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Skype unveils plans for a wireless mobile telephone.


Plans to introduce a wireless mobile telephone have been unveiled by Skype, a web-based calling company, and Netgear Inc, a wired and wireless networking solutions provider.

The Netgear WiFi handset is the first wireless mobile phone for the Skype service and has been designed to be used wherever a user is connected to a wireless Internet access point. The companies said the handset will work at home, at work, at a public hotspot, cafe and in cities where a city-wide wireless service has been implemented.

The phone has been pre-loaded with Skype's software and the user will be required to enter a username and password, enabling the software to locate the user's Skype contact list. Domestic and international calls and conference calls can be made free of charge to other Skype users, without the need for a PC, provided they are connected to WiFi, while a fee is payable for calls to regular phones.

The companies plan to reveal more information on the phone, including availability and price, during the first quarter this year. In addition, Netgear Inc's RangeMax wireless network router, which enables the user to eliminate 'dead spots' and avoid interference from other, nearby, wireless networks, is to be optimised for the Skype service.

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Date:Jan 5, 2006
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