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Skin disease strikes singer.

SEXY singer Mariah Carey is suffering from an agonising and incurable disease which could leave her with a scarred face and her soaring career in ruins.

The slightest touch brings 29-year-old Mariah out in angry, itchy red welts. So she may no longer be able to wear the sultry, trademark form-fitting short skirts and dresses which helped to rocket her to stardom.

The disease is called dermatographia, a condition related to hives. If a victim scratches the maddening itching, huge marks come up which can last for hours. The skin irritation becomes almost unbearable.

Even if Mariah lightly brushed her skin with a microphone while on stage, she could bring on a painful attack.

Doctors say that stress could be a major cause of the condition. In May, 1997, Mariah separated from her husband, 50-year-old Sony record boss Tommy Mottola.

Top dermatologist, Dr Marta Rendon Pellerano, said: 'Mariah's divorce and the related stress could have triggered the disease.'
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:May 21, 2000
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