to freedom for Caribbean peoples continues. Jul 30, 2021 200
Cotu puts firms recruiting Kenyans to Middle East 'slavery' on notice. Jul 28, 2021 626
Black American chefs want credit for crucial role in shaping cuisine. Jul 27, 2021 824
Repeal Juneteenth now! Clinton L. Black Jul 23, 2021 607
40 years ago--July 13, 1981. Jul 19, 2021 283
EOBI stands on six broken pillars. Jul 17, 2021 613
More slavery more hunger more death.. Fury at Tories' cruel cut to foreign aid budget. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Jul 14, 2021 381
Ebonyi NASS Will Never Return To Slavery aPDP. Jul 12, 2021 220
Crackdown on modern slavery; Police force launches team to tackle 'despicable' crime. BETH ABBIT @BETHABBITMEN Jul 11, 2021 294
'slavery' arrests at car wash; Police say two workers now safe from exploitation. LIAM THORP Political editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Jul 4, 2021 256
'Golden Boys' statue set for new plaque to explain slavery links. TOM DARE Local Democracy Reporter Jul 3, 2021 423
ILLEGAL AND IRRATIONAL: "The argument for reparations is not meant to create a substitute for the existing laws but to satisfy a blatant racist desire to advance a more general race-based premise, one which divides Americans not predicated on those who provably discriminate but based solely on their flesh tones and ancestry". Emord, Jonathan W. Jul 1, 2021 1569
Haunted by Slavery. Jul 1, 2021 342
Plaque to explain slavery links when stature returns. Jul 1, 2021 321
Slavery in Korea. Jun 28, 2021 796
Book Review: ROOTS: SAGA of an American Family let you Know about the History of Slavery of Africans in AMERICA. Homer Jan Jun 27, 2021 611
Inquiry: Tragic Journeys of Enslaved African People Exposed through Shipwreck Archaeology. Hubbard, Janie Jun 24, 2021 5988
Opinion| US presidents between emancipation of slaves and political exploitation. Daily News Egypt Jun 22, 2021 993
THE GENIUS OF AMERICAN OLIGARCHY. Nabors, Forrest Jun 22, 2021 2776
Quaker women's abolitionist fight to be honoured; The role of women in the North East in the fight to abolish slavery is to be commemorated. TONY HENDERSON reports. TONY HENDERSON Jun 21, 2021 912
New markers, artwork, street names across U.S. ED WHITE Associated Press Jun 20, 2021 573
Where's the difference? Rabia Ahmed Jun 20, 2021 757
The week that was; Check out what happened in history... Jun 20, 2021 538
US marks end of slavery on 'Juneteenth' nat'l holidayl. Jun 20, 2021 632
Biden makes Juneteenth a federal holiday right away. Associated Press Jun 18, 2021 1420
The story of Juneteenth, the new federal holiday. Associated Press Jun 18, 2021 671
June 19 to be a federal, state holiday. Mike DeBonis The Washington Post Jun 17, 2021 713
June 19 to be a federal, state holiday Holiday: House vote was 415-14 in favor. Mike DeBonis The Washington Post Jun 17, 2021 713
Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum to display Emancipation Proclamation. Submitted by Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Jun 15, 2021 461
The story of Sunderland's Binns family and their links to the anti-slavery movement; Although the name Binns is known all over Sunderland, little is known about the family who established Wearside's favourite department store. Tony Gillan Jun 12, 2021 748
Fewer modern slavery victims identified in Bedfordshire; But charity warns of potential increase in victims following the pandemic. Joanna Morris Jun 11, 2021 620
Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum to display Emancipation Proclamation. Submitted by Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Jun 11, 2021 461
Considered gifts for US president. Jun 11, 2021 179
Considered gifts for US president. Jun 11, 2021 179
More than 150 modern slavery victims identified in South Yorkshire - more than a third were children; More than 150 potential slavery victims were referred to police in South Yorkshire last year - and around a third of them were children. Stephanie Bateman Jun 9, 2021 616
More than 350 modern slavery victims identified in West Yorkshire; More than 350 potential slavery victims were referred to police in West Yorkshire last year - and more than two in five of them were children. Leanne Clarke Jun 9, 2021 563
