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Articles from Sky & Telescope (July 1, 2018)

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Title Author Type Words
75, 50 & 25 YEARS AGO. Sinnott, Roger W. Column 451
A Galaxy Without Dark Matter? Carlisle, Camille M. 491
A Meteorologist on Mars. Tyson, Peter Editorial 453
A Star Behind Saturn. 2330
Advancing the SETI Quest: Hope, perseverance, and the courage of their convictions sustain those seeking hints of alien civilizations. Grinspoon, David 541
All My Mars at Once: The author shares a lifetime of encounters with the Red Planet. Schaaf, Fred 646
Astronomers Catch Cache of "Fast Supernovae". Schilling, Govert Brief article 314
Bowling Ball Brilliance: The ultimate in alternative mounts. Oltion, Jerry 791
Canal MANIA: Earthly events influenced how astronomers perceived the Martian landscape a century ago. Brasch, Klaus 2825
Celestial Solace in Parkland: The city and local astronomy club join forces to help students begin the healing process. Jeter, Kyle Essay 603
Down by the Riverside. Schalck, Robert; O'Neal, Michael Letter to the editor 415
Event Calendar. Brief article 209
Galaxy's Center Is Home to Many Black Holes. Young, Monica 422
GEMS OF ORION. Manges, Chuck 108
High-Tech Polar Alignment: The PoleMaster: This dedicated camera and software from QHYCCD promises to make accurate polar alignment easy and painless. Dyer, Alan Product/service evaluation 2030
Hubble Images Most Distant Star. Young, Monica Brief article 163
Hunting Phobos and Deimos: Spotting these diminutive moons is a daunting challenge for dedicated observers. Dobbins, Thomas A. 1342
Is 'Oumuamua Pancake-Shaped? Beatty, J. Kelly Brief article 277
James Webb Telescope Delayed Until 2020. Young, Monica 366
LITTER IN ORBIT: How to Clean Up Space Junk: Thousands of pieces of debris orbit Earth, and it's going to take a coordinated effort to solve the problem. McDowell, Jonathan 3841
Lunar Almanac: Northern Hemisphere Sky Chart. Brief article 152
Mars and Its Supporting Cast: July is all about Mars, but the other planets put on a pretty good show, too. Schaaf, Fred 1031
Mars the MIGHTY returns: Wonder what to see now that the Red Planet is at its biggest and brightest? Read on for the best tips. King, Bob Calendar 2702
Mars's LOST atmosphere: NASA's MAVEN mission has confirmed how our planetary neighbor lost its protective gas envelope. Jakosky, Bruce 3556
Messier 27: The First Planetary Nebula: Explore this complex object through your telescope with the help of an experienced observer's ever-so-elaborate sketches. Banich, Howard 2856
Mission Omissions. Weimer, Daniel Letter to the editor 239
Nearby Relic of Ancient Universe. Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article 171
OBSERVING GUIDE. Book review 201
OBSERVING: July 2018. Calendar 369
Planetary Almanac. Table 583
Pluto in 2018: This intriguing little world is at opposition this month. Catch it while you can. Johnson-Roehr, S.N. 556
Slightly off the Beaten Track: A "backroad" route from Vulpecula to Lyra features worthy treasures. Hewitt-White, Ken 1822
So Far and Yet So Near. Marks, Joel Letter to the editor 205
Star-forming Braids in the Orion Nebula. Young, Monica Brief article 275
Supergiant Runaway Star. Howell, Elizabeth Brief article 195
The Season's Top 10 Globulars: Even small scopes can track down these striking summer star balls. French, Sue 1886
The Secret Heart of Night. Wedel, Mathew Brief article 343
Tiangong 1's Remote Reentry. Dickson, David Brief article 110
Update on the Aurora Named STEVE. Young, Monica Brief article 136

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