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How State drove sugarcane farmers into the harshest slavery of our time. Jun 17, 2018 1997
Tackling Modern Slavery In Vietnam. Jun 15, 2018 173
Scandal of Scotland's child slaves; REPORT REVEALS SHOCKING EXPLOITATION; 300 cases were reported in 18 months and one in 10 of the victims was a child. Jun 14, 2018 351
Terrified and trapped... the shocking reality of Tyneside's hidden slaves; VULNERABLE ARE LURED TO REGION AND EXPLOITED BY GANGMASTERS. Jun 13, 2018 859
Female pimp confesses to auctioning off women as sex slaves. Jun 12, 2018 457
MML calls for abolition of interest-based economy. Jun 11, 2018 170
Kim Kardashian admits to "wild year" with Kanye but says things are back on track as she wishes rapper happy birthday; The reality star recently said she was furious with him over his controversial slavery comments. Jun 9, 2018 387
Grab questions Nograles' motive on slavery issue. Jun 9, 2018 380
PS18k of PS1.3m slavery profits to be clawed back. Jun 9, 2018 739
Campaign in bid to end modern slavery and human trafficking across South Wales; The group, including councils, police and health boards, wants to help tackle exploitation and end human trafficking. Jun 8, 2018 478
Kim Kardashian admits she was so furious with Kanye over slavery comments she cried and screamed at him; The reality star revealed it took her a week to to calm down after his controversial comments. Jun 6, 2018 446
App to clean up slavery at car washes. Jun 4, 2018 238
Kanye West thanks fans for not turning against him after controversial Donald Trump tweets and slavery comments; The rapper has a lot to celebrate after occupying the top seven slots in the charts with tracks from new album Ye. Jun 4, 2018 566
Boy dabs for joy, as Army rescues 58 women used as sex slaves by Boko Haram. Jun 4, 2018 362
Adverts in press tell of Scots slave trade. Jun 2, 2018 109
Blacks in United States Face Human Rights Crisis. Jun 2, 2018 307
Analyst: Racism against Blacks Deeply Rooted in US Political System. Jun 2, 2018 246
Gang that 'auctioned' housmaids as 'sex slaves' goes on trial. Jun 2, 2018 453
African migrants report torture, slavery in Algeria. May 30, 2018 765
African migrants report torture, slavery in Algeria. May 30, 2018 753
Help to end new slavery; Letters, comments and emails. May 29, 2018 280
Anti-slavery team swoop on property; vietnamese teen may have been working in a nail bar. May 28, 2018 245
Co-op is pioneer over anti-slavery charter. May 28, 2018 194
Eagle Scout project reveals link to history. May 27, 2018 694
'I wanted to do a project that would be meaningful'. May 27, 2018 733
'A project that would be meaningful'. May 27, 2018 732
General Knowledge Quiz. May 26, 2018 332
General Knowledge Quiz. May 26, 2018 332
Meghan's amazing Bishop Reverend Curry reveals what he really thinks of the royals who giggled at his wedding sermon; The animated speech included themes of love, slavery and Martin Luther King - but it evoked a few giggles among the Royal Family. May 26, 2018 714
FREDERICK DOUGLASS NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE. Bailey, Ronald Brief article May 25, 2018 273
United Kingdom : Construction materials firm signs up to fight against modern slavery. May 24, 2018 326
Multitechnical Maintenancepublic Tenderfor The Castle Of The Dukes Of Brittany, The Memorial Of The Abolition Of Slavery And Related Reserves. May 24, 2018 218
Car wash at Dobbie's Garden Centre raided on suspicion of human trafficking; Information was given to police that Handy Andy's was involved in modern slavery. May 23, 2018 306
Appeal to find men wanted in connection with slavery. May 23, 2018 138
Kobe Bryant 'Completely' Disagrees With Kanye West Slavery Comments. May 23, 2018 415
