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Articles from Sky & Telescope (December 1, 2003)

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A basket of multiple stars: spy out this collection of stellar triple, quadruples, and quintuples both famous and obscure. Inglis, Mike 1854
A circlet of galaxies in Pisces. Hewitt-White, Ken 1149
A minimalist travelscope: this ultraportable telescope is ideal for outings in which stargazing is a "maybe" instead of a "definitely". Seronik, Gary 1613
A star eclipsed by a planetary ripple? Gay, Pamela 621
Akira Inaka's 3-D universe: join this Japanese space artist on a visual odyssey of discovery. O'Meara, Stephen James 1415
Arzachel and neighbors. Wood, Charles A. 705
Astronomy Day software. Heafner, Joe 776
Astrophotography: An Introduction to Film and Digital Imaging. Book Review 1121
Deep-sky imaging with integrating video cameras: these electronic marvels provide amazing real-time images of star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae. Ashford, Adrian R. 1654
File under W: If the rich Milky Way isn't too distracting, Cassiopeia offers quite a selection of nice open clusters. French, Sue 1356
Halley in the distance. MacRobert, Alan 324
Mars, the inside story: recent spacecraft observations are revealing a link between the thermal evolution of the Martian interior and the planet's surface history. Zuber, Maria T. 2904
Martian mooning. Cicco, Dennis di 588
Mineral mysteries & planetary paradoxes: oxidized rocks show that conditions on Mars were substantially different in the distant past. But other pieces of evidence suggest that the surface hasn't changed much over time. Which is right? . Bell, Jim 2186
Neighborhood watch: show some of our nearest stellar neighbors to your earthbound neighbors. Bryant, Greg 637
New evidence for dark energy. Tytell, David 456
Saturn at its most spectacular: with its rings at their widest, Saturn is a glorious sight in virtually any telescope. Peach, Damian A. 2766
Science and religion: can we talk? Coyne, George V. 795
Sound from a black hole. MacRobert, Alan 609
Sun, moon, and planets in December: four other planets now vie for attention with dwindling Mars. Schaaf, Fred 1507
TEC's 5 1/2-inch Apochromat: there's no denying that high-end apochromatic refractors are currently enjoying an unprecedented wave of popularity. Here's one of the reasons. Cicco, Dennis di 2685
The AAVSO's invariable star. Levy, David H. 1477
The Big Splat, or How Our Moon Came to Be. Beatty, J. Kelly Book Review 851
The Christmas Astronomy Count: here's a new idea to bring the public into an astronomical nature project. Schaaf, Fred 641
The lost island of Atlantis. O'Meara, Stephen James 508
The new face of planetary astronomy: last August Mars was 1 1/2 Earth diameters closer to us than anytime since the invention of the telescope, but that's not the only reason we got our best-ever look at the red planet. Cicco, Dennis di 1263
The rescue of the Moscow Planetarium. McCutcheon, Robert 398
Time marches on. Goldman, Stuart J. 630

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