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Articles from Sky & Telescope (May 1, 2008)

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A neutron star's hard core. Brief article 169
A really fast star from far, far away. Brief article 161
A Stardust-free comet. Brief article 160
All hail, Comet Holmes! Licht, A. Lewis; Ramsey, John T. Letter to the editor 259
An ingenious, super-good Cepheid distance. Brief article 138
Beginner's lucklessness. Creedon, Lew Letter to the editor 248
Binocular highlight: galaxy whirlpool. Seronik, Gary 516
Cambridge Illustrated Dictionary of Astronomy. Goldman, Stuart J. Brief article 173
Cluster near, cluster far: two star clusters high in the spring sky are a study in contrast. Hewitt-White, Ken 716
Decoding the oldest light in the universe: reverberating deep-space echoes reveal the history and composition of the universe. Hinshaw, Gary; Naeye, Robert 2410
Deep-sky wondering. Seronik, Gary Book review 342
Earth & sky united: an international team of photographers uses the night sky to inspire worldwide oneness. Tafreshi, Babak A.; Simmons, Mike 587
Enjoy science now! Birriel, Jennifer Book review 312
Eureka! Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 181
Event calendar. Calendar 142
Exploring the great bear: the allure of the Big Dipper may be why an even bigger part of the same constellation gets overlooked. Schaaf, Fred 518
FAR-Sight binocular mount. Seronik, Gary Product/service evaluation 382
Glimpse the moon's far side: get 9% more moon at no extra cost--thanks to lunar libration! Seronik, Gary 1619
Hide-and-seek basin: when the geometry's right, you can glimpse an amazing lunar feature. Wood, Charles A. 815
I spy tranquillity base. Beatty, J. Kelly Brief article 148
Mars meets the beehive. MacRobert, Alan 729
May 1958. Robinson, Leif J. Brief article 227
May 1983. Robinson, Leif J. Brief article 116
May 2008 sky at a glance. Calendar 324
Megapixel DSI. Brief article 158
Meteorites from Mercury? Brief article 159
Moons of Saturn. MacRobert, Alan Brief article 234
Observatory on wheels. Brief article 116
Out to launch: after a half century, NASA is losing its balance. Fienberg, Richard Tresch 405
Planet bunchings. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 271
Reunion with Mercury: January's flyby of this fire-and-ice world was the first in more than three decades. Beatty, J. Kelly Cover story 1410
Science or spacemen? Due to NASA's changing priorities, a billion-dollar astronomy payload may never fly. Weinberg, Steven Viewpoint essay 643
Skyscout magnification. Brief article 120
Southern hemisphere's sky. Bryant, Greg Brief article 160
Space-Station astronomy. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article 183
Springtime asteroids: deep in the overhead dark, state-size boulders roam. MacRobert, Alan 424
Standard-candle supernova confusion. Brief article 175
The Hollimon secondary holder: a new solution to an old collimation problem. Seronik, Gary 585
The immortal beast: the Bear is a great place to hunt for unusual galaxies and stars. French, Sue Table 1164
The mystery of the million-mass cloud. Schilling, Govert 892
The Night Sky Companion: A Yearly Guide to Sky-Watching 2008-2009. Goldman, Stuart J. Brief article 149
The unseen moon. Wood, Charles A. Book review 339
Theatrical lighting: solar alignments illuminate ancient culture. Krupp, E.C. 897
To the point with mySKY: enjoy your own personalized planetarium show under a starry sky with this clever bit of electronic wizardry from Meade. di Cicco, Dennis Product/service evaluation 1358
Twilight spectacle: May's best planetary action is conveniently visible in the evening sky. Schaaf, Fred Table 1577
Voyager 2 at the edge. McDowell, Jonathan 376
Watching Jupiter's moons. Schaaf, Fred 1177

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