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Skylights everywhere.

Skylights everywhere

More than light shafts, each of the three skylight systems addedto this ranch-style house has a distinctive role that emphasizes and defines the spaces below. Designed by homeowner Gretchen Pomeroy of Atherton, California, the skylights march across the width of the house in an entry hall, run the length of a large kitchen island, and dramatically alter a large, flat ceiling in a garage that's been converted to a family room.

In the entry and kitchen, deep, narrow shafts diffuse all butdirect overhead sunlight. Like an inverted funnel, the shaft in the family room provides a broader light spread.

Although the roof line didn't change, each of the skylightsinterrupted rafters and ceiling joists. The captions and drawings above help explain how the openings were framed.

Photo: Above the entry

Five 29 1/2-inch squares run across theceiling. Openings were made by removing a joist, doubling up the flanking two, and blocking between them. A 20-inch space separates each of the skylights

Photo: Over the kitchen island

This 15-foot-long skylight shaft rises45 inches, then angles to meet the sloping roof. Where the 2-foot-wide opening interrupts joists and rafters, 4-by-12s pick up load of cut joists

Photo: Spanning the ridge

Tapered opening starts out 7 1/2 by 15 feet,narrows to 2 1/2 by 10 feet beneath skylight. The interrupted ceiling joists tie to a 6-by-16 beam spanning the family room's left side and to 4-by-12s ringing the other three sides

Photo: Rooftop view shows the three different arrangements,all custom made. The double-glazed, self-flashing units rise only about 4 inches above the shingled roof
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Date:May 1, 1987
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