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Articles from Sky & Telescope (June 1, 2018)

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Title Author Type Words
75, 50 & 25 YEARS AGO. Sinnott, Roger W. 403
A Crowded Life: A curious mind and an inventive spirit helped George Ellery Hale transform modern astronomy. Murray, Steve 3086
A Family Affair. Gingrich, Mark Letter to the editor 141
A Feast for the Eyes: To the author, one indelible night of observing could hardly have been more delectable. Weeks, Todd Essay 558
A New Era? Cline, Matt Letter to the editor 165
Action at Jupiter. 1660
Amateur Captures Supernova's First Light. Barbuzano, Javier 395
Amazing Storms, Jet Streams on Jupiter. Carlisle, Camille M. 353
Arecibo's Fate Decided. Young, Monica Brief article 155
Art Gamble's G-Tracker: Simple. Elegant. Good Enough. Oltion, Jerry 834
Braille Method. Heydon, Alex Letter to the editor 162
Cataclysms from above: There's more to see from your airplane window than the sky. Lorenz, Ralph D. 1372
Dwarf Galaxy Evicted Milky Way Stars. Young, Monica Brief article 236
Fifteen Steps to Forever: Use these well-know observing targets as incremental stepping stones into the cosmic past. Wedel, Mathew 2780
Full Moon Fever. McClure, Bruce Letter to the editor 133
Giant Impact May Have Vaporized Earth to Make Moon. Barbuzano, Javier 334
Heaven Sent. Tyson, Peter Editorial 448
Image-Intensified Observing: The versatility of this new light-amplifying observing system just might make it a game-changer in the world of amateur astronomy. Cicco, Dennis di Product/service evaluation 2457
Is that Star Blue or Green: The eXcalibrator freeware program helps to take the guesswork out of color-balancing your deep-sky images. Franke, Bob Product/service evaluation 2352
Leap With A Gazelle: This asterism is all about pairs of stars, and pairs within pairs. Schaaf, Fred Column 699
Most Distant Super-Supernova. Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article 126
NASA 2019 Budget Proposal Cancels WFIRST. Dickinson, David Brief article 152
Planetary Almanac. 707
Planets Aplenty: The planets are out in full force this month, and they are joined by an asteroid. Schaaf, Fred 1013
Saturn Stands (Relatively) High. 644
Seeing in the Dark. Harrington, Scott N. Letter to the editor 192
Shining Jewels: Determining the colors of double stars--sometimes brilliant, sometimes subtle--can be tricky even for experienced observers. French, Sue 1813
Signal from First Stars Suggests Primordial Chill. Schilling, Govert 378
Space Invaders: How grave is the threat that a giant asteroid or comet could strike Earth and do us serious harm? 3083
Space Rock Rendezvous: This summer, two spacecraft will bear down on their target asteroids, preparing to snatch rubble and bring it home to scientists. Durda, Dan 3549
Stephen Hawking, 1942-2018. Young, Monica Obituary 643
Submarine Craters: Gravitational anomalies shed light on buried craters. Wood, Charles A. 1275
The Northern Crown. Wedel, Mathew 491
Up, Up, and Away. Peterson, Kurt; Kardel, Scott Letter to the editor 295
Vesta at Its Best: Asteroid 4 Vesta is closest this month, a lustrous light in the southern sky. Johnson-Roehr, S.N. 1097

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