New body must haul rogue umbrella companies into the light - Greg Wright; Thirty years ago, as a young journalist, I was horrified by the activities of rogue gangmasters who bullied their workers and cheated the taxman. Greg Wright Jun 9, 2021 701
Fewer modern slavery victims identified in Bedfordshire; Fewer slavery victims have been identified to police in Bedfordshire amid the coronavirus pandemic, figures reveal. News Reporter Jun 9, 2021 447
Lincoln museum will display Emancipation Proclamation to celebrate Juneteenth. Associated Press Jun 9, 2021 226
Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum to display Emancipation Proclamation. Submitted by Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Jun 8, 2021 508
New investigation finds sharp rise in Indonesian slavery at sea. ISMIRA LUTFIA TISNADIBRATA Jun 5, 2021 573
Union calling for debate on the slave trade. CALUM ROSS Jun 4, 2021 400
Academic under investigation amid David Hume Tower row is cleared; An academic who was under investigation by Edinburgh University after speaking out about plans to rename the David Hume Tower due to its links to slavery has been cleared of any wrongdoing. Jane Bradley Jun 3, 2021 603
Support ends for teacher fund over its links to slavery. CALUM ROSS Jun 2, 2021 377
Creation's Slavery to (Human) Corruption: A Moral Interpretation of Romans 8:20-22. Horst, William Jun 1, 2021 10294
When the Government is the Trafficker: State-Sponsored Trafficking in Persons. Jun 1, 2021 672
"I Do Not Own My People, I Own Slaves": The Formation of Slave Owners' Consciousness in Edward Jones's The Known World. Shymchyshyn, Mariya Critical essay Jun 1, 2021 4789
Education bequest linked to slavery to be probed. May 25, 2021 279
Education bequest linked to slavery to be investigated. CALUM ROSS May 25, 2021 500
Isis brides groomed in same way as victims of paedophiles; girls are recruited in 'sinister process' Former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini insists women are tricked into sexual slavery. ANNIE BROWN May 17, 2021 735
Talks on fund tied to slavery. May 15, 2021 214
Book review: Blood Legacy, by Alex Renton; In exploring his family's historic links to the slave trade, Alex Renton paints a sobering picture of a society built on systematic brutality, and poses important questions about how best to right the wrongs of the past. Review by Stuart Kelly. Stuart Kelly May 13, 2021 952
The Case for Reparations. May 13, 2021 206
New calls to redirect fund that is linked to slavery. May 11, 2021 328
'Redirect how slavery-linked fund is spent'. CALUM ROSS May 11, 2021 368
Chesterfield man denies modern slavery charges over 'forced labour' at car wash; Car wash employees were "burned" by chemicals and "compelled to work long hours in bad conditions for little pay" during alleged exploitation after being transported from abroad, a court has heard. Phil Bramley May 11, 2021 577
America Did Not Invent Slavery--It Ended Slavery. Byas, Steve May 10, 2021 3222
War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Boris is brilliant. Boris loves you. And you love Boris. John Niven May 9, 2021 957
Correcting a grave error from our past. Jim Hunter May 7, 2021 691
House votes to endorse 'abolition amendment,' D.C. statehood. PETER HANCOCK Capitol News Illinois May 6, 2021 342
Sexual slavery victim to appeal court's dismissal of damages claims against Japan. May 5, 2021 224
'They are minnows, in terms of trying to abuse me' - human rights campaigner Sir Geoff Palmer defies racists; Council chiefs have refused to reveal the names of officials sitting on a panel reviewing Edinburgh's historic links to slavery - fearing they will become targets for abuse. Joseph Anderson May 4, 2021 681
Call for slavers' fund to 'heal scars'. CALUM ROSS May 4, 2021 480
Call for fund linked with slavery to 'heal scars'. CALUM ROSS May 4, 2021 460
Another victim of Japan's wartime sexual slavery dies. May 3, 2021 338
Minority Rule: Given the Republican ferocity in trying to destroy basic rights, the road back to democracy is not civic but political. Kuttner, Robert May 1, 2021 2969
Call to keep watch for modern slavery; ON THE BEAT BY DETECTIVE INSPECTOR CAROLINE GRAY, PUBLIC PROTECTION UNIT. Apr 26, 2021 437
