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Articles from SkyWatch (January 1, 2006)

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A Sirius matter: there's plenty to see when the Dog Star lights the sky. Schaaf, Fred 724
A year of celestial sights: it's going to be an active year for stargazers. Here are the highlights for 2006 so you can plan your skywatching sessions. Deans, Paul 2201
An embarrassment of riches. Deans, Paul 437
Buying the best telescope: We all want the best buy for our budget. Here's what you need to know to acquire a telescope that can last a lifetime. Dyer, Alan 3072
Complete systems. Buyers guide 3976
Constellations large and small: the Summer Triangle remains high in the west, while big, dim fall constellations take over the south. Schaaf, Fred 634
Digging up wonders in Scorpius: the many marvels of the Scorpion are now at their highest in the south. Schaaf, Fred 670
Finding your way: here's how to use our monthly sky charts to identify the evening stars and constellations. 1620
Gemini at its best: the not-quite twin stars Castor and Pollux stand high overhead as spring stars arrive in the east. Schaaf, Fred 693
June sights bright and dim: a crown, a strongman, and a set of scales can be found in the late-spring sky. Schaaf, Fred 741
Mounts & tripods. 382
Navigating the Great Celestial Sea: finding this month's faint, "fishy" constellations can be a challenge, especially for city observers. Schaaf, Fred 590
Optical tube assemblies. Buyers guide 1588
Sky shots. 658
So many telescopes, so little time: our guide to 314 telescopes, optical tube assemblies, and mounts between $99 and $4,800 lets you compare "apples to apples.". 1350
Stars of the Andromeda Legend: high in the south some heroic constellations hold remarkable sights. Schaaf, Fred 715
Summer Triangle at summer's end: the northern Milky Way crosses the zenith as summer turns to autumn. Schaaf, Fred 613
Telescope manufacturers or distributors in the guide. 609
The best budget telescopes: we scour the marketplace and find five telescopes that deliver first-rate performance at bargain prices. Buyers guide 708
The celestial symphony: every step outside clear evening to enjoy the music of the stars. Hewitt-White, Ken 3021
The Lion and the Dipper: two landmark star patterns mark spring's arrival. Schaaf, Fred 668
The lyre and the archer: Nebulae and star clusters abound in the rich Milky Way these August nights. Schaaf, Fred 742
Two stars of spring: Arcturus and Spica stand in the southern sky after dusk in May. Schaaf, Fred 647
Voyaging to the Moon: use binoculars or a small telescope to discover a wonderland of craters, mountains, and "seas.". Seronik, Gary 809
When two halves make more than a whole: tailoring a telescope to your specific needs is easy when you purchase the optics and mounting separately. 958
Winter's three-star signpost: use the three stars of Orion's Belt to point you to other celestial wonders. Schaaf, Fred 716

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