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Articles from Sky & Telescope (October 1, 2009)

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A telescoping truss scope: a new solution for speeding the setup of truss-tube Dobsonians. Seronik, Gary 573
A young amateur co-discovers a strange supernova. Brief article 187
Algol rising. Brief article 208
Amateur method nets two farthest supernovae. Brief article 145
Become a super amateur: with relatively modest equipment, amateur astronomers can participate in cutting-edge scientific research. Zimmerman, Robert 2180
Binocular highlight: two Sgr globulars. Seronik, Gary 491
Celestron FirstScope. di Cicco, Dennis Product/service evaluation 1016
Compact doublet. Brief article 133
Einstein's gravity protects earth. Brief article 229
Enceladus: a temporary "briny deep"? Brief article 176
Gallery. Walker, Sean 305
How I found a supernova: working with a team, a 14-year-old makes an important scientific discovery. 564
How the galaxies got their sizes. Brief article 314
Imaging elusive mercury: capturing the closest planet to the Sun takes dedication and a few creative imaging techniques. Boudreau, John 1270
Jupiter's moons continue their mutual events: mark these observing treats on your celestial calendar. MacRobert, Alan 1904
Lightweight telescope mirrors. MacRobert, Alan Brief article 296
Messenger & memories. Dobbins, Thomas 573
Mini updates. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article 186
Moons of Uranus and Neptune. Brief article 275
New candidates for midsize black holes. Brief article 215
North is not up. MacRobert, Alan Brief article 233
Observatory to go. Brief article 134
October 1984: pioneering astronomical artist. Robinson, Leif J. Brief article 190
October 2009. Brief article 260
One against four: the king of planets rules the evening sky; all the other bright planets cavort at dawn. Schaaf, Fred 941
Prelude to disaster: in 2006 RS Ophiuchi produced a powerful nova eruption. But a much bigger explosion may soon come. Starrfield, Sumner; Bode, Mike; O'Brien, Tim 2239
President Obama: Give NASA a vision! Naeye, Robert Editorial 496
Reader challenge! Inglis, Michael Letter to the editor 147
Science journalism in trouble? Warner, Brian D.; Hazlet, John W., Jr.; Wiener, M. Letter to the editor 403
Sky-watcher's newest apo refractor: don't be fooled by its modest cost; this 120-mm apo delivers images that are on par with premium-priced instruments. Cicco, Dennis di Product/service evaluation 1408
Splashing around the dolphin: tiny Delphinus holds a surprising variety of deep-sky objects. French, Sue 1468
Sun and planets, October 2009. Table 504
Super-early reflectors? Gainer, Michael; Usher, Peter Letter to the editor 207
The Apollo landers: yep, still there! Brief article 217
The big gamble: will we see NASA's LCROSS probe's blaze of glory? Wood, Charles A. 826
The new habitable zones; microbes could thrive in all sorts of "impossible" places on other worlds. Could larger creatures too? Impey, Chris Cover story 2811
Too many Moons; the contentious issue of moon definition has been resolved by an official organization of experts. Grinspoon, David 523
Ultraviolet and x-ray vision. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article 304
Versatile filter wheel. Brief article 117
Walking the galactic line: most of our galaxy's splendors are strung out along its equator. (Northern Hemisphere's Sky). Schaaf, Fred 648

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