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Slavery links of three N. Wales properties; STUDY UNEARTHS 'UNCOMFORTABLE' PAST OF NATIONAL TRUST ATTRACTIONS. JOEL LEAVER Daily Post Reporter Report Sep 24, 2020 863
National Trust reveals links its properties have to slavery. CHRISTINE DYER Sep 23, 2020 393
National Trust reveals links its properties have to slavery. CHRISTINE DYER Sep 23, 2020 393
Trust reveals slavery links. Sep 22, 2020 151
National Trust reveals slavery connections. Sep 22, 2020 156
Douglas statue coming down, but Lincoln too had racist views. JOHN O'CONNOR AP Political Writer Sep 21, 2020 974
Horrors of slavery at center of Janelle Monae's 'Antebellum'. John Carucci Associated Press Sep 19, 2020 519
Police raid drug farm and find suspected slavery victims; MAN ARRESTED AS FOREIGN NATIONALS ARE FOUND INSIDE CANNABIS FACTORY. BEN ECCLESTON Sep 17, 2020 217
We have plenty to be proud of here; LETTERS. Sep 16, 2020 211
Teenager among slavery arrests; trio suspected of being linked to criminal exploitation of children. JENNY KIRKHAM ECHO Reporter @PJ_Kirkham Sep 11, 2020 498
Irate Piers Morgan clashes with activist Femi Nylander over calls to ban Rule Britannia; Piers Morgan had an angry spat with activist Femi Nylander on Good Morning Britain over calls to ban Rule Britannia. By, Simon Duke Sep 2, 2020 438
Unoriginal Sin: Slavery and the 1619 Project. Daseler, Graham Sep 1, 2020 4015
Museum and panel to 'retell Picton's story'. bronte howard Reporter Aug 28, 2020 382
Row grows over Proms last night; 'SLAVERY WAS BRITAIN'S HOLOCAUST'. CHARLOTTE BECQUART Aug 28, 2020 454
Artist Chris uses his creative talent to put black slavery in spotlight. Aug 25, 2020 295
The courageous Robert Clive deserves better; There are calls to pull Clive of India from his perch in the Square in Shrewsbury because of his links to slavery. Here Bishop's Castle writer and historian Bob Fowke makes the case to let him be. Aug 25, 2020 777
The Great EMANCIPATION: Contrary to multicultural, politically correct purveyors of misinformation, the Founding Fathers broke with age-old practices and provided for the abolition of slavery. Grigg, William Norman Aug 24, 2020 2987
'Slavery street' plaques take their place in history. OLIVIA TOBIN ECHO Reporter olivia.tobin@liverpoolcom @oliviat_93 Aug 24, 2020 389
Liverpool streets being considered for memorials to explain city's slave trade involvement; The city grew immensely wealthy of the back of the slave trade, becoming the most important port in Europe involved in the business. By, Pat Hurst PA & Victoria Jones Aug 23, 2020 625
Did you know these suffrage facts? Bonnie Berkowitz The Washington Post Aug 23, 2020 832
Did you know these suffrage facts? Facts: Susan B. Anthony never cast a legal vote. Bonnie Berkowitz The Washington Post Aug 23, 2020 832
Company refutes Pahang's Musang King farmers' 'modern slavery' accusations, says scheme protects Malaysia's durian industry. Aug 22, 2020 1489
NHRC seeks end to all form of modern day slavery. Aug 22, 2020 509
University: 'We know slave trade helped found us' RESEARCHERS TO RELEASE DETAILS ABOUT LINKS. LISA RAND ECHO Reporter @lisarandonline Aug 22, 2020 583
Douglas statue to be removed from Illinois Capitol lawn. JOHN O'CONNOR AP Political Writer Aug 20, 2020 328
Pahang's Musang King durian farmers allege forced into 'modern slavery' in legalisation scheme. Aug 20, 2020 1312
Attempts being made to tighten yoke of slavery around the neck of Pakistani nation: Siraj. Aug 19, 2020 335
Born to rule to the graveyard. Aug 15, 2020 1220
Nat'l ceremony held to commemorate wartime sex slaves. Aug 14, 2020 502
Slavery Museum to hold online version of annual event; date marks key point in abolition of evil trade. JOSEPH DEXTER ECHO Correspondent @LIVECHONEWS Aug 11, 2020 497
Cardiffian slave's tale goes online. abbie wightwick Education Editor Aug 10, 2020 574
I'm proud to play a great American hero.. I'm proud we didn't whitewash his history; ACTOR HITS BACK AT TRUMP SUPPORTERS WHO CLAIM TELEVISION EPIC FOCUSES UNFAIRLY ON SLAVERY LINKS Star Rowe on his warts-and-all portrayal of the nation's first president. / John Dingwall Aug 9, 2020 1172