United States : Senator Roberts Introduces Legislation to Designate Quindaro Townsite as National Historic Landmark. Landmark overview May 23, 2018 451
Videoprotection Market At The Chteau Des Ducs De Bretagne. May 23, 2018 130
General Knowledge Quiz. May 22, 2018 332
General Knowledge Quiz. May 22, 2018 329
General Knowledge Quiz. May 22, 2018 332
General Knowledge Quiz. May 22, 2018 332
Will robots make better slaves for humans? May 22, 2018 744
Land reforms, hari courts demanded in Sindh. May 22, 2018 727
Human Trafficking Suspense Thriller "Trafficked," Featuring an Indian-American Lead, is Now Available for Streaming on Amazon Prime. May 21, 2018 456
Modern-day slaves lived in squalor and had footwear confiscated to stop them from escaping; Jail awaits takeaway boss who preyed on vulnerable. May 20, 2018 584
There's only been one Duke of Sussex before Harry - but his marriage went very badly; Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been given the titles the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to celebrate their wedding day. May 19, 2018 291
United Kingdom : Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner Kevin Hyland to step down. May 18, 2018 607
Multi-technical Maintenance Market At The Castle Of The Dukes Of Brittany. May 18, 2018 159
Vicious boss found guilty of slavery. May 18, 2018 119
How police exposed vile slave master Hargit Bariana who forced vulnerable men to work for free; Hargit Bariana kept addicts as slaves and forced them to work in takeaways in Blyth and Sunderland. May 17, 2018 1239
Christina Aguilera Defends 'Misunderstood' Kanye West. May 17, 2018 442
'Appalling and squalid' caravan is discovered in slavery raid; Three men found living in cramped and messy space. May 17, 2018 267
Blyth slave driver takeaway boss and landlord GUILTY of forcing vulnerable men to work for free; Unscrupulous Hargit Bariana, of Blyth, is facing prison after jurors convicted him of a series of modern slavery offences. May 16, 2018 1034
The 'appalling and squalid' caravan at centre of slavery raid. May 16, 2018 284
Labour would shut scandal-hit Yarl's Wood detention centre and plough the money into helping survivors of slavery, trafficking and domestic violence; Diane Abbott said they would roll back all elements of the immigration legislation used to support the "hostile environment". May 16, 2018 656
Three people in Horley arrested for alleged modern slavery offences; The arrests were as a result of the 30-strong multi-agency initiative Operation Memory. May 16, 2018 398
Three people in Horley arrested for alleged modern slavery offences; A dog had also been stolen. May 16, 2018 364
Three men found in 'squalid' caravan; THE FACE OF MODERN SLAVERY. May 15, 2018 429
Past in Perspective. May 14, 2018 306
Stevie Wonder On Kanye West Statements About Slavery. May 14, 2018 394
Fury as pupils black up and dress as slaves at exclusive [pounds sterling]33,000-a-year boarding school; A shocking image shows the schoolboys at the Oratory School in Oxfordshire holding sheets of cotton, while classmates dressed in suits posed with guns. May 13, 2018 328
Takeaway boss denies eight charges of slavery. May 12, 2018 253
Stevie Wonder says Kanye slavery comments are 'foolishness'. May 12, 2018 288
Police arrest six on suspicion of modern slavery offences. May 11, 2018 238
Six arrested on suspicion of trafficking and slavery. May 11, 2018 253
Slave trade trial claims; "No-one would believe me. I'm just a druggie, I didn't think anyone would be bothered about me. "I didn't think anyone else would care about me. "I'm no-one to anyone, I'm just forgotten about. "I would not even have told anyone about this if they didn't insist." Wiping away tears, he added: "I don't even want to sit here and talk about it.". May 10, 2018 737
