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SkillSoft introduces four online KnowledgeCentre portals.


A series of four online portals has been introduced by SkillSoft (Nasdaq:SKIL), a provider of e-learning content and technology products, to provide access for IT professionals to data relating to, C#, leadership and project management.

The portals, known as KnowledgeCentres, contain prepackaged content to address the requirements of employees undertaking specific tasks. SkillSoft aims to offer 12 online portals by the end of this year, covering technology and business areas.

SkillSoft's KnowledgeCentres are one of the five 'Connections', or modules, which make up the company's new Enterprise Learning Connection (ELC) system.

The five Connections contain content, technology and services required to implement organisation-specific learning solutions and can be used together, or separately. Aside from the KnowledgeCentres, the Connections include Blended Learning Connection, Content Development Connection, Dialogue Connection and SkillView Connection.

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Date:May 16, 2006
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