Expert A leader with many flaws. Aug 9, 2020 191
Historian Laurence will keep museums' focus on slavery. LAURA DAVIS Arts Editor @lcdavis Aug 8, 2020 540
Trio accused of forcing teen into modern slavery to deal drugs; three men remanded in custody. MARK NAYLOR @GTMARKNAYLOR Aug 8, 2020 318
Why Slavery Remembrance Day is important and how you can mark it at home this year; The International Slavery Museum is commemorating Slavery Remembrance Day by hosting a virtual event this August. By, Joseph Dexter Aug 5, 2020 803
Teenagers rescued from sexual slavery in Barisal. Aug 3, 2020 243
5 more giants who battled race haters. Aug 2, 2020 249
Slavery, history and the past being another country. Gwynne Dyer Aug 2, 2020 838
THE BUILDINGS; The NTS list of buildings linked to slavery includes:. Aug 2, 2020 362
Monumental changes under way as National Trust for Scotland moves to make sure Black Lives Matter. Mark Aitken Aug 2, 2020 538
Author discovers ancestor had slaves. Aug 2, 2020 245
'Lady Credit': sex, slavery and shame. Aug 2, 2020 1310
Child slavery victims rising. Jul 30, 2020 237
We can't change unpleasant history; LETTERS. Jul 29, 2020 257
Farrakhan Flunky: 'Jews Run Hollywood, Fueled Slavery, Sold Sheets and Nooses to KKK'. Jul 28, 2020 195
No decision yet on future of town slaver monument. ROBERT HARRIES Reporter Jul 28, 2020 635
Fire service makes U-turn over flying Black Country flag; CONTROVERSY OVER FEARS IT DEPICTED LINKS TO SLAVERY. CHARLOTTE REGEN News Reporter Jul 28, 2020 521
Shakespeare slavery and our leadership. Jul 26, 2020 916
Row over future of Picton Monument. Jul 26, 2020 737
FIRE SERVICE U-TURN IN 'SLAVERY' DISPUTE; Emergency service needlessly banned Black Country flag. CHARLOTTE REGEN Staff Reporter Jul 26, 2020 517
OP-ED: Humanity's original sin. Jul 24, 2020 864
Catholic statements fall way short: The church must make reparation for its role in slavery, segregation. Dee Williams, Shannen Jul 24, 2020 1402
Anti-slavery protesters remembered; DIGGING INTO THE PAST. with Dr Murray Cook Jul 22, 2020 331
Abomination, racism in 2020. CM Guest Columnist Jul 22, 2020 806
The Boohoo scandal shouldn't shock anyone -- modern slavery is a pandemic. Jessi Baker Jul 21, 2020 735
Princeton Students Demand Slavery Reparations, Abolishing Police Force. Jul 20, 2020 218
OP-ED: Does slavery still exist? Jul 17, 2020 996
Scale of modern slavery revealed; Bid to tackle gangs who hold over 4,200 modern slaves across region. Jeanette Oldham Investigations Editor Jul 16, 2020 630
Flag is 'banned' at fire stations. MEGAN ARCHER Jul 16, 2020 373
Nations can change state policies like slavery under big powers. Jul 15, 2020 718
Cops fear there are more than 4,000 modern slaves held in the West Mids; FORCE PIONEERING DATA ANALYSIS PROJECT TO TACKLE OFTEN-UNREPORTED CRIME. JEANETTE OLDHAM Investigations Editor Jul 14, 2020 645
SLA drops Boohoo over 'modern slavery' claims. KEITH FINDLAY Jul 13, 2020 191
No statues connected to racism or slavery. James Harrison Local democracy reporter Jul 12, 2020 362
MSP: Firms linked to slavery should pay for human rights museum; Sugar producers asked to help fund port town heritage project. Craig McDonald and Paul English Jul 12, 2020 827
Waubonsee remains committed to diversity and inclusion. Dr. Christine Sobek Waubonsee Community College Jul 12, 2020 448
Saira Khan: It's time to stop the dreadful slavery to [pounds sterling]3.50-an-hour fashion; There were allegations this week that workers in garment factories that supply fashion chain Boohoo were 'being forced to come into work while sick with Covid-19'. By, Saira Khan Jul 11, 2020 409
Top city school sets up probe into slavery links. LUKE TRAYNOR Chief Reporter @LUKETRAYNORECHO Jul 10, 2020 520
A slavery audit of streets and statues is absolutely needed. Will Hayward Welsh Journalist of the Year 2019 Jul 10, 2020 1042
The Welsh Government is absolutely right to check street names and statues for slavery links; To say auditing Wales' slave trade links is to 'ignore history'is to literally ignore history, argues acting political editor Will Hayward. Will Hayward Jul 9, 2020 952
leicester sweatshops modern slavery shame; NCA probing sites in city over allegations. graham hiscott Head of Business Jul 9, 2020 154