Will sex slavery court ruling affect Seoul-Tokyo ties? Apr 22, 2021 655
Contradictory ruling. Apr 22, 2021 527
Korean court dismisses sex slavery compensation case against Japan. Apr 21, 2021 564
'Comfort women' lose lawsuit against Tokyo over wartime sexual slavery. Apr 21, 2021 463
Theatre reviews: Ghosts | Smile | A Space to Bless; Full of both anger and compassion, Adura Onashile's Ghosts is an unforgettable poetic response to Scotland's role in the slave trade, writes Joyce McMillan. Joyce McMillan Apr 20, 2021 994
Three arrested on suspicion of sex trafficking. SOPHIE DOUGHTY Crime reporter Apr 15, 2021 619
Police raids see suspects arrested in exploitation crackdown. SOPHIE DOUGHTY Crime reporter Apr 15, 2021 596
FG, ILO Unveils Action Plan To Eliminate Child Labour, Modern Slavery In Nigeria. Apr 15, 2021 631
Sarumi Kicks Against Modern Day Slavery, Visits Foreign Minister, NAPTIP DG. Apr 15, 2021 439
Apple, Will Smith to move 'Emancipation' film out of Georgia to protest new law. Steven Zeitchik The Washington Post Apr 13, 2021 397
How can we wiggle out of mental slavery? Apr 10, 2021 651
Slavery and Dehumanization: The history of masks, especially when their use is compulsory, hearkens back to one of the most evil episodes of human history. Behreandt, Dennis Apr 5, 2021 4074
'Black or white... we should all understand our history'. Apr 3, 2021 610
Tacky's Revolt: The Story of an Atlantic Slave War. Long, Creston Apr 1, 2021 969
America's Next Insurgency. Block, Daniel Apr 1, 2021 5689
Vigilance call over signs of modern slavery. Mar 31, 2021 255
Mixed reviews for new slavery monument; 'a reminder of the atrocities committed by british empire'. ED OLDFIELD Local Democracy Reporter Mar 31, 2021 547
Scotland on Sunday Wishlist Travel: Journey through Cuba with artists and writers; Always dreamt of travelling to Cuba? Let Mike Gonzalez take you on a journey of words and images to one of the world's most fascinating countries with his new book, Cuba: A Literary Guide for Travellers. Mike Gonzales Mar 27, 2021 2001
UN chief urges eradicating ideas of white supremacy underpinning transatlantic slave trade. Mar 26, 2021 330
UNGA president warns global community against modern forms of slavery. Mar 26, 2021 315
Evanston becomes 1st city in U.S. to pay reparations to Blacks. Associated Press Mar 23, 2021 354
A Chance for Freedom. Bezemek, Mike Mar 22, 2021 1591
Kamala's Road to the White House. Mar 22, 2021 502
Me, My Dad, and Race. McMillan, Chloe Mar 22, 2021 692
THE CUP OF SACRIFICE. Schaub, Diana Mar 22, 2021 2449
Slave-free food supply chains; second opinion. Daniel Crossley Mar 20, 2021 368
10,000 victims of slavery discovered. Mar 19, 2021 167
Jesuits in U.S. pledge $100M for racial reconciliation. Associated Press Mar 17, 2021 918
Former provost's slavery message; DIGGING INTO THE PAST with Dr Murray Cook. Murray Cook Mar 17, 2021 259
Tennessee moves towards fully outlawing slavery; Under the proposal, voters will have the option to delete that section and replace it by clearly stating that slavery and involuntary servitude is banned throughout Tennessee. By, Neil Shaw Mar 16, 2021 276
Ocansey Seeks Total Freedom For African Youths Trapped In Slavery Abroad. Mar 16, 2021 489
Senate Moves To Punish Employers Involved In Modern Slavery, Child Labour, Others. Mar 16, 2021 783
ISIS Forced Them Into Sexual Slavery; Finally, They've Reunited With Their Children. Mar 15, 2021 373
Stop exploitation of slave-wage workers. Mar 12, 2021 274
The royal family made its fortune from slave trade - Readers' Letters; The allegations by Meghan Markle that a member of the royal family made racist comments about her child shine a light on a chapter of royal history that the Firm would rather forget: their association and profiting from the slave trade. Letter to the editor Mar 11, 2021 1621
Horse racing is animal slavery; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Mar 10, 2021 233
Watson's family and the ties with slavery. Mar 9, 2021 246
Uncle Adam, You Ate The Apple! - 2. Mar 8, 2021 1188
Report criticised over Darby's link to slavery; Coalbrookdale volunteer says Historic England research is 'unfair'. TOBY NEAL Mar 8, 2021 268
