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EVALUATION OF SEDATIVE ACTIVITY OF OF THE DRY EXTRACT OF THE SCUTELLARIA ISCANDARIA L. Usmonova, M.R.; Muratova, Sh. Kh.; Ismoilova, P.L.; Ismoilova, M.G. Report Jun 1, 2019 341
ACUTE TOXICITY STUDY OF THE DRY EXTRACT OF THE SCUTELLARIA ISCANDARIA L. Usmonova, M.R.; Muratova, Sh. Kh.; Ismoilova, P.L.; Ismoilova, M.G. Report Jun 1, 2019 465
Comparative Characteristics of Anti-depressant, Anti-hypoxic Action, and Effect on the Physical Endurance of Scutellaria baicalensis Drugs/Scutellaria baicalensis (Cin Takkesi) Ilaclarinin Anti-Depresan, Anti-Hipoksik ve Fiziksel Dayaniklilik Uzerine Etkilerinin Karsilastirmali Ozellikleri. Matviychuk, Anatolii; Slipchenko, Galina; Stoletov, Yurii; Belik, Galina; Ruban, Olena; Kutsenko, Se Report Dec 1, 2018 2704
Elucidation of the Anti-Inflammatory Mechanisms of Bupleuri and Scutellariae Radix Using System Pharmacological Analyses. Shen, Xia; Zhao, Zhenyu; Wang, Hao; Guo, Zihu; Hu, Benxiang; Zhang, Gang Report Jan 1, 2017 5647
Mood modulation with skullcap. Sep 1, 2014 686
NMDA receptor-mediated neuroprotective effect of the Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi extract on the excitotoxic neuronal cell death in primary rat cortical cell cultures. Yang, Jinsong; Wu, Xiaohong; Yu, Haogang; Liao, Xinbiao; Teng, Lisong Report Jan 1, 2014 4218
Cloning and characterization of a flavonol synthase gene from Scutellaria baicalensis. Kim, Yeon Bok; Kim, KwangSoo; Kim, YeJi; Tuan, Pham Anh; Kim, Haeng Hoon; Cho, Jin Woong; Park, Sang Report Jan 1, 2014 3980
Extraction and bioactivity analysis of major flavones compounds from Scutellaria baicalensis using in vitro assay and online screening HPLC-ABTS system. Lee, Kwang Jin; Jung, Pil Mun; Oh, You-Chang; Song, Na-Young; Kim, Taesoo; Ma, Jin Yeul Report Jan 1, 2014 4938
Simultaneous quantitative and qualitative analysis of flavonoids from ultraviolet-B radiation in leaves and roots of Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi using LC-UV-ESI-Q/TOF/MS. Tang, Wen-Ting; Fang, Min-Feng; Liu, Xiao; Yue, Ming Report Jan 1, 2014 3410
Flavocoxid, a nutraceutical approach to blunt inflammatory conditions. Bitto, Alessandra; Squadrito, Francesco; Irrera, Natasha; Pizzino, Gabriele; Pallio, Giovanni; Mecch Report Jan 1, 2014 5632
Anti-tumor and anti-metastatic actions of wogonin isolated from Scutellaria baicalensis roots through anti-lymphangiogenesis. Kimura, Yoshiyuki; Sumiyoshi, Maho Report Feb 15, 2013 6287
Effects of dietary Scutellaria baicalensis extract on growth, feed utilization and challenge test of olive flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus). Cho, S.H.; Jeon, G.H.; Kim, H.S.; Kim, D.S.; Kim, C. Report Jan 1, 2013 5589
Baical skullcap and its effects on sleep-wake regulation. Finney-Brown, Tessa Dec 22, 2011 485
Relocation success of federally threatened Scutellaria montana (Lamiaceae, large-flowered skullcap) from a proposed highway corridor. Kile, H. Mae; Shaw, Joey; Boyd, Jennifer Nagel Report Sep 1, 2011 3233
Hydroballochory in two Texas species of skullcap (Scutellaria Drummodii, S. Wrightii; Lamiaceae). Nelson, Allan D.; Goetze, Jim R. Report Nov 1, 2010 2493
Baicalin, a flavonoid from Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi, activates large-conductance [Ca.sup.2+] -activated [K.sup.+] channels via cyclic nucleotide-dependent protein kinases in mesenteric artery. Lin, Yi-Ling; Dai, Zen-Kong; Lin, Rong-Jyh; Chu, Koung-Shing; Chen, Ing-Jun; Wu, Jiunn-Ren; Wu, Bin- Report Aug 1, 2010 5938
Effects of dietary skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) extract on laying performance and lipid oxidation of chicken eggs. An, Byoung Ki; Kwon, Hyuk Sin; Lee, Bo Keun; Kim, Jae Young; You, Sun Jong; Kim, Jin Man; Kang, Chan Report May 21, 2010 3796
Wogonin, an active compound in Scutellaria baicalensis, induces apoptosis and reduces telomerase activity in the HL-60 leukemia cells. Huang, Sheng-Teng; Wang, Chen-Yu; Yang, Rong-Chi; Chu, Chih-Ju; Wu, Hsiao-Ting; Pang, Jong-Hwei S. Report Jan 1, 2010 5507
In vitro anti-leukemic activity of the ethno-pharmacological plant Scutellaria orientalis ssp. carica endemic to western Turkey. Ozmen, Ali; Madlener, Sibylle; Bauer, Sabine; Krasteva, Stanimira; Vonach, Caroline; Giessrigl, Bene Report Jan 1, 2010 5480
Selective fraction of Scutellaria baicalensis and its chemopreventive effects on MCF-7 human breast cancer cells. Wang, Chong-Zhi; Li, Xiao-Li; Wang, Qian-Fei; Mehendale, Sangeeta R.; Yuan, Chun-Su Report Jan 1, 2010 4455
Characterization of chemical ingredients and anticonvulsant activity of American skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora). Zhang, Zhizhen; Lian, Xiao-yuan; Li, Shiyou; Stringer, Janet L. Report May 1, 2009 6259
Effect of Scutellaria falvonoids on KCN-induced damages in rat pheochromocytoma PC 12 cells. Shang, Ya Zhen; Qin, Bo Wen; Cheng, Jian Jun; Miao, Hong Report Jun 1, 2008 3830
Phytochemical and biological analysis of Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora L.): a medicinal plant with anxiolytic properties. Awad, R.; Arnason, J.T.; Trudeau, V.; Bergeron, C.; Budzinski, J.W.; Foster, B.C.; Merali, Z. Nov 1, 2003 5490
Chinese Herbs Lower PSA Levels in Advanced Prostate Ca. WALSH, NANCY Brief Article Jun 15, 2000 369

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