Oprah Winfrey, Lionsgate to adapt slavery series '1619 Project' for TV and film. Dessi Gomez, Los Angeles Times Jul 9, 2020 465
Queen's portrait of Welsh Waterloo hero changed to mention his links with slavery and torture. WALES NEWS SERVICE & LUCY JOHN Jul 7, 2020 569
Drakeford orders audit of nation's slavery links. Jul 7, 2020 373
Queen's portrait of Welsh Waterloo hero amended to include his torturing of slave girl. WALES NEWS SERVICE and LUCY JOHN Jul 7, 2020 733
Burhan Wani conveyed secret of one day life of a lion to all people and rulers of world following thinking of slavery: Syed Salahuddin. Jul 7, 2020 450
Boohoo Responds To "Slavery" Claims Made By Undercover Investigator. Jul 6, 2020 267
'Gone with the Wind' makes HBO Max return with commentary on slavery. Daily News Egypt Jul 6, 2020 310
Black Lives Matter Journey. Jul 5, 2020 1031
Call to replace slavery-storm Picton statue with tribute to tortured teenage girl. LEX SEABROOK Local Democracy reporter Jul 4, 2020 518
The world's largest Confederate Monument faces renewed calls for removal. Jul 3, 2020 930
Abolitionists who played key role in dismantling slave trade. GRAEME STRACHAN, SCOTT BEGBIE AND GAYLE RITCHIE Jul 3, 2020 1260
campaign to remove statues and rename buildings with a 'murderous link to slavery'. TOM DARE Local Democracy Reporter Jul 3, 2020 580
The world's largest Confederate Monument faces renewed calls for removal. Reuters News Service Jul 3, 2020 819
Geneva church to share pastor's anti-slavery speech. Submitted by Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva Jul 3, 2020 284
Racial justice requires an end to the death penalty; The ongoing fight for racial justice in the USA requires the abolition of the death penalty, argues Cardiff University's Dr Bharat Malkani. Bharat Malkani Jul 2, 2020 952
300-year old gravestone reveals legacy of slavery in rural idyll. Jul 2, 2020 356
It's ok to leave tarnished reputations on a pedestal; ARCHITECTURE & URBAN DESIGN. Joe Holyoak Jul 2, 2020 1054
Reminders of empire 'must topple' Nelson,Watt, Boulton and Chamberlain face wrath of anti-racism campaign. Tom Dare Local Democracy Reporter Jul 2, 2020 884
Sky Sports 'bans commentators from using list of words associated with slavery'; A list of terms, including 'nitty-gritty' are reportedly set to be banned for Sky Sports commentators to use on air. By, James Whaling Jul 2, 2020 337
News New petition started against campaign to remove statue. Jul 1, 2020 271
Arrest after allegations victims of slavery were searching bins for food. CARL JACKSON Local Democracy Reporter Jul 1, 2020 403
JamesWatt'sfamily: Removing his tainted by slavery only airbrushes statues because his legacy is the past.We must learn from it. Krissy Storrar Jun 28, 2020 828
Schools syllabus campaigners ask for meeting with education minister; BLACK LIVES MATTER Descendant of iconic engineer on shock aonic at slavery revelations and why they may taint his achievements. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Jun 28, 2020 526
Kim Jong-un 'is organised crime chief heading huge drug, gun and slavery cartel'; The North Korean dictator is said to earn millions from shady organisation Office 39, which smuggles narcotics, weapons and traffics people around the world in order to get around sanctions. By, Dave Burke Jun 28, 2020 380
Yonsei Uni. professor slammed for writing for Japan's rightist media. Jun 28, 2020 434
It's because of activism that this museum exists today; CURATOR REFLECTS ON OUR CHANGING ATTITUDES TO CITY'S SLAVERY HISTORY. MAX CLEMENTS ECHO Reporter @maxclements97 Jun 27, 2020 774
Two arrests after police slavery raid. Jun 27, 2020 191
Activists rename 'slavery' streets. ALAN MCEWEN Jun 27, 2020 187
Man arrested on slavery offences. Jun 27, 2020 173
Focus on ending the slavery that still exists today; LETTERS. Jun 27, 2020 365
'Gone With the Wind' returns to HBO Max with a commentary on slavery. Jason Bailey, New York Times Jun 27, 2020 525
The freedom narrative and how George Floyd's story was born. Jun 26, 2020 1510
Bame leaders slam Plaid's Price over 'dog whistle politics'. will hayward Political editor Jun 26, 2020 552