Kanye West criticized for 'slavery is a choice' remark and support for Trump. May 9, 2018 903
World leaders must address modern day slavery -Bishop Adekunle. May 6, 2018 339
'Slaves' are being used to operate car washes. May 4, 2018 411
Kanye West's music banned after slavery remarks. May 4, 2018 349
More People Fire Back At Kanye West Over Slavery Comment. May 4, 2018 391
Replacement Of Glazing Slavery Memorial In Nantes. May 3, 2018 203
Battle to end 'orphanage trafficking' Commonwealth comes together to tackle the scourge of modern slavery. May 3, 2018 522
'We can't be imprisoned for another 400 years'. May 3, 2018 550
KANYE.. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? BACKLASH OVER WEST'S 'IGNORANT' OUTBURST hits out as star sparks controversy by claiming slavery in America was a 'choice'. May 3, 2018 792
Court told that boss made worker walk mile barefoot; MODERN SLAVERY TRIAL TOLD OF MEN'S CONDITIONS. May 3, 2018 725
Kan it! Rapper's 'slavery was a choice' claims blasted; Support for Trump 'helps to fuel racism'. May 3, 2018 444
Spike Lee slams Kanye West for 'slavery' remark. May 3, 2018 253
After Kanye West calls slavery a choice, TMZ's Van Lathan gives a forceful rebuke. May 3, 2018 687
Kanye West calls slavery 'a choice', gets slammed. May 2, 2018 328
Accused of coercing and exploiting homeless; BUSINESSMAN IN COURT ON MODERN SLAVERY CHARGES. May 2, 2018 765
Tory's crackdown on slavery 'is a failure'. May 2, 2018 123 has slammed Kanye West for his slavery comment. May 2, 2018 585
Kanye West Believes 400 Years Of Slavery Is 'A Choice'. May 2, 2018 390
West's wild words stir again: Kanye calls slavery a 'choice'. May 2, 2018 427
Kanye West sounds off on slavery, his opioid addiction and Trump. May 2, 2018 424
Kanye calls slavery a 'choice'. May 2, 2018 164
Claiming Freedom: Race, Kinship, and Land in Nineteenth-Century Georgia. Book review May 1, 2018 139
Haggadah for Pesach: From Slavery to Freedom. Book review May 1, 2018 206
Massive police operation sees potential victims of modern slavery taken to safety after more than 80 vehicles stopped; Officers from Hertfordshire and London targeted drivers at the London Gateway Services on the M1 as they travelled across the border between the two areas on Saturday. Apr 29, 2018 405
Loyal customers are slaves to the greed of massive corporations. Apr 28, 2018 475
Po 8256 Management Organisation For Aawaz Ii Pakistan Inclusion, Accountability And Reducing Modern Slavery. Apr 27, 2018 104
20 Quotes By Abraham Lincoln On Anniversary Of His Assassination. Apr 14, 2018 660
Slaves are given brighter futures. Apr 13, 2018 417
Modern-day slavery masters face justice; FAMILY FOUND GUILTY OF EXPLOITING VULNERABLE PEOPLE. Apr 12, 2018 934
Fire Safety Market, Safety At The Chteau Des Ducs De Bretagne - Nantes. Apr 12, 2018 229
Lincoln might not have been president except for lucky turns. Apr 10, 2018 595
Artists unveil statue questioning Denmark's role in slavery. Apr 5, 2018 244
Ole Miss Contextualizes Its Links to Slavery and Racism. Apr 5, 2018 163
Abraham Lincoln might not have become president except for a few lucky turns. Apr 4, 2018 595
Digital Materialism: Origins, Philosophies, Prospects. Book review Apr 1, 2018 110
The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism: The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, and Capitalism in Seventeenth-Century North America and the Caribbean. Book review Apr 1, 2018 123
The Global Push for Reparations: Don Rojas (Caricom News, February 8, 2018). Frith, Nicola Apr 1, 2018 934
Correlation between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels and carotid intima-media thickness in a Brazilian population descended from African slaves. Junior, F.C. Monteiro; Mandarino, N.R.; Santos, E.M.; Santos, A.M.; Salgado, J.V.; Brito, D.J.A.; Sa Report Apr 1, 2018 5913
