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Articles from Sky & Telescope (June 1, 2016)

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A starry shoe. Wedel, Mathew Brief article 301
AAS adopts Worldwide Telescope. Young, Monica Brief article 110
An unexpected bloom: take a fresh look at M20, the Trifid Nebula. Banich, Howard 1255
Astro touring. Tyson, Peter Editorial 451
Booster impact site found on moon. Dickinson, David Brief article 104
Brightest supernova baffles astronomers. Young, Monica Brief article 268
Celebrating your sketches. Beatty, J. Kelly 374
Dancing with planets: millions of Trojan asteroids exist in gravitational "sweet spots" that hold important keys to our solar system's history. Sheppard, Scott S. 2731
Did Cassini see the Great Red Spot? Chapman, Clark R. Letter to the editor 351
Floating hills of nitrogen. Beatty, J. Kelly 319
Fond telescope memories. Rybak, Paul Letter to the editor 362
Galaxies hide behind the Milky Way. Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article 319
Getting humans to Mars: has this become inevitable, even imminent? Bell, Jim 555
Giant cloud's gas native to our galaxy. Carlisle, Camille M. 340
Hubble sheds light on "diamond planet.". Young, Monica Brief article 128
Hunt the moons of Mars: with Mars now big and close, try for Phobos and Deimos. MacRobert, Alan 3309
Is red light really best? Astronomers have long used red light to protect their night vision, but there may be a better alternative. Dick, Robert 1840
June 1941: Coronium. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 151
June 1966: ex-variable star? Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 155
June 1991: space junk. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 130
Leo by night, Lions by day: travel to the Heart of Africa's National Parks for an observing adventure of a lifetime. Howes, Nick 1537
Messier Planisphere. 162
Mini Apo. 109
Mirror done for hubble's successor. Dickinson, David Brief article 103
New X-ray observatory launches. Dickinson, David Brief article 248
Old stars' fossil fields. Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article 293
Planetary almanac. 594
Repeating radio signal from space. Hall, Shannon Brief article 166
Representing the universe: Cosmos: The Infographic Book of Space. Johnson-Roehr, S.N. Book review 895
Sky at a glance. Calendar 215
Sky-Watcher's dual-purpose mount: this mount offers versatility for both astrophotography and observing. Dyer, Alan Product/service evaluation 2280
Solar system stamps. Beatty, J. Kelly Brief article 115
Stars form in turbulent times. Hall, Shannon Brief article 160
The "draw" of Saturn. Pitsker, Bill Letter to the editor 164
The ABCs of lunar craters: the alphabet plays a key role in identifying features on the moon. Wood, Charles A. 1046
The case for M103. Covington, Michael A. Letter to the editor 142
The Elusive B Cassiopeiae: in which we track and capture a supernova remnant. Tosteson, David 2317
The nebula war: more than a century ago, a clash between two pioneer sky photographers deepened the growing split between amateur and professional astronomy. Hirshfeld, Alan 2569
The seal of the sky: the patterns we draw in the sky capture our hopes and ancient dreams. Schaaf, Fred 641
Thistledown: grab hold of these galactic wisps in Virgo. French, Sue 1524
Three planet night: Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars shine in the dark, Mercury peeks up at dawn. Schaaf, Fred 875
Video suite. 105
WFIRST: next decade's space telescope. Dickinson, David Brief article 252
Why do it yourself? The reasons go far beyond mere economics. Oltion, Jerry 697

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