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Slavery in the Great Lakes Region of East Africa.


Slavery in the Great Lakes Region of East Africa.

Ed. by Henri Medard and Shane Doyle.

James Currey Publishers


273 pages



East African studies


Medard (history, U. of Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne) and Doyle (history, U. of Leeds, UK) present ten studies themed to enlarge the perceptions of a topic of African history. Essays reveal the connection between the people of the region as well as their interaction with the Europeans, and challenge the idea that domestic slavery increased as a result of international trade. Particular geographic topics include slavery and social change in Unyamwezi; slavery and forced labor in the Eastern Congo; legacies of slavery in Northwest Uganda; human booty, stolen people, and autonomous chief in Buganda; slavery and social oppression in Ankole; the slave trade in Burundi and Rwanda; and Bunyoro and the demography of slavery. One essay in particular focuses on the women's experiences of enslavement and entanglement. Distributed in the US by Ohio U. Press.

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Date:Aug 1, 2008
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