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Articles from Sky & Telescope (October 1, 1999)

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1999 LEONID METEOR FORECAST: stormy! Brief Article 227
50 & 20 YEARS AGO. Brief Article 301
A Critical Moment for Stellafane. Levy, David H. 1235
A New Clue to Cosmic-Ray Origins. Brief Article 338
A Serendipitous Discovery. Seronik, Gary Brief Article 418
A Setback for the Extragalactic Distance Scale? Brief Article 549
All Things Reflecting. Buchroeder, Richard A. Book Review 1479
Amateur Events. Brief Article 720
Amateurs Alleviate Asteroid Threat. Brief Article 362
Another Black-Hole-Bearing Galaxy. Brief Article 167
Antimatter Finding Has Cosmological Implications. Brief Article 340
Astro Photo CD-ROM. Brief Article 104
Beta Pictoris: Younger Than Ever. Brief Article 176
Binocular Doubles for Autumn Skies : Enjoy a night of double gems with a double telescope. Rogers, David 2125
Bridging the Gap with Proto-Planetary Nebulae. Brief Article 280
Collins and Columbia Launch Chandra. Brief Article 408
Confessions of a Telescope Junkie. Ting, Ed Brief Article 806
Do Magnetars Measure Up? Brief Article 562
Exploring a Southern Galaxy Cluster. Gottlieb, Steve 1528
Getting a Feel for Braille. Brief Article 532
HST Servicing Mission 3A. MCDOWELL, JONATHAN Brief Article 263
Improve Your Astrophotos by Combining Images. Schur, Chris; O'Farrell, John 1245
Improve Your Focus. Brief Article 133
Improving Dobsonian Motion : A remarkable new material and a basic understanding of friction can enhance your viewing experience. Lewis, Martin 1917
Late September's Occultation of Aldebaran. Sinnott, Roger W. Brief Article 888
Leonardo da Vinci and the Moon : The famous Renaissance artist and scientist made an insightful interpretation about our nearest neighbor in space. Welther, Barbara L. 1653
LETTERS. Letter to the Editor 961
Lunar Prospector's Flashy Finale. Brief Article 656
Lunar Ray Mysteries. Wood, Charles A. Brief Article 637
M80's Bounty of Blue Stragglers. Brief Article 242
Meade's ETX-125EC -- A First Look : This 5-inch Maksutov telescope starts where the original 3.5-inch left off. Seronik, Gary Evaluation 1114
Meteorites on Mars. Brief Article 320
No Time for Timidity. ROBINSON, LEIF J. Brief Article 470
Other Mission Highlights. MCDOWELL, JONATHAN Brief Article 289
Outer Moons of the Outer Planets. Sinnott, Roger W. Calendar 3017
Quick Ephemeris. Brief Article 127
Quick-Connect Adapters. Brief Article 114
Scanning the Universe with the Hobby-Eberly Telescope. Brief Article 336
Scrutinizing Pulsar Planets. Brief Article 621
SETI@home: Catching the Wave. MacRobert, Alan M.; LePage, Andrew J. 2041
Stargazing: What to Look for in the Night Sky. Book Review 111
Stars in Your Pocket. Brief Article 120
Supermassive Star Clusters in the Galactic Center. Brief Article 304
Swallowed-Up Solar Systems? Brief Article 155
The Arctic Sky: Inuit Astronomy, Star Lore, and Legend. Book Review 109
The Camera-Shy Planet : When no one could see the surface of Venus, imaginations ran wild. Krupp, E. C. 1337
The Great Alien Search. Goldman, Stuart J. Brief Article 781
The History and Practice of Ancient Astronomy. Book Review 138
The Moon's "Leonid" Tail. Brief Article 294
The Seminal Astrophysicist. Mihalas, Dimitri Book Review 1437
The Sky Within : An interview with Jack Horkheimer, planetarium director and host of public television's popular Star Gazer series. O'Meara, Stephen James Interview 1578
The Torino Scale: Gauging the Impact Threat. BEATTY, J. KELLY 1304
Totality: Eclipses of the Sun. Book Review 110
What You See and What You Get. MacRobert, Alan M. Brief Article 504
Wide-field Infrared Explorer. MCDOWELL, JONATHAN Brief Article 253
Wilson Award Winners for 1999. Brief Article 106
Zoom with a View. Mosley, John E. Evaluation 512

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