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Skagway ore terminal.

Skagway Ore Terminal. The newly renovated ore terminal at Skagway is hosting increased amounts of ore, thanks to the opening of a new mine by Curragh Resources Inc. of Toronto. The terminal's renovations plus a long-term priority-use lease with the facility's new owner, Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA), have allowed Curragh to extend its mining commitments in the Yukon Territory.

The terminal is the storage and transshipment center for lead and zinc ore trucked to Skagway from two Curragh-owned mines in Yukon Territory, one at Faro and the new one at Mount Hundere near Lake Watson. Renovations to the aging terminal were triggered by the discovery of lead particulate contamination on the site in the late 1980s. Curragh, the terminal's user, performed the site cleanup and began the renovations.

In July 1990, AIDEA acquired the complex from White Pass and Yukon Corp., issuing $25 million in bonds for the acquisition and to finance the renovations needed to make the complex environmentally sound. The bonds will be retired through Curragh's lease payments to AIDEA.

Recent renovations include reskinning the terminal building and installing new floors, walls, lighting and ventilation systems. Special divider walls were necessary to separate Faro ore from Mount Hundere ore. Major site work included grading, paving and adding extensive underground drainage and filtration systems.

A new office and employee cleanup facility, plus a snowshed canopy to protect workers and vehicles during truck unloading, are being added. Further renovations are planned, including improvements to the maintenance shop and repairing the piling foundation under the shiploader.
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Title Annotation:Marine Facilities; Curragh Resources Inc.'s storage and transshipment center
Publication:Alaska Business Monthly
Date:Aug 1, 1991
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