The ugly face of racism in the US. Jun 25, 2020 653
Anti-racism protests turn spotlight on icons of US history. Jun 25, 2020 679
Who judges on past guilt or innocence? Letters. Jun 25, 2020 401
Striking not for the fainthearted. Jun 25, 2020 192
BAME leaders criticise Plaid leader for 'dog whistle politics'. WILL HAYWARD Acting political editor Jun 25, 2020 1579
Leave the street names unchanged. Jun 25, 2020 316
Hospital ward 'no links to slavery'. Jun 24, 2020 178
'End neo-slavery': Lebanon maid abandonment sparks outrage. Arab News Jun 24, 2020 865
Police chief fears surge in holiday let brothels; 'SEX TRAFFICKING GANGS WILL SEEK TO EXPLOIT COVID-DRIVEN RECESSION'. KELLY WILLIAMS Daily Post Chief Reporter Jun 23, 2020 621
We can't rewrite our history. Jun 23, 2020 399
Council set to review statue of pro-slavery figure Mitchel. SHAUNA CORR Jun 23, 2020 154
The truth about those Rebel flags and statues Ritter. Jun 23, 2020 506
Juneteenth, Trump's Rally and the Nakba. Jun 23, 2020 1564
Adam Price apologises for seeking reparations for Wales. DAVID JAMES Reporter Jun 22, 2020 553
Since slavery it has been falsely claimed that we can endure pain. Jun 22, 2020 349
Slavery's role in Illinois history. Logan Jaffe ProPublica Illinois Jun 22, 2020 1570
Slavery's role in Illinois history History: Illinois, other northern states had slavery. Logan Jaffe ProPublica Illinois Jun 22, 2020 1570
Fidelis, Aon and Marsh Develop Marine Cargo Clause Aiming to Combat Modern Slavery. Jun 22, 2020 263
Plaid leader's reparations claim apology. Jun 22, 2020 439
Cancel the New York Times. Samuelson, Richard Essay Jun 22, 2020 3450
A Disagreeable Text: The Uncovered First Draft of Bryan Edwards's Preface to The History of the British West Indies, c. 1792. Leigh, Devin Jun 22, 2020 13232
Prince Harry would back move to ban rugby's 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot' anthem; England rugby's most recognised chant 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot' is under review due to its association with slavery and Prince Harry will follow the RFU's lead. By, Sam Meade Jun 21, 2020 329
Plaid leader Adam Price says he is 'deeply, genuinely sorry' for calling for reparations to be paid to Wales; The Plaid leader apologised for an article headlined "Westminster owes Wales reparations". By, David James Jun 21, 2020 562
At school, my hair was set on fire but racism is learned. It can be unlearned - Madeleine Joseph; BLACK LIVES MATTER University criticised for honouring engineer despite his links te to slavery as campaigners call for change in syllabus to combat racism. Laura Smith Jun 21, 2020 890
Statues targeted, toppled in protests against racism. Associated Press Jun 21, 2020 591
'No evidence' linking Penny Lane to slavery. Jun 20, 2020 153
The fight against racism post COVID-19. Jun 20, 2020 1249
Church's historic links to slavery 'source of shame'. PRESS ASSOCIATION REPORTERS Jun 20, 2020 554
A red badge of shame for past monuments? Jun 20, 2020 455
NBA makes 'Juneteenth' paid holiday for the first time. Jun 20, 2020 402
Rugby fans singing 'Swing Low' under review due to slavery links. Jun 20, 2020 687
Greene King and Lloyd's of London to pay reparations over founders' slave trade links. Jun 19, 2020 452
'Sorry is not enough', Caribbean states say of British slavery apologies. Reuters News Service Jun 19, 2020 616
The truth about those Rebel flags and statues Ritter. Jun 19, 2020 568
As world erupts about equality, silence surrounds modern-day slavery. Zaid M. Belbagi Jun 19, 2020 896
Slavery is still an issue in the UK. ALISON HERNANDEZ Jun 18, 2020 455
Flags must fly at half-staff for Juneteenth, Pritzker orders. ABC 7 Jun 18, 2020 182
Pritzker orders flags to be at half-staff for Juneteenth. ABC 7 Jun 18, 2020 270
Greene King to make donations because of links to slavery; "It is inexcusable that one of our founders profited from slavery and argued against its abolition in the 1800s,". By, Neil Shaw Jun 18, 2020 359
Slaves to our prejudices. KEITH ROSSITER Jun 17, 2020 640
Scrap the system behind racism and statues. Jun 16, 2020 866
Don't look back for forward progress; of the day THOUGHT. Jun 16, 2020 541
