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Articles from Sky & Telescope (September 1, 2007)

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50 & 25 years ago. Robinson, Leif J. 318
A second look at Norman Davidson's imagination: Davidson puts his ideas on the line. Levy, David H. 790
A weird "hot Neptune". Naeye, Robert 464
After we merge with Andromeda. MacRobert, Alan Brief article 169
Arped and ready: this is a handsome tome designed by two knowledgeable observers who know what they're doing. Hewitt-White, Ken Book review 789
Big cat. Brief article 101
Bodies in motion. Rowland, John Letter to the editor 191
Briefly noted. Grifantini, Kristina Book review 161
Chi Cygni rises again. Brief article 120
Color me puzzled. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 229
Comet McNaught's iron tail. Beatty, J. Kelly Brief article 314
Cosmic perspectives: how to grasp the true grandeur of deep-sky splendors. Kane, Phillip Table 2218
Earth to hit Aurigid Meteors? On the morning of September 1st, meteor watchers are determined to be ready this time. Rao, Joe 1189
Evening star, morning star: Jupiter dominates the west at dusk, Venus the east at dawn. Schaaf, Fred 1116
Event calendar. Calendar 239
Flights of fancy: wing your way across the September evening sky. Schaaf, Fred 631
Forecasting seeing. di Cicco, Dennis 266
From chaos to the Kuiper Belt: mice can move mountains! Tiny gravitational tugs by billions of icy objects in the early solar system left major impressions on planetary orbits. Littmann, Mark 1416
Full-moon fever: a full moon really does make people act silly! Fienberg, Richard Tresch 581
Green cheese: the Moon is no diary product. Krupp, E.C. 1068
It's official: Eris outweighs Pluto. Tytell, David Brief article 246
Jupiter and its moons. MacRobert, Alan Table 2641
Lord of the rings. Reade, Gordon Letter to the editor 128
Maintaining relevance: some books are meant to be enjoyed, not merely read. Watson, Thomas T. 636
Messenger. McDowell, Jonathan 416
Modular oculars. Brief article 131
Next-generation video: Adirondack's [StellaCam.sup.3]: Adirondack's newest StellaCam displays video from the inner solar system to the depths of outer space without a computer. Horne, Johnny Product/service evaluation 2039
Our sky romance: how do we love astronomy? Let Timothy Ferris count the ways. Goldman, Stuart J. Television program review 752
Planets of hot massive stars. Deans, Paul Brief article 315
Pretty globular NGC 6541. Dalrymple, Les 512
Saturn's smoking guns: following trails of charged particles, a Cassini team finds that two more of Saturn's moons may be active. Grifantini, Kristina Brief article 264
Tempting tranquility: a pair of two-ring features challenge our understanding of lunar volcanism. Wood, Charles A. 864
The graceful swan: Cygnus is a wonderland for deep-sky observers. French, Sue Table 1567
The new "Q". Brief article 131
Toward the south celestial pole: polar skies also change with the seasons. Bryant, Greg 578
Veiled Venus. Walker, Sean Brief article 276
Versatile starfish. Brief article 152
Vesta kisses Jupiter. MacRobert, Alan Table 897
Weighing the Kuiper Belt. MacRobert, Alan Brief article 150
Why monster black holes stay put: when black holes spiral together and merge, they ought to get flung out of their galaxies. But they don't. Naeye, Robert 697
Wild duck chase. Seronik, Gary 524
Your sky, my sky. Brief article 174

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