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Sister Swift.


   So that her hand might reach out the flock came down
   in twilight to the narrow alleyways of Jerusalem
   the old quarters, to sail along the ancient stone.

   There I fell into lit rooms
   and was cast upon the white walls of man
   struck down by their strange-fire

   my eyes, oblong as night dew, raindrop as man's tears
   my eyes blinded and my body captive did beseech
   my heart sought the bounty of man's hand
   to cherish and to ease.

   Thereupon she found me, she, and I my silken form
   did give the breadth of my wings to touch
      that know the Creator
      and distant blush of radiance.

   After, she looked upon me with a clear eye
   and I upon her and after she returned me
   to the dark night fallen

   into waiting hover of my fellow-swifts
      the flock silent, fearing
      they would not see myself again

   After we dashed to the heights, eyes wondering
   and sought out the hidden places there to sky-drift till dawn.

   At daybreak I did see her gaze out at my troop
   our ebony quills scripting on swell and tide of air
   I came near and heard her say,

   Is that you, my sister, you?
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Author:Twersky-Cassel, Shira
Publication:B'Or Ha'Torah
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2014
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