Acclaimed economist on council slavery list. Mar 7, 2021 199
Philadelphia council resolution condemns Harvard professor for defending Japan's sexual slavery. Mar 6, 2021 210
Author of 'comfort women' series urges world to hear their testimonies. Mar 5, 2021 1381
Comfort women are not prostitutes. Mar 3, 2021 780
FM Chung meets victim of Japan's wartime sexual slavery. Mar 3, 2021 612
Hafiz Sheikh success, price hike tantamount to accept slavery of IMF: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Feb 28, 2021 359
Bringing back palm oil's glory. Feb 23, 2021 1697
New report looks at ties to the slave trade; A study by Historic England has delved into the region's past links to slavery. We found out more about the report. MARK ANDREWS SENIOR FEATURES WRITER Report Feb 22, 2021 1211
New report looks at ties to the slave trade; A study by Historic England has delved into the region's past links to slavery. We found out more about the report. MARK ANDREWS SENIOR FEATURES WRITER Report Feb 22, 2021 1213
Dean's Global Forum at NU-Q examines slavery, racism in Middle East. Feb 22, 2021 552
New report looks at ties to the slave trade; A study by Historic England has delved into the region's past links to slavery. We found out more about the report. MARK ANDREWS SENIOR FEATURES WRITER Report Feb 22, 2021 1211
Pope: Lent is a journey from slavery to freedom. Feb 21, 2021 1280
NU-Q Dean's Global Forum examines slavery and racism in Middle East. Feb 21, 2021 535
NU-Q Dean's Global Forum examines slavery and racism in Middle East. Feb 21, 2021 520
Father James Page: An Enslaved Preacher's Climb to Freedom. Sewell, Said Feb 18, 2021 661
Survivor of Japan's wartime sexual slavery calls for ICJ review of comfort women issue. Feb 16, 2021 689
Victim asks Seoul to bring wartime sex slavery issue to International Court of Justice. Feb 16, 2021 371
Edinburgh University launches review of buildings linked to racism and slavery; Edinburgh University is to examine links between its buildings and slavery with some properties potentially to be renamed. Alison Campsie Feb 15, 2021 606
Korean American politician slams professor for claims on comfort women. Feb 14, 2021 556
Oldest Korean victim of Japan's wartime sexual slavery dies, reducing total surviving victims to 15. Feb 13, 2021 310
Kaduna In Slavery Chains: The Curious Case Of The $350 million World Bank Loan By Dr Nasir Aminu. Feb 13, 2021 1183
Significance behind portrait of freed slave; Renewed interest in painter's work. ALASTAIR MCNEILL Feb 12, 2021 482
Business must help end human misery of modern slavery com/Daily_Record HORRIFIED KING; Yousaf in plea to firms to help join campaign in bid to stamp out evil. ANNIE BROWN Feb 11, 2021 515
Significance behind portrait of freed slave; Renewed interest in painter's work. ALASTAIR MCNEILL Feb 10, 2021 470
PUPPY SLAVE; EXCLUSIVE A FOREIGN WORKER TELLS OF HORRIFIC TREATMENT If people think slavery doesn't exist in Scotland they need to open their eyes. I was trapped on puppy farm and when I asked for wages I was attacked and told, 'I will **** ing murder you'. ANNIE BROWN Feb 10, 2021 1320
Distortion of wartime sex slavery. Feb 4, 2021 368
Seal loopholes that sell our women into labour trafficking and slavery. Feb 3, 2021 771
Ruling elite has put the nation under slavery of int'l lending agencies: Siraj. Feb 1, 2021 353
Ruling elite puts nation under slavery of lending agencies: Sirajul Haq. Feb 1, 2021 349
Fault Line of the American Civil War. Moiso, Sandro Feb 1, 2021 4634
'Most sub-Saharan communities in Tunisia live in poor conditions' (civil society). Jan 30, 2021 253
Peaceful Campaigners were involved in a silent protest in Paisley last summer We have to look at Paisley's past so we can move forward; Links to slavery are being probed in support for Black Lives Matter. EDEL KENEALY Jan 30, 2021 659
How Britain's cannabis habit fuels people trafficking and modern slavery; E BEHIND MIGRANT LORRY DEATHS CRUEL TRADE B INVESTIGATES. EXCLUSIVE BY NICK SOMMERLAD Investigations Editor Jan 29, 2021 900
How the UK 's cannabis habit fuels people trafficking and modern slavery; CRUEL TRADE BEHIND MIGRANT LORRY DEATHS EXCLUSIVE. NICK SOMMERLAD Investigations Editor Jan 29, 2021 892