Historic flagstaff deserves reinstating in Civic Square; LETTER S Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Post: Unfortunately our office is shut so we are unable to accept posted letters. Jun 16, 2020 781
Slavery in modern times. Jun 16, 2020 675
Manchester's historic fight to stop slavery; RAMAZANI MWAMBA looks at how the city fought for black lives, but also profited from the trade. RAMAZANI MWAMBA Jun 16, 2020 1050
Council chiefs urged to recognise 'sins' of history. STEPH BRAWN LOCAL DEMOCRACY REPORTER Jun 16, 2020 784
IT'S TIME TO CONFRONT OUR PAST; #BLACKLIVESMATTER calls to review towns' statues and street names Politicians call on Renfrewshire to face up to its links with slave trade and racism. CARLA TALBOT Jun 16, 2020 901
Eric: a campaigner for justice and education; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Letter to the editor Jun 16, 2020 1046
Social action sparks debate. Jun 16, 2020 269
PETER RHODES. Jun 16, 2020 491
The repeat showing of Downton [...]. PETER RHODES Jun 16, 2020 494
Social action sparks debate. Jun 16, 2020 799
Lord Hain calls for education about history of slave trade. martin shipton Chief reporter Jun 15, 2020 651
Lord Hain calls for education about the slave traders. MARTIN SHIPTON Chief reporter Jun 15, 2020 671
City's 'Friend of freedom' statue. Jun 15, 2020 446
America needs to confront its past. Pankaj Mishra Jun 15, 2020 995
There are statues to be proud of. Jun 14, 2020 446
Brum's history deeply mired in slave trade. Jun 14, 2020 426
Covid delays review of city's links to slavery. Craig McDonald Jun 14, 2020 350
Museum to look again at Penny Lane evidence; famous road could be removed from 'streets of shame' display. LIAM THORP Political Editor @LIAMTHORPECHO Jun 13, 2020 403
Historian's plea on Gladstone. Jun 13, 2020 312
Australia PM apologises for 'no slavery' comments. ROD MCGUIRK Jun 13, 2020 440
Grey fought for freedom. Jun 13, 2020 197
Grey fought hard for our freedoms. Jun 13, 2020 198
Peel statue wrongly listed on Topple the Racists site. HELEN MACHIN Jun 13, 2020 522
Spotlight now on our country's barbaric links to slave trade. COMMENT BY PAT FLANAGAN Jun 13, 2020 767
Continuing to honour slavery shows black lives just don't matter. BRIAN READE Jun 13, 2020 577
Continuing to honour slavery shows black lives just don't matter; SATURDAY 13.06.2020 DAILY MIRROR 17 DMUULS Frank and fearless (and funny) BRIAN READE. BRIAN READE Jun 13, 2020 577
'The institution of slavery was so powerful that no slave could easily escape it'. Peerzada Salman Jun 13, 2020 690
Gardens proposed as location for memorial. Jun 12, 2020 183
Penny shame Museum to reconsider slavery exhibit; FAMOUS STREET MIGHT NOT HAVE BEEN NAMED AFTER OWNER. LUKE TRAYNOR Chief Reporter @LUKETRAYNORECHO Jun 12, 2020 427
Pub WON'T be ditching Gladstone. Jun 12, 2020 183
Armstrong statue is on 'Topple the Racists' list; Famous industrialist is included - yet Earl Grey now removed. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Jun 12, 2020 684
Calls to demolish city statue. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Jun 12, 2020 581
Slave to history The Daily []; @realbritainros Ros Wynne-Jones standing up for you and your family REAL BRITAIN. REAL BRITAIN Jun 12, 2020 209
Finally waking up to imperial history; FRIDAY 12.06.2020 DAILY MIRROR 43 DM1ST YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER. FIONA PARKER Jun 12, 2020 620
PS17,000 raised for memorial to city's shameful history; HISTORIAN CALLS FOR BETTER EDUCATION ABOUT LEGACY OF SLAVERY. NICK TYRRELL Local Democracy Reporter @NCTYRRELL Jun 11, 2020 618
Statue should be moved, says slaver's relative. alex seabrook Jun 11, 2020 688
Slave owner's statue should be moved, says descendant. ALEX SEABROOK Local democracy reporter Jun 11, 2020 1073
Should George Washington and Thomas Jefferson be erased from history? Reuters News Service Jun 11, 2020 865
statue graveyard; #BLACKLIVESMATTER toxic legacy of the past Call to house monuments to 'fallen heroes' with slavery links in special park. ANNIE BROWN Jun 11, 2020 681
MSPs support calls for a Scottish racism museum; Emotional debate considers the 'toxic legacy' of monuments. DEREK HEALEY Jun 11, 2020 366
