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Skratch labs performance drink.

Working as a physiologist for pro cycling teams, Allen Lim, Ph.D., found a home-cooked meal to be a big advantage to athletes. "Whenever we cooked from scratch, the athletes performed a lot better," he says. He applied the philosophy to a homemade performance drink with half the sugar and twice the salt of leading brands, and no artificial flavors (that's real freeze-dried fruit) or colors.


"On every level, we're different than other sports drinks," says Lim, who made bigger and bigger batches starting in 2008, and even used the paint shaker at McGuckin Hardware as a powder-mixer for his "secret drink mix." Word-of-mouth-driven demand from runners, cyclists, NASCAR drivers and even chefs led Lim to launch Skratch Labs in February with Aaron Foster. Ten months later, the largely direct-sales company has boomed to 14 employees and more than 200 retailers. "It's been a wild ride," Lim says. "It's pretty exciting." $20 for 1 lb. of powdered mix retail.

Made by Skratch Labs LLC, Boulder, Also available at Whole Foods and numerous bike shops in Colorado.
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Author:Peterson, Eric
Date:Nov 1, 2012
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