Inside UK's brutal cannabis trade built on slavery that killed 39 migrants; EXCLUSIVE: An undercover Mirror investigation discovered huge profits are being made by cannabis farmers fuelling Britain's home-grown drug problem -with one Vietnamese drugs gang boss telling a reporter he could make [pounds sterling]2,000 a week from just one farm. By, Nick Sommerlad Jan 29, 2021 902
Cards of Rights of Victims of Trafficking in Persons launched in Tunisia. Jan 27, 2021 315
Edinburgh's slave trade past exposed in new city tour guide; A new tour guide to Edinburgh's historic architecture and landscape is set to lift the lid on how the city's is inextricably linked with slavery. Brian Ferguson Jan 24, 2021 1145
Biden revokes Trump report promoting 'patriotic education'. COLLIN BINKLEY AP Education Writer Jan 22, 2021 1045
Japanese foreign minister says Tokyo won't appeal Seoul court ruling over wartime sexual slavery. Jan 22, 2021 363
Slavery victim used by gang to take care of cannabis plants; POLICE HIT BACK AT CRITICISM OF DRUGS APPROACH. JONATHAN HUMPHRIES ECHO Reporter @JHUMPHRIESECHO Jan 20, 2021 571
Trump 'could be one of worst presidents ever'. DEREK HEALEY Jan 20, 2021 955
Help end the blight of modern-day slavery. Jan 19, 2021 359
Moon says Korea will seek dialogue with Japan over solution to wartime sexual slavery. Jan 18, 2021 477
Museum's slavery links to be marked with plaque. NICK TYRRELL Local Democracy Reporter @NCTYRRELL Jan 18, 2021 348
Time to end blight of modern slavery; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Jan 18, 2021 360
World Museum Liverpool's slavery links to be marked with a plaque; It will acknowledge the role museum funders the Brown family played in the slave trade. By, Nick Tyrrell Jan 17, 2021 395
A fortune built on slavery, now Tory MP shamed for paying below minimum wage; all Drax firm named over shortfall for shooting parties. EXCLUSIVE BY PAUL LASHMAR, JONATHAN SMITH AND ALAN SELBY Jan 17, 2021 466
Modern slavery. Jan 16, 2021 650
Korea, Japan urged to take next steps after court ruling. Jan 15, 2021 740
Role of Korea-China-Japan summit highlighted amid intensifying row with Japan. Jan 14, 2021 319
We've got to get economic democracy on the agenda. JAMIEDRISCOLL Jan 11, 2021 695
History of Glenfinnan Monument rewritten as slavery connection emerges; The history of the Glenfinnan Monument, which marks the spot where Bonnie Prince Charlie raised the Jacobite Standard in 1745, is being rewritten after its links with the slave trade emerged. Alison Campsie Jan 10, 2021 552
Court ruling to hamper Moon's plan for Olympic diplomacy in Tokyo. Jan 10, 2021 405
Victory for wartime victims. Jan 10, 2021 563
New Korean envoy to Japan vows efforts to improve ties. Jan 8, 2021 425
Free Your Souls From Slavery - Dr Zafaran Adeniyi. Jan 8, 2021 352
Crackdown on modern day slavery. SUE AUSTIN Jan 5, 2021 412
Blitz on drug farms, fire peril and slavery; police raids net huge haul of cannabis. STEPHANIE BALLOO News Reporter Jan 4, 2021 373
IHC forms commission against bonded labour in Islamabad Bonded labour is worst form of slavery and must be eliminated, says historic order. Jan 3, 2021 537
Can historic houses tell more stories than they have done? Despite recent complaints that organisations such as the National Trust are 'rewriting' history, the real challenge is how historic properties can present a fuller and more complex account of the past. Turner, Olivia Horsfall; Cox, Oliver Column Jan 1, 2021 1382
BEYOND SLAVERY: "The U.S. must get beyond slavery. We should not make every new generation a captive of the sins of the prior generation. We must embrace as a fundamental tenet the full promise of the Declaration of Independence.". Emord, Jonathan W. Jan 1, 2021 3877
Pandemic, Lockdown and Modern Slavery among Sri Lanka's Global Assembly Line Workers. Hewamanne, Sandya Report Jan 1, 2021 8148
'Shifting the spirit of the nation': How one humanities project addresses slavery and citizenship. Blakely, Amelia Jan 1, 2021 2588
Incorporating the Critical Music Framework: An Autoethnographic Reflection. Ender, Tommy Jan 1, 2021 6314
