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Articles from Sky & Telescope (January 1, 2010)

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ALMA progressing. Brief article 181
And God said, let there be emergent phenomena! Tors, John Letter to the editor 208
Apophis turns less menacing. Brief article 177
Auriga, the charioteer: some of the sky's finest nebulae and star clusters adorn this constellation. French, Sue 1480
Binocular highlight: ghostly galaxy M74. Seronik, Gary 488
Craters upon craters: layered impact features offer visual clues to the Moon's history. Wood, Charles A. 569
Finding the first galaxies: Hubble has imaged the most distant galaxies yet, but to see the first galaxies, astronomers need to go even deeper. Gardner, Jonathan P. 2638
Fobos-Grunt to Mars: delayed. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article 159
Galaxy groups in Triangulum: this small constellation has much to offer beyond well-known M33. Hewitt-White, Ken 768
Gallery. Walker, Sean Brief article 283
Herschel's first show. Brief article 156
Hot new products for 2010. Buyers guide 2876
Is the James Webb Space Telescope a good thing? Naeye, Robert Editorial 475
January 1960: planetarium inventor. Robinson, Leif J. Brief article 105
January 1985: digitized planetarium. Robinson, Leif J. Brief article 119
January 2010. Calendar 352
July's South Pacific eclipse: on July 11th a lot of ocean and a few tiny bits of land will lie under a Moon-blackened Sun. Espenak, Fred; Anderson, Jay 979
Mars at its brightest: the Red Planet takes center stage. Schaaf, Fred 787
Messenger's third look at Mercury. Brief article 116
NASA sets its sights on the sun: the Solar Dynamics Observatory will reveal new details about how the Sun generates powerful storms that affect Earth. Layton, Laura; Pesnell, Dean 589
New sights for the new year: a familiar constellation can offer surprises. Schaaf, Fred 481
Piggybacking to Venus. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article 177
Planetary almanac. Statistical table 621
Reign of the Chiefspiegler: the future of ATMing is looking bright and unobstructed. Seronik, Gary 511
Saturn's new king ring. Brief article 146
Sorting out the water on the Moon. 485
Spacecraft imaging for amateurs. Lakdawalla, Emily 2671
Surviving the Late Heavy Bombardment. Brief article 185
The long rise of R Leporis: watch Hind's Crimson Star climbing to its peak. MacRobert, Alan 808
Where have all the aliens gone? The problem of sustainability may explain the absence of extraterrestrials. Haqq-Misra, Jacob; Baum, Seth D. 541
Who makes their own optics anymore? McMichael, John Letter to the editor 134

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