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Articles from Sky & Telescope (May 1, 2017)

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Akatsuki spies massive wave on Venus. Dickinson, David Brief article 265
Anatomy of a comet: escorted around the sun by Europe's Rosetta spacecraft, Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko proved to be more complex than just a "dirty snowball". Parker, Joel 3643
Arecibo under the gun: the future of this iconic radio telescope hangs in the balance. Schmelz, Joan T.; Verschuur, Gerrit L. 528
Baking a universe: some of our best cosmological simulations don't even include what we're made of--ordinary matter--but maybe this is just what's needed to shine a light on the universe's mysteries. Skuse, Benjamin 3544
Brent's beauties: not everything beautiful about astronomy is up in the sky. Oltion, Jerry 828
Comet 41p is ideally placed. 2048
Event calendar. Calendar 189
Galaxies in collision: a dark night & a big scope produced fantastic views of these seven interacting pairs. Gottlieb, Steve 3147
Hail to the king. Wedel, Mathew Brief article 298
Jove owns the night: Jupiter puts on an overnight show, but Saturn soon approaches the stage. Schaaf, Fred 1039
Juno swoops past Jupiter's south pole. Dickinson, David 104
Lunar almanac: northern hemisphere sky chart. Calendar 177
May 1942. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 133
May 1967. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 168
May 1992. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 122
May 2017. Calendar 279
Micrometeorites found on city rooftops. Dickinson, David Brief article 221
Milky Way mass still contentious. Young, Monica Brief article 163
Napoleon's comets: the world took notice when two "great comets" appeared four years apart in the 19th century. Jakiel, Richard 1315
NGC 5529: spend some time with a most excellent edge-on galaxy this spring. Banich, Howard 1984
Not Venus again: once more, NASA leaves our sister planet out of the mix of new missions. Ouch. Grinspoon, David 613
Origin of our galaxy's most distant stars. Bochanski, John Brief article 258
Planetary almanac. 588
Portable star trackers: tracking is the next step on your journey to capturing the beauty of the night sky. Lodriguss, Jerry 2018
Proxima Centauri b likely a desert world. Carlisle, Camille M. 454
Saturn has a southern apparition: with rings still tipped invitingly open, Saturn invites your most careful scrutiny. MacRobert, Alan 1392
Smart astronomy: the NexStar evolution 9.25: Celestron changes the game with complete Wi-Fi controls. Mollise, Rod Product/service evaluation 2587
The real origins of amateur telescope Making: amateur astronomy is what it is today because of mirror-grinding enthusiasts more than a century ago. Venables, Keith 3223
The rocky road to Mars. Finkler, Earl; Coles, Ken Letter to the editor 218
The Spring Goddess: stars shimmer and galaxies glimmer in the vest of Virgo, the Virgin. French, Sue 1727
This is, and no mistake. Tyson, Peter Editorial 437
Virgo's flames: the stars of this outsize constellation burn brighter than expected. Schaaf, Fred 627
Void "repels" milky way's galaxy group. Carlisle, Camille M. 371

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