Walt Whitman in the Yugoslav Interwar Periodicals: Serbo-Croatian Reception, 1918-1940/WALT WHITMAN IN THE YUGOSLAV INTERWAR PERIODICALS: SERBO-CROATIAN RECEPTION, 1918-1940. Acamovic, Bojana Jan 1, 2021 12921
'British Empire' won't be axed from honours system despite row over colonial past; This year's New Year honours list is the most diverse in history and the titles of the awards are not set to change despite critics slamming title's links to slavery and colonialism. By, Tess de la Mare & Nina Lloyd Awards list Dec 31, 2020 675
Citing forced labour, US bans import of Sime Darby's palm oil, related products. Dec 30, 2020 553
Slavery past of Scot who helped found America under the spotlight; He was a humble minister from the Lothians who went to become one of the founding fathers of the United States. Martyn McLaughlin Dec 28, 2020 593
Golightly and Roscoe: two sides of the city's attitude to slavery; STEPHEN GUY journeys into Liverpool's maritime past. STEPHEN GUY Dec 27, 2020 368
Lorca in the Forest of Goatskin Trees. Menes, Orlando Ricardo Poem Dec 22, 2020 333
Jamaica's Windward Maroon "Slaveholders": Charles Town and Moore Town, 1810-20. Johnson, Amy M. Dec 22, 2020 7437
EMANCIPATION BY EXAMPLE. Grigg, William Norman Dec 21, 2020 5991
We Shall No Longer Tolerate Slavery Wages To Seafarers - Comrade Yousuo. Dec 19, 2020 255
Pakistan ranks eighth in global slavery index. Dec 18, 2020 423
Jeon Bong-jun, Korea's Spartacus. Dec 17, 2020 888
The Lolas: WW II victims of sexual slavery and violence are dying without seeing justice. Dec 16, 2020 939
Union blasts 'modern slavery' vessel. Dec 16, 2020 244
Hotel statues are REBOURNE; Idols back at iconic site after slavery row. SARAH SLATER Dec 16, 2020 406
Rising Scholar: A Cycle of Slavery: Migrant Labor and Human Rights Violations in the United Arab Emirates. Kini, Narayan Dec 15, 2020 5748
TORY MP FORTUNE BUILT ON SLAVERY; campaigners tell millionaire to right wrongs; He inherited 621-acre Barbados sugar plantation; Thousands of enslaved Africans worked the land; Drax estate and, below, main house plantation. EXCLUSIVE BY paul lashmar, jonathan smith in Barbados and alan selby Dec 13, 2020 1344
Decline and fall of the Know Nothings. Dec 12, 2020 1512
Artist puts focus on modern slavery. Dec 11, 2020 256
Doctors never asked for a health slavery commission. Dec 11, 2020 679
Call for plaques to show slavery links. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Dec 9, 2020 545
Spotlight on links to slavery; Proposal for information plaques on city streets. EMMA MORRICE Dec 8, 2020 696
Questions to answer on land ownership. David Ross Dec 8, 2020 794
Learn about antislavery activism in early Illinois with Coffee Talk. Submitted by Audrey M. Birkner, Des Plaines History Center Dec 8, 2020 304
Education is key to understanding our past; Edinburgh council leader Adam McVey is right to highlight the city's ignominious links to the slave trade. The city's newly-formed Slavery and Colonialism Legacy Review Group, led by Scotland's first black professor Sir Geoff Palmer, is assessing statues and street names with links to slavery with a view towards explaining their origins. Dec 7, 2020 309
Plaque plea for Scots abolitionist; William Dickson fought for an end to the slave trade. SHARON LIPTROTT Dec 4, 2020 328
Caribbean-born Glasgow artist whose work has tackled slavery and colonialism to represent Scotland at Venice Biennale; A Caribbean-born Glasgow artist whose work has tackled the legacy of Scotland's colonial past and its links to the slave trade has been chosen to represent the country at the world's most prestigious exhibition. Brian Ferguson Dec 3, 2020 507
Frances Wright's Nashoba: Seeking a Utopian Solution to the Problem of Slavery. Coulthard, Cheryl Dec 1, 2020 6936
Rally denounces IMF slavery, islands occupation bid, retrenchments. Nov 30, 2020 527
Women face slavery and drug charges. Nov 26, 2020 162
Audit reveals extent of links to slave trade. rod minchin Nov 26, 2020 486
Audit reveals 209 Welsh slavery links. ROD MINCHIN Nov 26, 2020 483
Modern slavery on our doorstep; LETTERS. Nov 23, 2020 284
What We Are Reading Today: The Kidnapping Club by Jonathan Daniel Wells. Arab News Nov 20, 2020 228
