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Articles from Sky & Telescope (January 10, 2018)

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75, 50 & 25 YEARS AGO. Sinnott, Roger W. 425
A Grand Endeavor: UNIVERSE: Exploring the Astronomical World. Johnson-Roehr, S.N. 1087
A Month on Mars? Fay, John F. Letter to the editor 246
Before Dawn: Stay up late or rise early to watch Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn glide across the sky. Schaaf, Fred 1028
Binocular Mounts: A steady hand can gain you a couple of magnitudes. Oltion, Jerry 635
Cassini's Saturn Surprises. Beatty, J. Kelly 170
Collimating a Schmidt-Cassegrain: Follow these steps to get your telescope into perfect alignment. Mollise, Rod 2060
Comet Heinze to Fly by in January. King, Bob 120
Cool Dust Discovered Around Proxima Centauri. Bochanski, John 295
Decoding a Black Hole Jet. Young, Monica 266
Dry No More: Look closely, and you can spot places where water exists on the lunar surface. Wood, Charles 1214
Dwarf Planet Haumea Has a Ring. Beatty, J. Kelly 246
Fast Times in the Charioteer: AE Aurigae may appear modest, but it's really a troubled, hot star, trying to outrun its past. Johnson-Roehr, S.N. 3213
February 2018. 347
Finding "Planet X"--Then and Now. Urban, Curtis Letter to the editor 119
LIGO Sees Its Smallest Black Hole Binary Yet. Carlisle, Camille M. 438
Lonely Wanderer. Tyson, Peter 426
Lunar Almanac Northern Hemisphere Sky Chart. 141
Past, Present & Future. Wedel, Mathew 361
Planetary Almanac. 715
Preliminary Results from Triton Cover-Up. Dunham, David 220
Science in the Stratosphere: Balloon-borne instruments give astronomers a taste of space without the need for rockets or satellites. Fissel, Laura 3965
Spacetime Speed Limit. Gallez, Paul Letter to the editor 196
The First 50 Years RTMC: Always a trendsetter, the Riverside Telescope Maker's Conference-Astronomy Expo goes golden in 2018. McConahay, Alex Conference news 2072
The Great Overdog: Sirius isn't the only star that shines brightly in Canis Major. Schaaf, Fred 653
The Inconstancy of Nebulae. Forte, Ted 2484
The Other Southern Sky. Barreiro, Anthony Letter to the editor 127
The QHY16200A CCD Camera: This camera offers a generous 16-megapixel field at an attractive price. Horne, Johnny 2434
The Star That Wouldn't Die. Young, Monica 328
Wanted: Eclipse Reports. Mathisen, Ralph Letter to the editor 188
When Neutron Stars Collide: After decades of hard work, astronomers have caught their first spacetime ripples from the smash-up of two dead stars. Schilling, Govert 4463
Winter's Mighty Hunter: Look to Orion, the embodiment of the season's night sky, to discover a diverse collection of celestial wonders. French, Sue 1852
Worth the Wait. Mitchell, Warren Letter to the editor 167

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