Avoiding difficult history. Brief article Apr 1, 2018 296
How to improve the flawed teaching of slavery. DeNisco, Alison Apr 1, 2018 536
Qatar calls for efforts to combat all forms of slavery. Mar 29, 2018 381
Concert chance would be music to my ears; Robin Roth, 52, is chief executive of Gateshead-based fair trade organisation Traidcraft. Born in Manchester, he studied languages at Durham University before briefly training as an actor at RADA. He worked in the furniture and fabric businesses in the UK and Europe before joining fair trade organisations in Germany. He took up his post at Traidcraft in 2016. Mar 29, 2018 802
Restaurant customers horrified after being handed bill inside book containing N-word that condones slavery; Louise Ankle was shocked to find the abusive word staring out at her when she looked at the bill after having dinner with her friend at The Botanist in Nottingham. Mar 28, 2018 878
Child slavery survivors fight to heal scars of abuse. Mar 28, 2018 690
Qatar : Qatar Calls for Continued Efforts to Combat All Forms of Slavery and Its Manifestations. Mar 28, 2018 448
As Passover Nears, Let's Not Forget Farrakhan's Shameful Stance on Slavery. Jacobs, Charles Mar 27, 2018 212
Rising number of Brits flagged up as slavery victims. Mar 26, 2018 270
New Show "Lake Winfield" Dares to Tackle Queerness During the Era of Slavery in the Southern U.S.. Mar 26, 2018 322
India needs political will to wipe out modern slavery. Mar 24, 2018 1021
Your jewellery fuels child slavery. Mar 22, 2018 1263
United States : Corker Applauds Senate Passage of Legislation to Provide Justice for Victims of Online Sex Trafficking. Mar 22, 2018 358
United States : Isakson Praises Senate Passage of Bill to Help Stop Modern-day Slavery. Mar 22, 2018 323
Switzerland,Vietnam : IOM Viet Nam, British Embassy Host Sustainable Sourcing, Ethical Labour Practices Workshop. Mar 22, 2018 601
AMERICAN LAW, SLAVES, AND FREEDMEN 1619-1860. Littlejohn, Edward J. Mar 22, 2018 8050
SLAVES, LAWS, AND COURTS IN EARLY DETROIT AND MICHIGAN 1701-1835. Littlejohn, Edward J. Mar 22, 2018 9493
ONE NATION UNDER FRAUD: A Christian Nation or an Indoctrination? Bearly, Tim Mar 22, 2018 1265
Urban Cleaning Services Contract Of The Parc Des Chantiers De L~ile De Nantes, The Nefs And The Abolition Of Slavery Memorial. Mar 20, 2018 238
13 citizens of Kyrgyzstan held in slavery in Russia, 1 woman committed suicide: Interior Ministry. Mar 19, 2018 353
Embassy of Kyrgyzstan sends note to Russian Foreign Ministry requesting assistance in investigation of reports on 13 Kyrgyzstanis being kept in slavery in Ryazan. Mar 19, 2018 129
#YoungEditors: Youth as agents of change. Mar 19, 2018 1367
Of politician's fake affection and mental slavery. Mar 17, 2018 839
United States : Secretary-General Honours Victims of Epically Shameful Transatlantic Slave Trade, Urges Defence of Human Dignity, in Message for International Observance. Mar 17, 2018 150
Raids target suspected slavery ring; NEWS WIRE. Mar 16, 2018 187
Three arrested in anti-slavery raids; ROMANIANS FORCED TO WORK UNDER FALSE NAMES IN MANCHESTER. Mar 14, 2018 399
MODERN-DAY Slavery. Zissou, Rebecca Mar 12, 2018 2948
Americans Not Learning About Slavery. Mar 8, 2018 149
LIVERPOOL'S International [...]. Mar 6, 2018 540
Nations can change state policies like slavery under big powers. Mar 4, 2018 830
Cut in payments to slavery victims denounced. Mar 3, 2018 257
Tynesiders who bought freedom of abolitionist commemorated. Mar 1, 2018 1042
Remembering Tyneside's proud role in aiding plight of America's escaped slaves; PLAQUE UNVEILED TO MARK 200TH BIRTHDAY OF ABOLITIONIST. Mar 1, 2018 910
