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Six-way cutters.

The Square 6 shoulder milling cutter with trigonal inserts has six cutting edges with three different insert geometries and three different pitches, and can be used for general machining operations including face milling, contouring, plunging, slotting, and square shoulder milling. The cutter bodies come in a diameters from 1.5" to 6.0", and are nickel-coated and pre-hardened. The bodies come in coarse pitch for unstable conditions, normal pitch, and close pitch for strong machines, cast iron materials, and high metal removal rates. The inserts can be set to a true 90[degrees] setting angle. The inserts lock into place with a center screw placed in the same direction as the cutting forces. All inserts can be indexed two-by-three times to offer six cutting edges. There are three insert geometries available, including ME09 for stainless steel, M13 for steel and cast iron, and MD15 for harder materials and high cutting speeds. Each of the insert styles feature two different corner radii. The R0.8 is appropriate for normal conditions, but the R1.6 can handle tougher cutting applications. Seco Tools

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Date:May 1, 2009
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