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RICHMOND, VA...CAPITAL, OF THE CONFEDERACY, high murder rates, old buildings, cheap living, bars you can still smoke in, and kick ass rock and roll. The lineage of bands to hail from RVA in recent years is amazing, and SIXER is nestled somewhere near the top of the scrap heap. Cliches don't do them justice, and you don't want to read them anyway. Go out and get their new record Beautiful Trash; you won't be disappointed.--It'sDeathOrGlory

So what's up with the music scene in Richmond? It seems like a sleeping giant that people are just starting to wake up to...

Leer Baker: Richmond has been known for its underground music scene but recently has been on the tips of tongues of people everywhere else. Lots of bands have come out of here--Pat Benatar, Gwar, Avail, Strike Anywhere, Cracker, and River City High--all these bands have toured extensively. There's a lot of pride in being in a band from Richmond and there is no half stepping here; either you're real good or you don't last.

You've been around a few years, so do you think you fall into that "real good" crowd? How would you describe your sound anyway?

Hell yeah, I know we're good. We take it very seriously on being the best we can be at any given point, whether it's a live show or in the studio. I don't really know how to describe our sound. Rock 'n' roll with a punk background that might've been played on an acoustic guitar on the porch.

Why can't you guys play Cleveland without getting into some shit?

We were on tour with Blanks 77, and after our set we were all sitting at the merch table--drinking mind you--and our old bass player Bradley decided he was going to dance. He bumped into the wrong guys and they started punching him. He came out of the pit, bruised and bloody, screaming; They jumped me!" He pointed them out and we were out-numbered, so we stood our ground and waited and sure enough, they came over swinging and we swung back. By the end of the night there were broken bottles, a broken cigarette machine with a head print in it, and a brick through the Blanks' windshield. We had an angel on our shoulder that night. The four of us should not have been able to do that much damage...

Jesus. So what's it like on your new home, BYO, being that it's their 20th Anniversary?

It's awesome, the fact that they were even interested in doing a record was amazing. They have a great roster of bands, and hopefully we'll be able to meet all of them.

What do you guys do when you aren't recording and touring?

Work, mostly. Casey (bass) is a recording engineer at Sound of Music where we record, Dan (Drums) builds road cases and teaches drums, Chris (guitar) works for TKO records and also cooks at a diner in the city, and I am so far up my girlfriend Windi's ass I don't do much but write songs and hang out with her. And we drink heavily. And on occasion I've been known to flip a truck or two.

So did you ever skate? You said something about having a shop sponsor while you were doing a no-comply in two-inch creepers....

Yeah I skated, I loved it. My first pro board was a Madrid with Thunders and Slimeballs. I was sponsored briefly in the late '80s, but I started playing guitar and doing bands full time and not doing it as much as I probably should've. I still get on one every once in awhile and kick around and do all the old dumb tricks like slappys and, as you said, no-complys.

Immediate future? What are the plans?

The immediate future is this: Full national tour this summer, upon our arrival back home the new record titled Beautiful Trash will he out, and we will be routing again for another national tour and possibly Japan or Australia. So basically, put it all in storage and drive 'til the fall off.
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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