RIP IT UP & START AGAIN; BLACK LIVES MATTER: UK COLONIAL STATUES TARGETED>>Calls to axe slavery icons>>Queen Vic is vandalised>>Fears of far right protests. MATTHEW YOUNG, BEN GLAZE Deputy Political Editor and TOM PETTIFOR Crime Editor Jun 11, 2020 496
Let's remember Drake, but for his good and bad; LETTER S Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Post: Unfortunately our office is shut so we are unable to accept posted letters. Letter to the editor Jun 11, 2020 811
Descendant calls for slave owner Thomas Picton's statue to be put in new museum; The marble statue of the slave owner and 'brutal' colonial governor Thomas Picton could be soon be removed, with suggestions to replace it with a statue of a Welsh black hero. By, Alex Seabrook Jun 11, 2020 673
Down with the disreputable, let's see deserving in City Hall display; As calls grow for the statue of Thomas Picton to be removed from Cardiff City Hall, Geraint Talfan Davies reminds us that Wales cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to the history of the abhorrent slave trade At TbC. Jun 10, 2020 1240
No whitewashing; Letters.. Jun 10, 2020 234
Plaque to be set up at Dundas statue; SCOTLAND. CONOR RIORDAN Jun 10, 2020 256
'He touched the hearts of everybody who knew him' TRIBUTE TO SLAVERY VICTIM WHO DIED IN CANNABIS FACTORY FIRE. JORDAN COUSSINS News Reporter Jun 10, 2020 433
A United Irishman, GAA icon.. & slavery advocate. Campaigners call for statue to be removed from town centre BY SHAUNA CORR Jun 10, 2020 1000
Twitter Declares Company Holiday To Honour Freed Slaves On June 19. Jun 10, 2020 189
Project to reflect city's slave trade past is still going ahead; PLAQUES TO BE INSTALLED TO HIGHLIGHT OUR HISTORY. NICK TYRRELL Local Democracy Reporter @NCTYRRELL Jun 9, 2020 379
Can monuments to slavery still stand? Jun 9, 2020 392
Harvie: Scrap slaver signs; BLAST AT THE PAST #BLACK LIVES MATTER; Greens chief in plea for links to brutal trade to be erased. SALLY HIND Jun 9, 2020 613
Children should learn of Scotland's historic links to the slave trade; EDUCATION. TOM PETERKIN Jun 9, 2020 464
Hawass: 'The Great Pyramids were not built by slaves'. Mustafa Marie Jun 9, 2020 289
Moon vows to bolster transparency of civic movement. Jun 8, 2020 428
America in flames slavery and history. Jun 7, 2020 1221
International conspiracy against blacks. Jun 7, 2020 1353
Head of shelter for sex slaves found dead. Jun 7, 2020 663
Ceding Of LGAs To Igala Kingdom, Modern Day Slavery- Shaba Ibrahim. Jun 6, 2020 565
'Slavery victim' dies in fire after being locked inside cannabis factory; Two men, who police believe had been trafficked into the UK and were being exploited by a drugs gang, were caught in a fire on Premier Trading Estate in Brierley Hill, West Midlands. By, Jack Evans Jun 6, 2020 483
Donors want their money back from sex slavery NGO. Jun 4, 2020 423
Restore moral high ground. Jun 3, 2020 909
Slavery at heart of racism in America. Jun 3, 2020 888
Landlord told to repay PS250k over slavery convictions. KATHRYN RIDDELL Reporter Jun 2, 2020 608
SUFFRAGE. Brown, Elizabeth Nolan Jun 1, 2020 285
Rethinking the Slave as Hero: A Deconstructionist Perspective in Shakespeare's The Tempest and Amadi's The Slave. Yerima, Dina; Igwedibia, Adaoma Eugenia; Okoye-Ugwu, Stella Jun 1, 2020 5201
Training offered during lockdown. May 29, 2020 157
UN official commends Msheireb Museums for promoting diversity. May 28, 2020 801
Msheireb Museums receives international acclaim. May 27, 2020 651
Truth and lies about our famous fountain; DIGGING INTO THE PAST with Dr Murray Cook THE BLACK BOY FOUNTAIN. May 27, 2020 318
Main opposition party may seek Assembly inquiry into 'misuse' of comfort women funds. May 19, 2020 696
'Slavery gang victim' runs down street naked and bangs on doors begging for help; Residents of a road in Glasgow, Scotland said they saw two men bundle the naked man away before police officers came and knocked down the door of a residential home. By, John Dingwall May 18, 2020 642
Civic group apologizes for misuse of 'comfort women' shelter. May 17, 2020 407
Kenyans stuck in Middle East slavery plead for help. May 14, 2020 425
Truth in dispute. May 12, 2020 479
'Donations transparently used for wartime sex slavery victims'. May 8, 2020 439