John Jay College of Criminal Justice: Records of the Enslaved and Slave Holders in New York. Mar 1, 2018 512
Mauritius,Switzerland : ASOS, British High Commission Convene Business Leaders to Tackle Modern Slavery in Mauritius. Feb 28, 2018 349
Court told family made a business out of slavery. Feb 28, 2018 533
Court told family made 'business' out of slavery. Feb 28, 2018 476
Footage of massacred Korean sex slaves found [VIDEO]. Feb 27, 2018 596
where the Gambia River meets the Atlantic Ocean. Feb 26, 2018 833
Serzh Sargsyan and 30 years of slavery. Feb 24, 2018 1441
United States : NIST Expertise Helps Protect Historical Documents at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Feb 24, 2018 918
United States : Corker Participates in Sixth Annual shine a Light on Slavery Day. Feb 24, 2018 366
Why Britain is still Great; Letters. Feb 22, 2018 133
Not Just a "White" Thing. Feigum, Tom Letter to the editor Feb 19, 2018 108
Job joy for dad who fled slavery. Feb 17, 2018 127
Facts About And Quotes From Suffragette Susan B. Anthony On Her Birthday. Feb 15, 2018 423
Abraham Lincoln Birthday: 13 Facts About The Tallest US President. Feb 12, 2018 573
Freeing OFWs from abuse and virtual slavery. Feb 12, 2018 948
Three men facing slavery probe after police raid at flower farm. Feb 9, 2018 225
grants & gifts. Feb 8, 2018 410
WSIU, African American Museum host screening. Feb 7, 2018 372
Pakistan's Krishna Kumari hopes to complete journey from slavery to Senate. Feb 7, 2018 588
Stops before they were free Stops: 'I think Illinois can be proud of its history on racial justice'. Feb 4, 2018 1088
History Teacher Used Black Students In Slavery Lesson. Feb 3, 2018 418
WSIU, African American Museum host film screening. Feb 2, 2018 523
Quotes By Abraham Lincoln To Commemorate The Signing Of Amendment Ending Slavery. Feb 1, 2018 820
Minor Details: Why Do Those White Evangelicals Really Love Trump? Minor, Bob Feb 1, 2018 1055
The Libyan angle: The almost complete breakdown of law and order in Libya following the fall of Muammar Gaddafi has created the perfect environment for human rights abuses and slavery. Feb 1, 2018 766
The search for solutions: After turning a blind eye to the plight of migrants for years, some African governments have now been stung into action and are working with other organisations to try and find a solution to the crisis. Feb 1, 2018 1076
Tunisia officially inscribed in UNESCO's Memory of the World Register for its experience in slavery abolition. Jan 31, 2018 104
13 held after city modern slavery raids. Jan 27, 2018 419
Book Review: A perilous journey from slavery to freedom. Jan 27, 2018 525
13 arrested over 'modern slavery' UK BULLETINS. Jan 26, 2018 103
'Truth behind extent of new slavery in UK'. Jan 24, 2018 558
National Authority Against Human Trafficking makes toll-free number available to victims and public. Jan 23, 2018 347
Couple jailed in horror sex slavery case. Jan 23, 2018 130
Brazil Backtracks on Loosening Slave Labor Rules After International Outcry. Scruggs, Gregory Jan 19, 2018 742
Slavery trial told husband was taken. Jan 17, 2018 200
Police raids on slavery suspects. Jan 16, 2018 304
Suspected slave gangmasters held in swoops. Jan 16, 2018 288
Notting Hill pub embroiled in race row over slavery poster decor; The Stewart Arms has removed a poster after it was widely circulated on social media, sparking a wave of criticism and allegations of racism. Jan 13, 2018 570
Beaten, tied naked in freezing shed and told to eat dog food; I fled from family, but when they caught me I was.. Witness tells slavery trial of alleged ordeal. Jan 12, 2018 480
Museum to tell story of historic school. Jan 11, 2018 373
Charities join forces to fight against slavery. Jan 11, 2018 374
