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Articles from Sky & Telescope (February 1, 2006)

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50 & 25 years age. Robinson, Leif J. Brief article 229
A backyard guide to Saturn: shining in the east, Saturn may offer more than you expect. MacRobert, Alan M. 1270
A Browser's reference book. Roth, Joshua Book review 692
A comet tale: the fundamental idea behind modern comet science was drafted in 1950, but the observations that confirm it are being made only today. Weissman, Paul 2753
A lifetime in Orion: the bright stars of Orion can be seen from everywhere on Earth, making it one of the best-known constellations. Bryant, Greg 668
A ringside seat: the Iberian Peninsula gets treated to a magnificent ring eclipse. Levy, David H. Column 860
Annus Mirabilis. Sadler, Bud Book review 721
Astronomy in the spotlight: we can all play Galileo during the International Year of Astronomy in 2009. Fienberg, Richard Tresch 657
Astronomy On Ice: Observing the Universe from the South Pole. Fienberg, Richard Tresch Book review 197
Astrophotos from our readers. Photograph 480
Crescent Moons in 2006: just for enjoyment or to help you set a record, here's a guide to sighting the youngest possible moons. Sinnott, Roger W. 1408
Death of a streetlight: sometimes the only good light is a burned-out one. Lehman, Dale E. Column 730
Deep impact. Alpiar, Ronald; Goldberg, Eric M. Letter to the editor 263
Eta Carinae: nasty neighbors: astronomers have direct evidence that one of our galaxy's most massive stars has a companion. Naeye, Robert 527
Exploding stars explained? Naeye, Robert 536
Filter wheeling. 101
Firefly Astronomy Dictionary. Roth, Joshua Book review 194
Gold dust: one man's dust is another man's gold. Krupp, E.C. 1097
Hubble Space Telescope. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article 193
Icy blue diamonds: the Pleiades offer something for everyone. French, Sue 1405
Impacts of impact. Goldman, Stuart J. Brief article 213
LBT sees first light. Brief article 106
Magnetar magnificence: astronomers have detected another giant outburst from one of the universe's strangest denizens. Naeye, Robert 775
Mars says goodbye, and giants say hello: the dwindling red planet yields the evening stage to Saturn and Jupiter. Schaaf, Fred 1871
Meade's RCX400: raising the bar: can the first radically new telescope design in more than 30 years live up to its advertising hype? di Cicco, Dennis Product/service evaluation 3786
Measuring skyglow with digital cameras: these instruments are designed to take pretty pictures, but you can also do science with them. Flanders, Tony 2169
Measuring the distance to Teegarden's Star: a determined amateur astronomer takes up an observing challenge and delivers professional-quality results. Stafford, Tom 1197
Moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Sinnott, Roger W. 354
Neutron stars flying pole-first. MacRobert, Alan Brief article 159
Orion's Sword. Seronik, Gary 520
Pluto adds two new moons. Tytell, David 399
Return of the Venus green flashes--Part 1. Schaaf, Fred Brief article 237
Scattered pearls: everyone's heard of the Man in the Moon, but what about the Lady? O'Meara, Stephen James 764
Seeing red. Aguirre, Edwin L. Brief article 233
Shadow boxing. Dobbins, Thomas; Parker, Donald; Beish, Jeffrey Letter to the editor 196
Snapshot of the first stars? Roth, Joshua 339
The amateur contribution. Laughlin, Gregory P. 504
The best-ever Pluto picture. Tytell, David Brief article 140
The face of Copernicus? Naeye, Robert Brief article 167
The magnificent tarantula. Dalrymple, Les 503
Totality's end. Fienberg, Richard Tresche Brief article 254
True view finder. 104
Tugboat can save earth. Brief article 139
Unveiling distant worlds: astronomers have found more than 160 planets outside our solar system. What are these worlds actually like? Seager, Sara 2575
Variable stars for February. Sinnott, Roger W. 368
Venus Express. McDowell, Jonathan Brief article 102
Weird crater rays: even on the ancient lunar surface, nothing lasts forever. Wood, Charles A. 731
When three equals two. MacRobert, Alan M. Letter to the editor 120

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