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Sister act: my sister and her BF are like the perfect coupe. I have a BF but, whenever I call him, I do the talking. My sister has it all. I'm really jealous of her, and I hate admitting that.

It's possible your boyfriend simply doesn't like to gab on the telephone (lots of boys don't!). Or, could it be that you're trying to force a BF/GF relationship that isn't quite right in an attempt to duplicate what your sister has? Remember, no one has it all. And that includes your sister. She sounds great, but that doesn't mean you're not equally as smart, attractive, funny or anything else. Try to focus not on what your sister has but, instead, on what you have. If you and your guy really do dig each other, find other ways to communicate. Spend in-person time with him asking questions that require more than just "yes" or "no" answers. Keeps the dialog flowing, ya know?

My parents used to argue a lot but, now, my dad barely says a word to my mom. When he wants something that involves her, he's like, "Could you tell your morn this?" Mom is upset, and it hurts me too. What should I do?

It's bad enough when parents don't get along with each other, but it's even worse when the kids get caught in the crossfire. It's also totally unfair since you didn't ask for any of this. Your parents need to work through their issues without using you as an intermediary, and you're going to have to tell them that. Call a family meeting, and make sure both parents are there to hear you out. Explain that they need to communicate directly with each other. Tell them that it wears you down when they put you in the middle of their problems. If they continue using you as a marital messenger, speak to a guidance counselor or other family member about it.

My friend had a bad experience with a BF, and she's taking it out on every guy we know. She makes up lies about my crushes so I won't like them. She says she doesn't want me to get hurt,

A bad breakup can leave a girl shouting, "I hate boys!" Be supportive of your friend's feelings, but remind her that one encounter with a good-for-nothing guy doesn't justify condemning the entire male gender. Tell her you know she's trying to protect you but that she can't come between you and your crushes. You have the right to crush on boys, even if there's a chance you might get hurt. You can learn from any experience, even if it's a bad one. Her lesson should have been to be more picky and take things slowly before getting involved with a guy--not cutting off all ties with the boy species.

My uncle asks embarrassing questions like, "Do you have a boyfriend yet?" I feel uncomfortable talking to him about that kind of stuff. How can I tell him to stop without seeming rude?

Is "None of your business!" too blunt? Maybe. But that is essentially the message you want to get across. If you feel uneasy talking to your uncle directly (and with his having such a major interest in your romantic life, who wouldn't?), ask your parents to intervene. While it's nice that your uncle is interested in your world, he needs to respect some boundaries. Your private life is just that--and there's no need to start a blog broadcasting all the details about your interest in boys. Your parents should politely tell your uncle that his personal questions embarrass you. If you have a boyfriend and feel like sharing the news with your extended family members, then you will. Until then, he'll have to read Us Weekly to get his gossip fix.
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