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Skateboard objections; Your say.

I AM sending this message to the leader of Stockton Council: On behalf of residents of Stockton who have to deal with the consequences of your decisions, however well meant, we wish to have on record our objections to Stockton Council's encouragement of skateboarding and BMX cycling for the following reasons: 1 Health and safety of the youngsters and people passing by. Someone was knocked over coming out of a shop on Aiskew Grove and I have seen many near misses as well as youngsters skating behind a bus.

Youngsters will always try to copy daredevil activities, without safety equipment and without concern for others, because they are too young and inexperienced to see the dangers for themselves or others.

2 Noise pollution - youngsters build their own ramps against the low walls behind the shops and the noise can be heard three streets away.

3 Danger to other children and the general public. I have seen youngsters using their mobiles while moving along the pavement.

4 Damage to street pavements and walls.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Aug 30, 2012
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