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Skydiver, 86, retires from solo jumps.

ORDcomore than 1,100 ps e - at the age A RECORD.BREAKING skydiver who has completed more solo jumps is selling her parachute - of 86.

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lin junkie Price got on p h after ng ty Adrenalin Dilys hooked 1 0 jumps completing a charity skyaged la o ma w thrill-seeking world become the female skydiver when she And her thrillsaw her break record and beco oldest-ever fem diver in 2013 - was just 81.

d t to ou But she said has come t from her so - althou plans tinu div the time retire solo leaps - although she to continue skydiving as part of a tandem.

ue v p t Grandmother Dilys, of Cardiff, has completed her 1,139 solo jumps all over the world.

She said: "I sold my parachute and I'm only going to do tandem jumps now. I'm 86 now and felt I should probably not be jumping out of a plane at 100mph."

Retired teacher Dilys - who once jumped from 28,000ft and needed oxygen - said no-one should be scared of skydiving.

She said: "I've done 1,139 solos and it just is the ultimate sense of freedom, and of course it's a challenge to yourself because you have to make sure you're on the ball and you're getting it right.

"One of the wonderful things about it is it is transformative because at some point everyone has the irrational fear that jumping out of an aeroplane in the sky is not a good idea. "But it's safe - it's probably safer than driving a car to the drop zone.

"Once you do it you'll think 'wonderful, how wonderful!' It's almost like a ritual, like a rite of passage."

Dilys was recognised at the Pride of Britain Awards in 2017.

thrill-.BREAKING who has completed comore than 1,100 And her thrillsaw her break record and beco oldest-ever fem diver in 2013 - was just 81.

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<B Dilys Price in action and inset, now Dilys is selling her parachute

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 4, 2019
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