Plans for statue of leading Black Liverpudlian; FIGURE WILL STAND ON PLINTH ONCE OCCUPIED BY STATUE OF SLAVERY DEFENDER. NICK TYRRELL Local Democracy Reporter @NCTYRRELL Nov 20, 2020 306
THE GOOD LORD BIRD Sky [...]. Nov 18, 2020 212
Facing up to country's shameful slavery links. ROSS THOMSON Nov 18, 2020 360
Link to slavery the focus of NTS review. Nov 17, 2020 451
Empire rebuilding as museums move to recast the legacy of slavery; NEWS SPECIAL Expert enlisted to examine collections in Scotland's biggest city and how they are coloured by our colonial past. Ross Crae Nov 15, 2020 795
'Sabil Elghariq' breaks class boundaries, shows interesting perspective on enlightenment. Daily News Egypt Nov 15, 2020 1380
From age of slavery to the present day, it's the power of money that decides Scotland's land ownership - Brian Wilson; Community Land Scotland published an interesting report this week on links between the slave trade and land ownership in the Highlands and Islands. Brian Wilson Nov 14, 2020 381
BBC show to lift lid on Scottish Highlands' slavery legacy; Slavery's legacy in the Scottish Highlands and Islands is to be examined this week in a special programme on BBC Alba. Scott McCartney Nov 11, 2020 364
PS100m used to buy up land came from slavery. PAUL RODGER Nov 11, 2020 151
From care to county lines; MIRROR INVESTIGATES: KIDS TARGETED BY CRIME GANGS Drug dealers work at homes to recruit vulnerable children Police quiz four workers over modern slavery claims. EXCLUSIVE BY NICK SOMMERLAD and TOM PETTIFOR Crime Editor Nov 11, 2020 2016
Slave money linked to estates in the Highlands. JOHN ROSS Nov 10, 2020 660
Slavery's effects extended to Highlands. David Ross Nov 10, 2020 701
The [pounds sterling]100m of slavery wealth that bought up the Highlands and Islands; More than [pounds sterling]100m of wealth forged through slavery in the Caribbean and North America was used to buy up estates in the West Highlands and Islands, new research as found. Alison Campsie Nov 10, 2020 720
What the Bible Says About Slavery. Schlei, Steven M. Letter to the editor Nov 9, 2020 404
The Hate-America "1619 Project": FED TO KIDS. Newman, Alex Nov 9, 2020 4291
Kashmiri people will soon break shackles of Indian slavery: Mushaal. Nov 8, 2020 366
Kashmiri people will soon break shackles of Indian slavery: Mushaal. Nov 7, 2020 371
Beggars 'trapped in modern slavery' Councillor fears vulnerable people are victims of exploitation. KERI TRIGG Local Democracy Reporter Nov 2, 2020 483
A hero of the slave fight; Campaign to honour Moffat man who pushed for abolition. SHARON LIPTROTT Oct 30, 2020 842
Bahrain 'a model of co-existence'. Oct 28, 2020 1200
Gripping tale of modern slavery and its victims. bookclub with NICOLA SMITH Do you have a book review or would you like me to review a book you've en Oct 24, 2020 580
Trump claims nobody has done more for black community than him 'except maybe Lincoln'; Donald Trump claimed no President has done more for the black community in the US than him since "maybe Lincoln" before being called one of the most racist leaders in history by Joe Biden. By, Ryan Merrifield Oct 23, 2020 614
Borough's 300 years of black history in spotlight; knowsley had links to slavery. JESS MOLYNEUX ECHO Reporter @Jess_Mol Oct 22, 2020 1124
EndSARS Demonstration Needed To Free Nigerians From Economic Slavery - Experts. Oct 21, 2020 288
The first black residents of Carmarthenshire -why they came and what happened to them; Many of Carmarthenshire's first black residents came to the county as servants before some went on to build lives of their own. By, Bethan Thomas Oct 19, 2020 1140
Nigerians Need This Demonstration To Get Out Of Economic Slavery- Experts. Oct 19, 2020 471
New Wave Of Slavery: JIFORM Charges African Leaders On Good Governance. Oct 18, 2020 723
Family of politician at centre of statue slavery row say he has been treated like a 'mass murderer'; The family of a controversial Scottish lawyer and politician whose towering memorial in Edinburgh was at the centre of Black Lives Matter protests say he has been treated like a "mass murderer" by campaigners - in a documentary suggesting fake social media accounts were set up to discredit claims he prolonged slavery in British colonies by 15 years. Brian Ferguson Oct 18, 2020 893
