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Six house plants that hang in there even under tough conditions.

Which trailers are toughest? House plant growers we surveyed gave highest ratings to the six shown here. When light is dim, air is dry, and care sporadic, most house plants drop their leaves in distress. But these six hang in there, usually maintaining their leafy display at least 6 to 18 months. Give them slightly better light and moderate care, and they'll thrive indoors indefinitely.

In very dim corners, plants grow slowly if at all, so wait to water until the soil surface dries, and fertilize infrequently. Give leaves a shower periodically to wash off dust so they can take full advantage of available light. If leaves begin to fade and drop despite regular care, move the plant to a sunnier spot for a few months to let growth fill in again.

When limbs get leggy, trim them back. Tips of these six will root and survive indefinitely in water. You can use them in a vase or transplanted into a pot as stand-ins when the parent plants need a few months in brighter light.
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Date:Feb 1, 1984
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