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Articles from Sky & Telescope (August 1, 2005)

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13 new Saturnian moons. Naeye, Robert Brief Article 160
A bigger Andromeda galaxy. Naeye, Robert 761
A cavity in Cassiopeia. Rector, Travis A. 474
A crimson ring: eclipse chasers trek to the South Pacific to experience 30 seconds of heaven. Levy, David H. 1054
A shielded arm: size doesn't matter when it comes to how stellar a constellation appears to the unaided eye. Bryant, Greg 739
America's young astronomers recognized. Aguirre, Edwin L. Brief Article 218
An exo-asteroid belt. Naeye, Robert 516
Astro Turf: The Private Life of Rocket Science. Tytell, David Book Review 200
Astro-E2. McDowell, Jonathan Brief Article 233
Astro-F. McDowell, Jonathan Brief Article 262
August 1955. Robinson, Leif J. Brief Article 194
August 1980. Robinson, Leif J. Brief Article 172
Awesome August. Schaaf, Fred Brief Article 239
Big Bang Brew. Naeye, Robert Brief Article 163
Bite-size delicacies. Heafner, Joe Book Review 689
Celestron's advanced series "go to" mount: because it's sold separately, this new mount is an attractive option for observers looking to upgrade a personal telescope. Dyer, Allan Product/Service Evaluation 2256
Chandra Observes Supernova 1987A. Naeye, Robert Brief Article 175
Collision course. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief Article 313
Comet grazing: peruse hundreds of sungrazing comets--and learn the joys of discovering them at your computer. Goldman, Stuart J. 670
Event calendar. Calendar 400
Fine year for a Perseid watch: the late-night sky will be moonless for meteor watching around August 11th and 12th. MacRobert, Alan M. 884
Gravitationally bound. 114
Greenwich: center of space and time: this year marks the 330th anniversary of Britain's Royal Observatory--soon to become an even greater tourist attraction. Aguirre, Edwin L. 1472
Haidinger's Brush--part II: can the mind alter what it sees? Find out by observing Haidinger's Brush. O'Meara, Stephen James 1126
Hole in one: Eagle Crater is a tough hole to sink, but NASA managed to drop Opportunity straight into the cup. Krupp, E.C. 1074
Hubble's prospects brighten. Fienberg, Richard Tresch Brief Article 127
Jupiter's Red Spot. Sinnott, Roger W. 432
Jupiter: The Planet, Satellites and Magnetosphere. Goldman, Stuart J. Book Review 185
Lakes on Titan found? Tytell, David 530
M57 and expectations. Seronik, Gary Brief Article 278
Minima of Algol. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief Article 263
Moon, August 2005. Schaaf, Fred Brief Article 257
Moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Sinnott, Roger W. 1592
More summer planetaries: distinctive shapes and prominent colors make planetary nebulae a favorite target for backyard telescopes. French, Sue 1614
Narrowband imaging in color: you can capture nebulae like the pros with special filters and a CCD camera. Crisp, Richard 1905
NGC 6124 in Scorpius. Dalrymple, Les Brief Article 271
One-sided superflare. Naeye, Robert Brief Article 141
Paradigm shift: digital imaging has turned the tables on eclipse watchers. Fienberg, Richard Tresch 648
Pictured at last? Naeye, Robert 2438
Planetary occultations for August-December: you too can help map asteroids' sizes and shapes. Dunham, David W. 2966
Position confusion. Aguirre, Edwin L. Brief Article 289
Pyroclastics on the Moon: deposits from this little-known form of lunar volcanism can be viewed in backward telescopes. Wood, Charles A. 762
Red planet rising: what's that warm-hued beacon looming low in the eastern sky? Schaaf, Fred 1156
Remembering the past. Gingerich, Owen Book Review 908
Ring sighting. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief Article 132
Rolling out. 104
Scattered planet. Naeye, Robert Brief Article 147
Short gamma-ray burst nailed at last: a Swift observation suggests that the briefest bursts result from merging neutron stars. MacRobert, Alan 829
Shreds of a swallowed spiral. MacRobert, Alan Brief Article 197
Solar-B. McDowell, Jonathan Brief Article 185
Sum star. Flanders, Tony Brief Article 251
Sun and planets, August 2005. Schaaf, Fred Illustration 600
Taking a stand. Brown, David; Suskin, Greg; Nicolaisen, Curtis; DeCristofano, Carolyn; Richards, David P.; Wilke, Jo Letter to the Editor 1126
The 14[degrees] twitch: every stargazer brings unique observing habits to the eyepiece. Ryan, Bill 738
The booming science of sungrazing comets: a cadre of amateur astronomers has culled hundreds of small comets from the pictures taken by a spacecraft that stares at the Sun. Hoffman, Tony; Marsden, Brian G. Cover Story 2466
The Milky Way's youngest globular. Johnston, Lisa R. 636
The starry scorpion: the summer sky's most striking figure lures us with its fiery heart. Schaaf, Fred 672
Universo celebrates its 10th anniversary. Aguirre, Edwin L. Brief Article 140
Using the star chart. Brief Article 226
Using the star chart. Brief Article 234
Variable stars for August. Sinnott, Roger W. 627

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