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Skin care does not require 10 steps.

NOT everything that I use is mid-range to high-end in price. I will be honest: If I didn't get so many press samples, I wouldn't be able to afford La Mer, Estee Lauder or La Prairie all the time. I could probably buy a jar or bottle or two a year but that's it. And it's not always about the price. I go for skin care that works, which is why I was so enamored with The Ordinary.

I recently received a box of skin-care products from K-beauty brand Beauty Trends. Skin-care products are always welcome. I always say that I am now able to go without foundation (not makeup-free) because I took care of my skin when I was younger.

Skin care before makeup is a mantra every woman should practice. Investing in skin care is important. It doesn't always need to be expensive. Because #ClearSkinIsIn is every person's right, finding affordable and quality skin-care products is important.

Beauty Trends recommends a three-step skin-care routine that would be perfect for students and young professionals. The best part is that it costs less than P150:

Step 1: Beauty Trends Volcanic Mud Facial Cleanser, P23.50 (10 ml sachet). This lightly foaming, volcanic soil-infused cleanser deeply cleanses while being gentle on the skin. It claims to control oil, minimize the appearance of pores and reduce blackheads.

Step 2: Beauty Trends Clay Pore Toner, P99.75 (80 ml bottle). This alcohol-free toner is infused with kaolin and witch hazel extract. It claims include getting rid of dead surface skin, refining uneven skin tone and reducing oiliness.

Step 3: Beauty Trends Whitening Moisturizer, P23.50 (7.5 ml sachet). This moisturizer has a light and refreshing texture.

Of the the three, I like the Clay Pore Toner. I have actually used this even before they sent me the box. It was during the summer when I had a few breakouts because of the heat.

Follow @beautytrends.skincare on Instagram for skin-care tips and testimonials.

Here are other inexpensive skin-care products from Beauty Trends, which are available at Watsons:

Beauty Trends Peel-off Mask Whitening and Pore Minimizer, P22 (10 g sachet), P209 (120 g tube). This mask removes deep-seated dirt and other skin impurities. It is infused with hydrolyzed rice protein, apple fruit extract, vitamin C, and niacinamide.

Beauty Trends Peel-off Mask Oil Control and Detoxify, P19 (10 g sachet), P209 (120 g tube). This mask contains hydrolyzed rice protein, apple fruit extract, vitamin C, niacinamide, and charcoal powder.

Beauty Trends Nose Pack Whitening and Pore Minimizer, P19 (5 g sachet), P149 (65 g tube). This peel-off mask for the nose removes stubborn blackheads and whiteheads while minimizing pores in the target area. It is infused with witch hazel extract.

Beauty Trends Nose Pack OIL CONTROL and DETOXIFY, P19 (5g sachet), P149 (65g tube). This peel-off mask for the nose removes stubborn blackheads and whiteheads while controlling oil in the target area. Infused with witch hazel extract and charcoal powder, it leaves your skin smooth, detoxified and protected.

Beauty Trends Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, P99.75 (30 g tube). This bubble mud pack claims to exfoliate dead skin and unclog pores. The carbonation causes the mask to bubble up once it's applied and oxidized by air. With charcoal powder, gotu kola, pomegranate, and ginseng root extracts, it cleanses, detoxifies, controls oil and minimize the appearance of pores.

Beauty Trends Whitening Wonder Gel, P24 (7.5 ml sachet). This hydrating facial wash-off mask helps brighten uneven skin tone and gently minimize discolorations of the skin. It has extracts from natural ingredients such as Japanese Pepper, Korean Pasque Flower and Usnea Barbata.

One of the things I like about Beauty Trends and its products, aside from the cute packaging, is that they represent a new trend in K-beauty called Skip-Care, which is basically shortening one's skin care routine.

In Korea, where seven to 10 skin-care steps is the norm, Skip-Care shortens it to two steps, sometimes three. After all, in skin care, it's not how many steps you have but how consistent you are.
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Date:Aug 5, 2019
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