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Siskel And Ebert On Line! Rate Best Movie Wedsites For Yahoo! Internet Life

NEW YORK, Aug. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Movie Aficionados Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert took a break from watching films to rate the hottest movie Web Sites for the September issue of Yahoo! Internet Life. The two took a different approach when looking at the sites. Ebert, an admitted Net surfer, writes movie reviews for The Chicago Sun-Times' Web page. Gene Siskel proclaims himself a true amateur when it comes to surfing and therefore provided a "newbie" or amateur's view of the sites.

As usual, they did not always agree, but there was one site that they both felt deserved "two thumbs up." "The Internet Movie Database" ( was ranked as one of the most comprehensive sites on the Web. Siskel appreciated the separate files for laserdiscs and the links it provided to other sites. Ebert liked the amount of information presented (over 70,000 titles are reviewed) and a ballot form is available to visitors who can cast their vote for their favorite films.

Gene Siskel also ranked "The Movie Sounds Page" ( which provides sound bites from about 60 movies as very useful. "This will serve me very well when I need to quote dialogue from a movie." Another popular Website with Siskel included the "Premiere Magazine" ( site which features a listing of film continuity errors, for example, being able to see a mannequin in the place of Robert DeNiro in the car bomb scene of the film "Casino." The site also offers an archive of back issues of the magazine and transcripts of celebrity press conferences.

The most unique site featured in Siskel's review (and his personal tongue- in-cheek favorite) was "Dermatology in the Cinema" ([tilde]vcr/Dermcin.html). The site features skin conditions found in the movies by dermatologists and movie buff Vail Reese, M.D. For example, Tom Hanks in the film Philadelphia as the sympathetic character and Freddy Kreuger as the villain. He also enjoyed the Actors with Skin findings area in which Reese points out with an arrow birth marks on Richard Gere and face bumps on Morgan Fairchild.

Ebert recommends the Web site "Each Movie" ( which suggests movies that people may enjoy based on movies they have already viewed. After entering several titles, the list returned was filled with many of his favorites. The "Movie Critic" ( was as effective in picking the right movies although the process was slightly more time- consuming. One of the most elegant sites on the Web, according to Ebert, is the one dedicated to the "Criterion Collection" (

The collection is a series of approximately 300 Criterion laserdisc titles, "chosen for their importance and artistry and published with state-of- the-art technical standards." Each title is linked to essays and downloadable video clips.

Ebert reviewed several other movie review sites. Two that impressed him were the James Berardinelli ([tilde]berardin/master.html) web page. An electrical engineer from Morristown, NJ, Berardinelli has written over 1,000 movie reviews over the last four years. "Berardinelli is literate, opinionated, well-informed, and a good writer," says Ebert. The other well written review are to be found on the "Girls on Film" ([tilde]gof/) site which features reviews by four women who don't just cover movies but the art of moviegoing.

Launched by Ziff-Davis last year as ZD Internet Life, the magazine became known as Yahoo! Internet Life when Ziff-Davis Publishing and Yahoo! Corporation formed a strategic relationship that established a Web-driven model to deliver content through magazines and online. The first issue was published in February and beginning with the September issue will be published on a monthly basis.

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