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Sister interns 2014: Sister Namibia thanks all our interns for your gift of service this year.

One of the reasons I chose Sister Namibia was for the sun I knew I'd find in Namibia. My time at Sister Namibia was great as I met some awesome people. I was amazed by people's willingness to share the little they had, but also to share from their personal lives with me, a stranger. Sister's staff was so open for new ideas, that I'm watching the space to see where they will go.

--Anna Pelleberg

My time at Sister Namibia was great. Getting to know these incredible women who work so hard for change and the betterment of women all over Namibia was very inspirational, and I was happy to be able to help them in whatever small way I could. One of my best memories was driving around with Paleni and Elizabeth a whole afternoon, distributing the Sister magazine all over Katutura. It really showed how broad the recipient base is, and how hard the organisation works to get its message across.

--Asa Sandlund

I have learned how to catalogue the library, something I never imagined I'd ever do. Sister Namibia gave me the opportunity to take self-defence classes and I succeeded in qualifying as a trainer. Through the workshops I learned how to manage groups of young people, which came in very handy when I started teaching. Thanks to aunty Johanna I learned the importance of organising everything I work with for recordkeeping. My time with the foreign interns, Darcy, Asa, Fanny, and Simon opened my eyes to see new perspectives beyond the little box world I lived in and I really had an awesome time with them. I got a chance to meet brave women who fight for women's rights and equality like Elizabeth, Rosa, Natasha, Lizette, Irene and my three favourite team members: Vida, Paleni and Johanna.

--Elisabeth Hiyolwa

I did a little bit of everything at Sister Namibia. It made me realise the value of time when you want to deliver a quality product. I am grateful for the chance I had to contribute in a small way to assist with research and recordkeeping.

--Darcey Babikian

I was very fortunate to be able to come to Sister Namibia with my boyfriend, Simon. We not only got to become friends with the sisters, but also with Thomas, whose generosity had touched our hearts deeply and who will forever be remembered. Through our travels we also fell in love with Namibia. Wow! What a place. From what I can see we should watch the Sister space.

--Fanny Zedenius and Simon Flato

My time both in Namibia and at Sister has been amazing. During my time at Sister Namibia I got to participate in many activities wherever needed. One of my favourite days was when I had the opportunity to help Paleni photograph people for a specific Sister article. I have learned a lot about feminist movements in Namibia, most of which I believe came from conversations with Vida and Paleni about local news.

--Nikala Pieroni

I am right in the middle of my internship at Sister and I'm having a great time. Apart from meeting lots of nice people I get to work with the things that I'm most passionate about--women's rights, journalism, communication and sexual and reproductive rights--while also learning about the Namibian context. When this magazine comes out it will almost be time for me to go back to snowy Sweden, but I am really grateful for being given the opportunity to learn from Sister's work and I will keep on being inspired by the changes they are able to make in people's lives.

--Annabel Merkel
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Title Annotation:Gratitude
Publication:Sister Namibia
Date:Dec 1, 2014
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