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Articles from Sky & Telescope (October 1, 2018)

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Title Author Type Words
10 New Moons for Jupiter. Beatty, J. Kelly 456
75, 50 & 25 YEARS AGO. Sinnott, Roger W. 400
A Conversational Guide to Gravitational Waves. Young, Monica Book review 624
A Hole in the Moon's Magnetic Field: Astronomers propose a new origin for this mysterious magnetic void. Wood, Charles 1115
A Magnifying Glass for a Pulsar. Young, Monica Brief article 313
A Tourist's Guide to the Autumn Highlights: Ramble through the skies of fall and check in on some favorite targets. Oltion, Jerry 2773
Action at Jupiter. Johnson-Roehi, S.N. 1814
Another Approach to LPCs. Marks, Joel Letter to the editor 171
Another Bright Comet? Comet 38P/Stephan-Oterma is ideally placed in the northern skies this month. Johnson-Roehi, S.N. 443
Asteroid Occultation. Johnson-Roehi, S.N. 462
Astronomer Seeks Companion. Neubauer, Jeffrey Letter to the editor 289
Best Long-range Test of General Relativity. Young, Monica 357
Dawn Reaches Final Orbit Around Ceres. Dickinson, David Brief article 154
Destroyed Star Feeds Black Hole Jet. Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article 329
Easy and Effective Light Barriers: Block your neighbors' lights with these simple panels. Oltion, Jerry 792
Enter the Ice Giants: The brighter planets begin to give way as Uranus and Neptune jostle for our attention this month. Schaaf, Fred 898
Funding SETI. Magnuson, Erik Letter to the editor 178
Harvest the Stars. Wedel, Mathew Column 344
Hayabusa 2 Arrives at Asteroid Ryugu. Dickinson, David Brief article 150
I [heart] Planetaries. French, Sue 1881
Long-ago Supervolcano Created Mars Rock Formation. Frevdlin, Julie Brief article 263
Lost in the Glare: Some interesting objects await imagers who can tear their cameras away from the showpieces of the night skies. Brecher, Ron 3359
Martian Greenwich. Maas, Jan A. Letter to the editor 328
Meade's Mini Astrograph: The new Series 6000 70-mm apo astrograph delivers tack-sharp images across a wide field. Dyer, Alan Product/service evaluation 1588
New Life for the Great Melbourne Telescope: Australian groups are restoring what was once the world's largest equatorially mounted telescope. Bell, Trudy E. 3805
OBSERVING: October 2018. 364
OCTOBER 2018 OBSERVING: Lunar Almanac Northern Hemisphere Sky Chart. Brief article 174
OCTOBER 2018 OBSERVING: Planetary Almanac. 712
October Orionids. Johnson-Roehi, S.N. 582
Organics Inside Enceladus: Complex Enough for Life? Howell, Elizabeth 333
Oumuamua's Dramatic Visit. Laughlin, Greg 3524
Outwitted: How the author learned he had galaxies coming out his ears. Sargent, Roger 593
Pulsar Test Limits Existence of "Fifth Force". Howell, Elizabeth Brief article 273
The Big Empty. Tyson, Peter Editorial 462
The Sea Goat in the Skies: The ancient constellation Capricornus bears an interesting history. Schaaf, Fred 650
The VOID: Next Door: An enormous region of near-emptiness starts on our doorstep, giving astronomers their best chance to probe one of these gigantic cosmic structures. Croswell, Ken 3121
Webb Telescope To Launch in 2021. Young, Monica Brief article 190

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