Wisconsin School Asks Fourth-Graders 3 Good Reasons For Slavery. Jan 11, 2018 559
Court hears of slavery claims; Piggery slavery claims. Jan 10, 2018 376
Don't takeaway our chance to earn a fair wage; UBER EATS DRIVERS IN PAY STRIKE'; This is modern day slavery. We earn as little as PS60 for working a 16-hour day'. Jan 10, 2018 565
Moon's handling of comfort women issue disappoints victims. Jan 10, 2018 542
Moon calls for Japan's sincere apology to resolve sex slavery issue. Jan 10, 2018 685
Accused 'forced men to live in squalor & fear' Piggery pair appear on slavery charges. Jan 9, 2018 360
South Korea not to seek renegotiation on sex slavery deal with Japan. Jan 9, 2018 162
'Slave' says he worked for six years without pay; FOUR ARRESTED AS MAN IS FOUND LIVING IN AN ATTIC. Jan 8, 2018 490
WANTED: MISSING SLAVES: New databases of old newspaper ads are revealing details about the lives of slaves that had long been lost to history. Majerol, Veronica Jan 8, 2018 4168
Moon calls sex slavery deal 'wrong'. Jan 4, 2018 622
From Slave Ship to Supermax: Mass Incarceration, Prisoner Abuse, and the New Neo-Slave Novel. Brief article Jan 1, 2018 227
Mersey gang leaders could be jailed for child abuse and slavery crimes in dramatic shake-up; Detectives on Merseyside are looking at changing the narrative, as they target those who get rich through the exploiting region's most vulnerable. Jan 1, 2018 1198
Reparations for Slavery and the Slave Trade: A Transnational and Comparative History. Book review Jan 1, 2018 182
Dearth of a Nation: Afua Cooper Blows the Whistle on Slavery in Canada. Nopper, Sheila Interview Jan 1, 2018 1617
The Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice Brown University. Jan 1, 2018 1314
Sex slavery foundation on verge of dissolution. Dec 31, 2017 431
Ruling party backs renegotiation of sex slavery deal. Dec 29, 2017 390
Victim of Japan's sexual slavery among New Year bell strikers. Dec 29, 2017 508
Bishops condemn slavery. Dec 29, 2017 130
Moon: Sex slavery deal can't be settled by 'defective' 2015 deal. Dec 28, 2017 232
Ex-spy agency head led sex slavery deal. Dec 28, 2017 511
Moon hints at renegotiating sex slavery deal. Dec 28, 2017 687
Sensitive parts of sex slavery deal concealed. Dec 27, 2017 727
Seoul: Sex slavery deal inked without sufficient communication with victims. Dec 26, 2017 523
At human rights award ceremony. Dec 26, 2017 626
Telangana man tricked into slavery in Saudi. Dec 24, 2017 242
Japan uses PyeongChang Olympics as leverage in sex slavery row. Dec 24, 2017 488
Fighting their way to freedom; In the second part of our look at the stories in the Freedom City comic, explaining how Tyneside earned its reputation for radicalism, DAVID WHETSTONE reports on the two ex-slaves who came to Newcastle. Dec 19, 2017 855
Korea, Japan remain apart over sex slavery deal. Dec 19, 2017 824
Nations can change state policies like slavery under big powers. Dec 16, 2017 834
Forced slavery and self imposed slavery in Nigeria and beyond (2). Dec 14, 2017 1144
Slavery allegation. Dec 13, 2017 105
Trump, Arabs, Jerusalem! Muslim Slavery Or Freedom? Dec 13, 2017 1531
'Kashmiri youth offering sacrifices to end age-old slavery'. Dec 11, 2017 284
Enslaving of Africans in Libya calls for stern action by leaders. Dec 10, 2017 680
Two men arrested over slavery. Dec 9, 2017 142
Roy Moore's Slavery Comment Resurfaces Days Before Alabama Senate Race. Dec 8, 2017 589
Past in Perspective. Dec 8, 2017 169
'Kashmiri youth offering sacrifices to end age-old slavery'. Dec 7, 2017 330
Slavery in the 21st century must be condemned aObasanjo. Dec 7, 2017 595
Advocacy Groups: Women Fleeing Military Crackdown in Myanmar Being Sold as Slaves in Bangladesh. Dec 4, 2017 528
United Kingdom : UK aid to help over half a million people at risk of slavery. Dec 2, 2017 632
