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Articles from Sky & Telescope (June 1, 2007)

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A trio of Bootes duos. Seronik, Gary 561
Affordable oculars. Buyers guide 102
An exoplanet-measuring feat. Schilling, Govert Brief article 166
Analemma ethics. Di Cicco, Dennis 346
Apogee's Alta U9000 CCD camera: the first astronomical camera with Kodak's next generation of large-format CCDs shows that there's more to be excited about than just size. di Cicco, Dennis Product/service evaluation 2076
Astronomy in popular culture: are you a culturally savvy astronomer? Take this trivia quiz to find out. Fraknoi, Andrew 666
Big Mak. Buyers guide 123
Binocular Highlights: 99 Celestial Sights for Binocular Users. Goldman, Stuart J. Book review 105
Build a tracking platform for your camera: this simple mount provides the perfect introduction to long-exposure astrophotography. Seronik, Gary 2021
Cellarius's celestial inheritance. Schilling, Govert Book review 482
Comets enter the digital age: the great comet of 2007 was the first to grace our skies since digital photography went mainstream. Walker, Sean 1277
Constellations big and small: June evenings offer contrasting constellations. Bryant, Greg 651
Dew dilemma. Seronik, Gary Brief article 202
Dobservatory. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief article 177
Event calendar. Calendar 345
Exoplanet atmospheres: dry, dusty? Pushing the limits of the Spitzer Space Telescope, two teams find hints about "hot Jupiters.". Schilling, Govert 434
Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses: -1999 to +3000 (2000 BCE to 3000 CE). Goldman, Stuart J. Book review 136
From here to eternity: the fate of the sun and the earth. Laughlin, Gregory P. 2830
Geysers on Dione too? Tytell, David Brief article 185
Godless cosmology explained. Graham, Donald M.; Gross, Karl F.; Ryan, Jack Letter to the editor 303
If the ancients had known ... MacRobert, Alan Brief article 317
June 1982. Brief article 159
Jupiter's red spot. Table 893
Mars reconnaissance orbiter. Brief article 145
New facts about old friends: did a well-known summer star come from intergalactic space? Schaaf, Fred 670
Our Golden Opportunity. Fienberg, Richard Tresch 734
Phase the facts. Morris, L. Robert; Duvieusart, Jerome; Blom, Jorgen; Cobb, Brian Letter to the editor 289
Postcards from Mars and Jupiter: two spacecraft send planetary close-ups while just passing through. Tytell, David 547
Public astronomy: some celestial happenings make the crowd go wild. Krupp, E.C. 1144
Russian Planetary Exploration: History, Development, Legacy, and Prospects. Beatty, J. Kelly Book review 180
Serene mysteries: a dark mare border and a strange crater ray invite investigation. Wood, Charles A. Table 805
Stellar origins: from the cold depths of space. Shepherd, Debra 2169
Sun and planets, June 2007. Table 916
The big bright galaxy you've never seen. MacRobert, Alan Brief article 170
The Coalsack nebula. Dalrymple, Les 489
The crescent moon occults Regulus: got a telescope? Don't let daylight stop you! MacRobert, Alan 368
The moons of Jupiter. MacRobert, Alan Table 1273
The Moons of Saturn. MacRobert, Alan Brief article 295
The world of widgets: get information you want right from your computer's desktop. Goldman, Stuart J. 529
THEMIS. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article 266
Three views on the cosmos. Gay, Pamela L. Book review 662
Transit of Luna. MacRobert, Alan Brief article 142
Under Adirondack skies: a relaxed atmosphere and bucolic setting help define a New York star party. Levy, David H. 770
Understanding Enceladus: theorist try to explain what's behind those geysers. Tytell, David 460
Vesta shines its brightest in 18 years: you may be surprised at how easy it is to see this extra naked-eye "planet.". Bryant, Greg 689
Watch Saturn March on Venus: two planets close to within a finger-width of each other in late June. Schaaf, Fred 1267
Where Virgo walks: as we approach midyear, the rich galaxy fields of eastern Virgo beckon. French, Sue 1868
Yerkes' fate: again unknown. Naeye, Robert 431
Young (astronomers) at heart. Horwitz, Richard Letter to the editor 165

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