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SitesManager Adds Functionality and Flexibility to Canto Cumulus Sites.

Web user management, metadata editing, asset uploads, dynamic multi-styles, multi-site management and more are available now for Canto Cumulus Sites.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Canto[R] partner Amides has released SitesManager, a new add-on for Cumulus Sites that offers customers an easy Web interface to manage Web-only users, multiple Sites instances, edit metadata, upload files and more, all from within Cumulus Sites.

"SitesManager makes it easy to manage and deploy individual and groups of Web users for Cumulus Sites and dynamically route them to different Sites themes running on a single Cumulus Server," explained Amides director, Bruno Van Hecke. "You can provide different skins or themes to the same catalog, or you can provide unique interfaces to different Cumulus catalogs, each having their own branding and configurations."

Cascading user permissions enable SitesManager "super-admins" to grant "sub-admins" the power to create and manage user accounts, and define unique Sites configurations for their individual departments. This ensures that users see only the metadata and assets applicable to their needs. Files in production can be hidden from customers, and the files of one department can be hidden from another, even if they're in the same Cumulus catalog.

Because interface configurations are localized to each department, changes can be made by sub-admins at any time, without disturbing other Sites instances running on the same Cumulus Server.

SitesManager also brings entirely new capabilities to Cumulus Sites, including metadata editing, uploads, advanced reporting, and even a means for real-time control of which assets users see, based on status, file format or other metadata values.

Canto marketing director, David Diamond, characterized the add-on as two products in one.

"SitesManager is a great value," he explained. "You can get a great Web interface for managing users and multiple Sites instances, plus you get entirely new Sites capabilities that will benefit all organizations, no matter how many Sites instances they need. All Sites customers should consider this add-on."

Amides is a Canto Certified Sales Partner (Platinum), and also publishes the popular RoboFlow workflow development framework for Canto Cumulus.

SitesManager is available starting at [euro]995 from Amides. Cumulus 8.1 and Cumulus Sites 1.2 (or later) are required.

Download the SitesManager datasheet, or visit the Amides website for more information:

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Date:Mar 8, 2011
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