Sex worker found in street after fleeing from slavery. PAIGE OLDFIELD @paigeoldfield22 May 7, 2020 355
How Nigerian girls are sold into slavery in Lebanon, others - Tour operators President Bilikisu Abdul. May 2, 2020 713
Free, Illaek. and 21. Singleton, Marilyn M. May 1, 2020 761
Sharing advice on reducing violence and helping victims; Strategy focuses on alcohol, mental health, domestic abuse, modern day slavery and fraud. KERRY ASHDOWN Local Democracy Reporter Apr 13, 2020 380
Researchers get share of PS400m. Apr 11, 2020 152
Faith - and Passover - is never more vital than right now; CITY RABBI SAYS TECHNOLOGY WILL HELP DEVOTEES 'GATHER'. LISA RAND ECHO Reporter @lisarandonline Apr 10, 2020 833
SLAVERY IN THE UK; A new report sheds light on the extent of this terrible crime. ANNIE GOUK Apr 6, 2020 552
SLAVERY IN THE UK; A new report sheds light on the extent of this terrible crime. ANNIE GOUK Apr 6, 2020 552
SLAVERY IN THE UK; A new report sheds light on the extent of this terrible crime. ANNIE GOUK Apr 6, 2020 552
SLAVERY IN THE UK; A new report sheds light on the extent of this terrible crime. ANNIE GOUK Apr 6, 2020 552
the viet con; ASIAN SEX SLAVE SMUGGLERS FLOOD SCOTLAND Gangsters lure victims with 'earn big money' lies. EXCLUSIVE BY JANE HAMILTON Crime Reporter Apr 3, 2020 579
Minar-e-Pakistan: A symbol of political struggle for creation of Pakistan. Mar 23, 2020 1682
Minar-e-Pakistan: A symbol of political struggle for creation of Pakistan. Mar 23, 2020 1092
William Blake on Slavery: Mind-forg'd Manacles in Visions of the Daughters of Albion and America: A Prophecy. Nebioglu, Rahime Cokay Mar 22, 2020 7306
Making Images, Restoring Personhood: Frederick Douglass, Emmett Till, and the Re-Framing of African American Trauma. Diepold, Markus Johannes Mar 22, 2020 6739
The Southern Belle's Black Half-Sister as a National Mother Figure in Alice Randall's The Wind Done Gone. Wolfe, Andrea Mar 22, 2020 8112
Finding freedom is just the beginning... How former modern slaves find is hard to make their way back into society... BETH ABBIT Mar 22, 2020 1083
THE TRUTH ABOUT THE PAST. Davis, Edward; Adams, Dan; Burt-Markowitz, Dottye; Turnbull, Bruce Letter to the editor Mar 22, 2020 643
Revisiting Puerto Rico's Nineteenth-Century Sugar-and-Slavery History. Scarano, Feanciso Report Mar 22, 2020 11079
Highlights from Orthodox Spirituality on the Temptation of Man by the Devil and Man's Fall into Sin. Petcu, Liviu Mar 22, 2020 4628
Percy Shelley, James Russell Lowell, and the Promethean Aesthetics of EBB's "The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point". Harrison, Antony H. Mar 22, 2020 8240
Woman forced into sex trade walks for 26 hours after fleeing house; modern slavery investigation launched. SEAMUS MCDONNELL @SeamusMEN Mar 21, 2020 423
Developer signs up to fight modern slavery in UK. Mar 18, 2020 293
New role will work with churches to help tackle modern slavery. Mar 18, 2020 217
St Patrick's Day: The dramatic story of Saint Patrick's life including capture and slavery; While St Patrick's Day celebrations will be smaller this year due to coronavirus, millions of people around the world will celebrate Irish traditions and culture, as well as Saint Patrick himself. By, Dave Stubbings Mar 17, 2020 683
Say sorry for slaves, Paris tells big firms. Mar 15, 2020 221
I'm so angry about slavery there's a scar in the DNA of all black people and it needs to be healed; Mica: Guilty firms must say sorry. EXCLUSIVE BY SARAH ROBERTSON Mar 15, 2020 561
FACING UP TO THE LEGACY OF SLAVERY; Rockets and Blue Lights gets its world premiere at the royal exchange tonight. JUSTIN CONNOLLY Mar 13, 2020 788
Morrisons is first supermarket to join the Slave-Free Alliance. Mar 7, 2020 170
Landlord could be jailed for renting homes to slavery gang. Mar 5, 2020 477
Woman's desperate note to police as she tried to flee traffickers; PAIR SENT TO JAIL FOR MODERN SLAVERY OFFENCES. LUKE TRAYNOR Chief Reporter @LUKETRAYNORECHO Mar 4, 2020 508
Ambition becomes a reality with first novel; Author's book tells story of family's battle with slavery and racism. JAMES VUKMIROVIC Community News Reporter Mar 2, 2020 359