Slavery is not limited to our past; THOUGHT of the day. Chris Forster is from Transforming Plymouth Together Oct 17, 2020 356
PureGym trainer who posted 'slave' workout online claims he's faced racist abuse since; Matt Simpson apologised "wholeheartedly" for sharing a workout called 12 Years of Slave on the PureGym Luton and Dunstable Facebook page after receiving a backlash online. By, Matthew Dresch Oct 15, 2020 383
New scheme aims to acknowledge links with slavery; borough wants to work with community. JESS MOLYNEUX ECHO Reporter @Jess_Mol Oct 14, 2020 567
Black Lives Matter: Meet Francis Williams, the 18th-century lawyer and poet dismissed by Scottish philosopher David Hume as a 'parrot' - Dr Robin Mills; Lost in the recent furore over Edinburgh University's renaming of David Hume tower was the Jamaican man, referenced in the footnote that triggered that controversy, and mocked by Hume as little more than "parrot", Francis Williams. Robin Mills Oct 14, 2020 1189
Slavery links uncovered at Warks stately homes. NAOMI DE SOUZA Community Reporter Oct 12, 2020 925
Activists to launch legal battle to protect 'Statue of Peace' in Berlin. Oct 12, 2020 724
The passing of an unsung hero. Oct 11, 2020 1131
The extraordinary story of 'Black Peter' who escaped slavery by fleeing to Scotland; He was known as 'Black Peter', a young man who escaped life in the plantations of Virginia by fleeing on a boat - and ultimately finding safety in Scotland. Alison Campsie Oct 9, 2020 809
Uni doc's Anti-Slavery Commissioner role. Oct 7, 2020 289
Slavery expert to unravel Glasgow's uncomfortable past; Glasgow has hired an expert to tell the story of how the city's wealth was partly built on the back of slavery. Alison Campsie Oct 6, 2020 714
Scotland's role in slavery explored in free university course; The role Scotland and its people played in British colonial slavery in the Caribbean is to be explored in a new free university course. Alison Campsie Oct 5, 2020 709
IGNORANCE BREEDS CONTEMPT: Was Mughal rule the period of India's slavery? Oct 5, 2020 1020
We need to talk! Having authentic conversations about reparations. Johnson, Alonzo T. Oct 5, 2020 2032
Bus ride to truth. Cleghorn, John; Henderson-Belsito, Gail Oct 5, 2020 2198
Begin Again: James Baldwin's America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own. Byars, Ronald P. Oct 5, 2020 587
Film Choices. Oct 3, 2020 183
Film Choices. Oct 3, 2020 183
13 arrested in swoops on modern slavery and drug gangs. BETH ABBIT @BETHABBITMEN Oct 2, 2020 489
Dark history with a side of humor. George Dickie Gracenote Oct 2, 2020 491
Showtime's irreverent 'Good Lord Bird' serves up history with a side of humor. George Dickie Gracenote Oct 2, 2020 518
Independence: It has been 60 years of modern slavery for Niger-Delta - Dagogo. Oct 1, 2020 378
Ignatius Sancho: why a Google Doodle is celebrating the life of the British composer as Black History Month begins; As the UK's Black History Month kicks off, Google honours a central figure in the abolition of slavery. Alex Nelson Oct 1, 2020 715
US presidential debate changes little. Dr. John C. Hulsman Sep 30, 2020 985
Senators demand action after reports on palm oil abuses. Associated Press Sep 26, 2020 336
Slavery links of three N. Wales properties; STUDY UNEARTHS 'UNCOMFORTABLE' PAST OF NATIONAL TRUST ATTRACTIONS. JOEL LEAVER Daily Post Reporter Report Sep 24, 2020 863
Beach shellfish pickers are given advice on 'slavery'; A government watchdog set up to prevent the exploitation of workers has targeted shellfish gatherers on the East Lothian and Fife shores in its latest major operation. Stephen Wilkie Sep 24, 2020 373
National Trust reveals links its properties have to slavery. CHRISTINE DYER Sep 23, 2020 393
National Trust reveals links its properties have to slavery. CHRISTINE DYER Sep 23, 2020 393
National Trust reveals slavery connections. Sep 22, 2020 156
Trust reveals slavery links. Sep 22, 2020 151
"THE 1619 PROJECT ENTERS AMERICAN CLASSROOMS Adding new sizzle: to education about slavery--but at a significant cost. Riley, Naomi Schaefer Sep 22, 2020 5481
CHANCE. McCallum, Shara Poem Sep 22, 2020 283

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