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Skilled touches enhance firearm performance, appeal.

In the industry there is a wide array of aftermarket components available to build firearms, each varying in performance and cost. Some gunsmiths may use cheaper parts to keep their final costs down, often creating problems with components that will have to be fixed or changed later. While a precision Nighthawk Custom firearm can cost more, those at Nighthawk Custom believe the added cost is worthwhile if it comes with quality, reliability accuracy.

"We search the entire market for quality components to make our pistols," Stone said. "All I can say is that as a consumer, I never regretted getting exactly what I wanted the first time."

Technological advances are increasing the capabilities of modern gunsmiths, but the experts at Nighthawk Custom say it's becoming more difficult to come up with something new and original while remaining true to time-honored performance.

"We always try to achieve a balance between introducing innovation and maintaining tradition," Stone said. "One thing is sure, gunsmiths must continually strive to improve their quality and craftsmanship in their venerable trade."

Of course, no matter how good the gunsmith or parts used, the value and quality of a firearm is in the eye of the customer.

"You have to find custom work that is pleasing to the eye," Stone said. "The final product must have a fit and finish that feels good in your hand, so part of the research you do on gunsmiths should include holding and even firing examples of their work."


From the fit of the individual components and play between them, to the quality of the dehorning process--the smoothing of all tool marks and rough edges--evidence of the gunsmith's handiwork and attention to detail are equally important.


To the casual observer, there are many signature touches of a skilled gunsmith that may seem insignificant, but are often widely sought by gun owners. These refinements can give your store an important competitive edge in your gunsmithing services. Skilled touches like hand stippling must be done by an experienced craftsman, yet it's much more attractive than machine-cut checkering.

Nighthawk specializes in such refinements along with offering custom hand engraving, an attractive touch that sets their work apart. It is these small but intricate modifications that truly reveal the gunsmithing craft, creating not only a truly customized firearm, but also a work of art.

To learn more about Nighthawk Custom, the services the company provides, its Preferred Dealer program, along with its line of precision-crafted custom 1911s, call 1-877-268-4867, or visit

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Comment:Skilled touches enhance firearm performance, appeal.(Outdoor marketplace)
Author:Brown, Amy
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Date:Nov 1, 2007
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