Language and diversity: images on African slavery/Lingua e diversidade: imagens sobre africanos e escravidao. Lima, Ivana Stolze Dec 1, 2017 9818
Biram Dah Abeid: Anti-slavery hero. Dec 1, 2017 118
Fighting Human Trafficking With Art. Brief article Nov 30, 2017 105
Memorials to human suffering. Nov 30, 2017 794
Police swoop on men suspected of slavery offences. Nov 30, 2017 307
Africans held back by colonialism and slavery. Nov 27, 2017 1036
Past in Perspective. Nov 26, 2017 190
CRAIG IS NOT ALONE; CAMPAIGN AGAINST SHOP SLAVERY; Exploitation of young workers in pursuit of ever bigger corporate profits is one of the scandals of our time. Nov 25, 2017 645
END THE XMAS SHOP SLAVERY; CALL FOR CHANGE IN JOBS LAW; campaign against trial shifts for no pay; ARE YOU SO DESPERATE TO FIND WORK THIS CHRISTMAS THAT YOU'D SIGN UP FOR SO-CALLED TRIAL SHIFTS WITH NO WAGES? WELL, BE WARNED..YULE GET EXPLOITED; With Black Friday in full swing, we demand an end to this disgraceful practice. Nov 24, 2017 990
Students to vote on erasing Gladstone's name from building; CONTROVERSY OVER FORMER PM's SLAVERY VIEWS. Nov 23, 2017 468
UN Chief: Libya Slave Auctions Possible Crime against Humanity. Nov 21, 2017 434
United States : World Has No Place for Slavery, Stresses Secretary-General, Horrified by Reports of African Migrants Sold as Slaves in Libya. Nov 21, 2017 197
Guterres condemns "slave auction footage" in Libya, calls for urgent probe. Nov 20, 2017 314
Machrou Tounes calls on government to "clarify its position" on recurrence of slavery in Libyan cities. Nov 20, 2017 252
FTDES denounces return to slavery in Libya and calls on Tunisian government to act. Nov 20, 2017 209
Slavery The Deep History of the Great Evil: Modern observers single out America as being responsible for the great evil of slavery. But, put in full historical context, the great achievement of the Founders is the first real bulwark against one of civilization's darkest and most pervasive evils. Behreandt, Dennis Nov 20, 2017 5329
"I felt compelled to go into the field like a real writer". Nov 19, 2017 1050
We cannot ignore our legacy from slavery; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Nov 18, 2017 1155
Calls to change hall name after slavery row. Nov 16, 2017 660
THE MERE DISTINCTION OF COLOUR. Bailey, Ronald Brief article Nov 15, 2017 247
Libya, An African Slave Exporter, Could Become A Peaceful Bridge For Europe & The Arabs. Nov 13, 2017 707
United States : Statement by the President. Nov 8, 2017 229
Slavery obscured by a rollicking adventure. Nov 8, 2017 934
UN: United States Owes Reparations to African-Americans. Nov 6, 2017 372
Ghosts of Slavery: A 7-play project led by McCarter Theatre Center delves into Princeton University's haunted history. Colbert, Soyica Nov 1, 2017 1565
UNERASABLE: "Those who would destroy monument after monument to rid the nation of a subset of ugly parts of history do us all a grave disservice. They ignore the truths contained in the closing admonition in [Pres. Abraham] Lincoln's second Inaugural Address.". Emord, Jonathan W. Nov 1, 2017 1540
Activists and Gulf crisis turn Qatar into potential model of social change. Oct 26, 2017 1115
Scale of crackdown on slavery. Oct 25, 2017 124
Welsh Quaker's unsung role in putting an end to slavery; Author Colin Thomas tells the story of Cadwalader Morgan, an unsung Welsh hero who spoke out against slavery. Oct 24, 2017 961
UK Court Rules No Immunity for Saudi Diplomat Accused of Slavery. Oct 19, 2017 395
Slavery shame for region as report reveals numbers in UK; IN BRIEF. Oct 18, 2017 359
Walking to end the scourge of slavery. Oct 17, 2017 895
Adults use helpline to report NI slavery; NOT JUST YOUNG CALLING NSPCC..Also calls about neglect and abuse of children. Oct 14, 2017 908
