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Articles from Sky & Telescope (November 1, 2007)

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50 & 25 years ago. Robinson, Leif J. 335
A month for planets: from Mercury to Neptune, all the planets are on display. Schaaf, Fred 1014
A symbiotic star. 778
Aliens in our midst? Goldman, Stuart J. Book review 331
Astrophotos from our readers. Photograph 322
Atik instruments ATK-161C. Walker, Sean Product/service evaluation 335
ATMentoring: amateur telescope making is easier with a little help from a friend. Seronik, Gary 557
Binocular highlight: seeking Stock 2. Seronik, Gary 475
Channeling the big bang: before scientists even measured energy from the Big Bang, people could watch it at home every night. Lago, Don 639
Clear-sky gadget. Brief article 125
Creating and Enhancing Digital Astro Images. Walker, Sean Book review 189
Dark beasts of the trans-Neptunian zoo: the count of dwarf planets and state-size icebergs out beyond Neptune now tops 1,000. And they don't seem to want us to figure them out. Littmann, Mark 1886
Destination: Mars: Phoenix is en route to the red planet, which in recent years has become crowded with spacecraft. Grifantini, Kristina 969
Economical "go to". Brief article 168
Enceladus: Geysers without water? Brief article 112
Event Calendar. Calendar 141
Exploring earth at night: use Google Earth to find the darkest spots near you. Goldman, Stuarts 575
Flight to the future: it took two trips to Florida, but the author finally got to witness a shuttle launch. Levy, David H. 716
Focusing your DSLR on the sky: digital SLR cameras make deep-sky shooting easy, but first you have to focus them at infinity. Here's how. Dyer, Alan 2008
For a powered eye. Birriel, Jennifer Book review 346
Going like sixty: going down for the count, Mesopotamian style. Krupp, E.C. 1168
Helio Pod Solar Finder. Fienberg, Richard Tresch Product/service evaluation 371
Hubble penetrates the Veil. Brief article 102
Just passing through. Fujii, Akira Brief article 102
Kepler dodges axe, aims for alien earths. McDowell, Jonathan 464
Monster galaxy mashup. Brief article 132
Monster galaxy void. Brief article 142
Nearby neutron star. Brief article 151
No laughing matter: do you think light pollution is funny? Fienberg, Richard Tresch 389
Novelties of November: you don't need to travel the globe or stand on your head to enjoy the constellations in new ways. Schaaf, Fred 542
Planetary Rings. Tytell, David Book review 162
Putting the "no" in Nobel. Hunter, Tim Letter to the editor 141
Reading the moon: lunar history can be understood with a telescope and a little stratigraphy. Wood, Charles A. 973
Risky meteorite recovery. Brief article 148
Saturn and its many moons. MacRobert, Alan 989
Save our skies (and ten bucks). Gent, Robert L. Letter to the editor 121
Seeing Jupiter's moons. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 211
Short-lived sunspot. Lodriguss, Jerry Brief article 146
Snowball sighting: one of the sky's brightest planetary nebulae crests overhead on autumn evenings. Hewitt-White, Ken 791
Southern hemisphere's sky. Bryant, Greg Brief article 167
Stars that smoke. Brief article 135
Stellar APO. Brief article 101
The great Mars chase of 1907: a century ago Mars came closer to Earth than it had been in a dozen years--and astronomer Percival Lowell came closer than he ever would in making his case that the planet was inhabited. Sheehan, William; Misch, Anthony 2315
The winged horse: here are some fascinating deep-sky objects in Pegasus that'll delight you and challenge you at the same time. French, Sue 1718
Thirty meter telescope. Brief article 134
Traveling through the solar system: the next tour of our solar system is departing from your nearest computer terminal. Heafner, Joe Product/service evaluation 1174
Twirling windbags. Beatty, J. Kelly Brief article 155
Voyages: Exploring the Art of Greg Mort. Goldman, Stuart J. Book review 146
Watch the moon occult regulus: late-night spectacle or daytime challenge? It'll depend on where you are. MacRobert, Alan Brief article 232
What it was. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 177
World views. Grifantini, Kristina Book review 257
Your telescopic guide to mars: here comes your last chance to see Mars so big for the next nine years. MacRobert, Alan 2474

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