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Skate for money, die for fame.


All the photos in this article happened on the first day, then no one even talked about skating for the rest of the trip. Since the skating was all done, the next mission was to come up on some herb, which took longer to come about than their flight over, times three. "Boo-hoo" the evil-goers cry, as there is no herb in sight--however, I hear some of the I-Path riders are in town. With that problem solved, the next problem was "how to keep Big Daddy AA happy:"

Step 1. Keeping a recovering alcoholic mellow must be with keen mind and swift results

Step 2. Big Daddy always seems to come to OZ with a story of a fair maiden left at home in the gun-loving country known as US of A

Step 3. Have at least 10 good places to eat and buy gear off the top of your head ready at any time, even in the midst of a heated skate session

Step 4. Place a ban on any and all Reynolds leaving the country


Although Reynolds' roommate and AA support bully, Herman managed to sneak away for a couple of drinks with the real men. On a non-stop party flight to Sydney, we manage to get Herman into a un-named clothing company private party held on the very gay main street of Sydney, where he was assigned to be very profesional and a very straight father-figure. Andrew Mapstone watched as the little man turned from AA support-bully into the Hermanator, destroying every drink in sight and telling every young lady "I'll be back."


On this trip he had been put in a very nice position, having to choose between a well-known, long-established skateboard company and the evil-known, supposedly-falling-apart Baker. Well, if you had a nice friend like me thieving a girl off Herms and throwing her into your room to burst your cherry, you might go home with a big smile and a new shred family too.
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Author:Dollin, Dustin
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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