United Kingdom : The UK makes common cause with the Holy See. Oct 14, 2017 790
United Kingdom : Leading businesses unite to tackle slavery. Oct 12, 2017 559
Replacement Of The Windows Of The Memorial Of Slavery In Nantes. Oct 11, 2017 188
In a lost essay, a glimpse of an elusive poet and slave. Oct 6, 2017 900
Anti-slavery support officer is first in UK; NEED TO FIGHT GROWING SCOURGE OF TRAFFICKING THROUGH PORT. Oct 4, 2017 472
10 foods that have changed the world; From political coups to slavery. Oct 2, 2017 894
The Historian's Narrative of Frederick Douglass: Reading Douglass's Autobiography as Social and Cultural History. Brief article Oct 1, 2017 128
10 foods that have changed the world; From political coups to slavery. Sep 29, 2017 900
Pegasus Publishers Are Pleased to Announce the Publication of The Carolina Gold Highway by Travis Leonard, Available to Order from Bookshops or Direct from the Publisher. Sep 26, 2017 327
UNI STUDY SLAVE LINKS. Sep 25, 2017 105
Fighting harder. Pierno, Theresa Sep 22, 2017 325
Correcting history. Wernette, Tim; Rogers, Jerry L. Letter to the editor Sep 22, 2017 290
United States : 40 million in modern slavery and 152 million in child labour around the world. Sep 21, 2017 395
Switzerland : More than 40 Million in Modern Slavery, 152 Million in Child Labour Around the World. Sep 21, 2017 366
United Kingdom : International Development Secretary welcomes Call to Action on modern slavery. Sep 21, 2017 238
Switzerland : 40 million in modern slavery and 152 million in child labour around the world. Sep 21, 2017 397
Minister Al-Jubeir participates in UN meeting on "Ending Forced Labor and Modern Slavery". Sep 20, 2017 129
High School Reenacts Slavery By Tying Up Black Students. Sep 20, 2017 571
Study: Over 40 Million Living in Slavery Worldwide. Sep 19, 2017 326
40 Million People Live in Slavery. Sep 19, 2017 181
When will they blow up Mount Rushmore? Duke, Selwyn Sep 18, 2017 801
I hope jailed slavery family rot in prison. Sep 15, 2017 530
Former slave of jailed traveller family brands them 'pure evil' VICTIM BEATEN AND SLEPT IN OUTSIDE TOILET. Sep 15, 2017 874
Five held in slavery police raids. Sep 14, 2017 125
Mass murder and public slavery: the soviet experience. Maltsev, Yuri N. Essay Sep 14, 2017 3048
The South Doesn't Own Slavery. Sep 13, 2017 919
Slavery ring family head behind bars. Sep 13, 2017 134
TRAVELLERS JAILED IN SLAVERY TRIAL; Irish family scoured country for homeless, alcoholics and addicts. Sep 13, 2017 469
Slavery gang jailed for vile PS1.5m scam. Sep 13, 2017 118
IRISHMAN JAILED IN UK SLAVERY TRIAL a; Traveller family scoured country for homeless, alcoholics & addicts. Sep 13, 2017 468
Vietnam : IOM Viet Nam and Sweden Partner to Enhance Corporate Responsibility in Eliminating Slavery and Trafficking in Asia. Sep 9, 2017 603
Never forget slavery history; Campaigners call for museum in Scotland. Sep 2, 2017 284
Restaurants threaten to sue police over anti-slavery raids. Sep 2, 2017 325
Africa and the wider world: creole communities in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans/Africa e o vasto mundo: comunidades crioulas nos Oceanos Atlantico e Indico. Newitt, Malyn Sep 1, 2017 7989
In the margin of second slavery? The dynamic of Amazon Valley slavery in the context of capitalist world-economy/A margem da segunda escravidao? A dinamica da escravidao no vale amazonico nos quadros da economia-mundo capitalista. Barroso, Daniel Souza; Laurindo, Luiz Carlos, Jr. Sep 1, 2017 10163
Restaurant bosses threaten to sue police over 'anti-slavery' raids. Aug 31, 2017 323
City restaurant bosses consider suing police after anti-slavery raid. Aug 31, 2017 395

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