The amazing women whose tireless advocacy powers the pro-life movement. Gallagher, Maria V. Mar 1, 2020 404
CRISIS? WHOSE CRISIS? Beermann, Jack M. Mar 1, 2020 13775
Tony's Chocolonely secures [euro]36m to aid slavery-free mission. Daniel Selwood Feb 29, 2020 244
Why is Aldi suddenly an anti-slavery award winner? In 2018, Oxfam ranked it bottom for protecting human rights. Steve Farrell Feb 29, 2020 570
Slavery risk over new laws and funding cuts. Henry Sandercock The ght Feb 29, 2020 302
'Parasite' vs 'Gone with the Wind'. Feb 28, 2020 921
Modern slavery probe: two arrested by police; FEARS THAT OCCUPANTS OF HOUSE WERE BEING SEXUALLY EXPLOITED. STEPHANIE BALLOO News Reporter Feb 22, 2020 282
New curriculum fails the mental slavery emancipation test, sadly. Feb 20, 2020 888
When President Lincoln Fought for the Jews. Feb 19, 2020 1115
Swapping shackles for handcuffs; Potential victims of modern slavery are increasingly ending up in detention centres. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 19, 2020 515
Swapping shackles for handcuffs; Potential victims of modern slavery are increasingly ending up in detention centres. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 19, 2020 515
Swapping shackles for handcuffs; Potential victims of modern slavery are increasingly ending up in detention centres. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 19, 2020 514
Swapping shackles for handcuffs; Potential victims of modern slavery are increasingly ending up in detention centres. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 19, 2020 570
Swapping shackles for handcuffs Potential victims of modern slavery are increasingly ending up in detention centres. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 19, 2020 567
Swapping shackles for handcuffs; Potential victims of modern slavery are increasingly ending up in detention centres. MICHAEL GOODIER Feb 19, 2020 544
Car wash blitz over 'slavery' Gangs 'flouting law'. Stephen Hayward EXCLUSIVE Feb 16, 2020 249
Could slave labour have made your Valentine's Day gift asks Andrew Bevan. Feb 14, 2020 724
Modern slaves are here in rural Wales; RURAL BUSINESSES ASKED TO HELP ROOT OUT THE GANGMASTERS. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Feb 13, 2020 660
Randolph Society Foundation Honors William Hayes: He risked everything to help slaves get to freedom Hayes. Submitted by the Randolph Society Foundation Feb 12, 2020 756
Why aren't we financially free? Feb 10, 2020 995
Missionary Diversion: the Question of Slavery. Feb 3, 2020 3236
Police team on award shortlist. Feb 1, 2020 156
Aurora Methodists study slavery, contributions of black Americans. Submitted by Wesley United Methodist Church Jan 31, 2020 289
Sealed Oath: Of Slave Trade And An Abobaku's Journey Of Survival. Jan 30, 2020 588
Illinois Freedom Project exhibit Feb. 11-13 at LLCC. Submitted by LLCC Jan 29, 2020 217
Clean up monuments - don't remove them; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB. Letter to the editor Jan 27, 2020 1110
Time to wake up to slavery in the salons. sundaypost judymurray Jan 26, 2020 144
Childhood hymns about the man who battled slavery in US; Your Queries If you have a question, write to The Queries Man, The Sunday Post, 2 Albert Square, Dundee, DD1 9QJ or email Jan 26, 2020 596
The end of slavery and the hidden cost to YOU; Juliet Gilkes Romero's provocative new play, The Whip, tells the story of the lead up to the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act, which made slavery illegal throughout the British Empire but which depended on a pay-off to the slave owners, the cost of which took nearly two centuries to clear. Juliet Gilkes Jan 24, 2020 1105
Census of 8 attempts of trafficking in infants born out of wedlock in Tunisia (INLTP Report for 2019). Jan 23, 2020 691
Ads selling a boy into slavery for 200 soms shocks parents in Jalal-Abad. Jan 23, 2020 131
New exhibits on tap when Peck Homestead reopens. Colette Freeman Lombard Historical Society Jan 22, 2020 361
Slavery claim over train strike legislation plans. Jan 20, 2020 377
'Slavery' claims over train plans. Jan 20, 2020 158
'Slavery' claims over train plans. Jan 20, 2020 158

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