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Slap never harmed anyone! LETTERS.

FOLLOWING a recent episode of Coronation Street in which a character slapped the legs of a girl who poisoned his fish, my immediate thought was that modern attitudes would criminalise the smacker.

How right I was, and how wrongly in my opinion.

During my childhood I had to spend time in a children's home.

One of the rules was that once you went to bed at night you could read, you could talk, but you could not kick up a racket.

For several nights, of course, we did just that. We kicked up an awful din, jumping from one bed to another until we got discovered.

Matron went from child to child, administering a sharp slap. We never broke that rule, or any other, again.

We learned a valuable lesson, that bad actions result in unpleasant consequences. In my day that was deterrent enough.

The slap didn't cause permanent damage, unlike the mental cruelty some parents now resort to out of sheer frustration because they fear action will be taken against them if they give a slap.

Calling a child names, ridiculing him, constantly telling him he is stupid can cause untold harm and can stick in the memory, robbing a child of all selfesteem.

I believe a child can feel cheated if denied correction, just as they can feel cheated if denied love, affection and praise.



SHORT, SHARP SHOCK: The slap in Coronation Street which caused all the controversy.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jan 29, 2012
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