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SkyPanel lights up RTL City studios.

As part of RTL Group, Luxemburg-based Broadcasting Centre Europe (BCE) provides media services, systems integration and software development for the media market, particularly in Europe.

In April this year, BCE inaugurated its new headquarters in RTL City, which comes with three state-of-the-art studios lighted up by ARRI LED fixtures.

Studio 1, with a grid construction, is a multifunctional production studio, mainly used for magazine programming with live audiences. In this studio, ARRI deployed the first "real" Cyclorama application of its SkyPanels with the SkyBender. The SkyBender is an asymmetrical reflector that produces a uniform intensity light field over the length of any surface, transforming the beam by sliding into the front of the fixture. This accessory can be deployed for lighting a green screen, cyclorama, translight or backdrop while creating colour wall washes.

The second studio, or the news studio, also utilises a grid construction and contains three sets for live shows, while the TV or virtual studio is the third studio at the new BCE headquarters.

Combining a technical infrastructure to support the production of more than 30 TV channels and various radio stations, BCE also decided to minimise its carbon footprint by equipping the three new studios with LED lighting. This, according to BCE, reduces the cooling infrastructure and keep the background noise to a minimum during shows.

Andreas Fleuter, manager special projects at BCE, added: "With LED fixtures, heat dissipation is low but the light output is good enough to handle most situations in the studios, even at greater distances. Another big advantage with LEDs is the possibility to adjust colour temperatures via remote. With respect to these issues, LED lighting was mandatory, and we wanted to use them in all the studios."

As to why ARRI lights were chosen, he explained that they provided BCE with a large colour spectrum that covered the company's needs for various types of productions. "Standard production nowadays prefers daylight colour temperature," Fleuter said. "However, the flexible colour control we have for atmospheric lights, as well as show lights, is impressive. With ARRI lights, it is even possible to use a green key on a white curtain background."

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Publication:APB Magazine
Date:Sep 1, 2017
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