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Sirona Fuels' B100 Jatropha Oil Among Highest Quality Ever Tested.

Biodiesel Glycerin Levels Nearly Five Times Lower Than ASTM Limit

SAN FRANCISCO -- Sirona Fuels, an emerging leader in alternative fuels, announced today that a Sirona batch of B100 fuel refined from jatropha oil has tested among the very highest quality biodiesel fuels in the nation and set numerous historic precedents for the state of California. CytoCulture International Inc., the environmental biotechnology firm that conducted the tests, reported that Sirona's Total Free and Bound Glycerin concentration was measured at 0.052%, nearly 5 times lower than the ASTM maximum limit of 0.24%. These results are also 3 times lower than the national average concentration of total glycerin (ca. 0.15%) reported by the 2007 survey of 56 samples of B100 from production plants in the US (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO; Dr. Robert McCormick, et. al, March 2008).

"Sirona's biodiesel set numerous quality records for our laboratory," said Randall von Wedel, Principle Biochemist for CytoCulture. "The Total Acid Number, the Cold Soak Filterability particulate count and KF Water concentration are the lowest values ever reported for a B100 sample tested at CytoCulture."

"As part of our rapid expansion program, we put a premium on producing the highest-quality biodiesel for our current and future customers," said Paul Lacourciere, CEO of Sirona Fuels. "The advantage for Sirona customers is that our biodiesel quality results from our batch process rather than expensive machinery, so we can afford to keep our costs very competitive."

The quality of biofuel is important to measure, as low-quality biofuels can have adverse effects that result in freezing, engine damage, lower miles-to-the-gallon and higher carbon output, among others. Sirona has invested heavily in producing the highest-quality biodiesel from both virgin and non-virgin feedstocks such as jatropha and used-cooking-oil (UCO) respectively. Jatropha is an oil-yielding plant that grows on non-arable land and is not part of the food chain. Sirona is currently developing "farm to fuel" protocols for the handling of Jatropha nuts, oil and fuel to address all safety issues related to jatropha's various effects on humans that include skin irritation or sickness if ingested.

By working with sustainable and affordable feedstocks like used cooking oil and jatropha, Sirona's business model is designed to stabilize fuel prices for its customers, provide sustainable revenue to its suppliers and make significant volumes of high-quality biodiesel available to the market. Sirona has identified commercial sources for jatropha in several countries and is developing businesses that will promote the establishment of jatropha farms in Haiti, India and other developing countries.

For further information, please visit or meet Sirona Fuels CEO Paul Lacourciere as he presents at the Dow Jones VenturWire Alternative Energy Innovations Conference, April 21 & 22, 2009 at The Sofitel in Redwood City, CA.

About Sirona Fuels

Sirona Fuels is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with refinery operations in Oakland, CA. Sirona addresses the unmet needs of diverse constituencies in the biodiesel ecosystem to help close the streams of waste and reduce the impacts that energy needs create. The company currently produces a low-carbon, ASTM-spec biodiesel from its used cooking oil collection and refining business and is expanding its feedstock intake to include jatropha. The company's production model revolves around sustainable feedstocks that in-turn provide an affordable, environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum diesel. Sirona is a proud supporter of the local and international communities and businesses that help provide the company with its feedstock. For more information please visit
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Date:Apr 1, 2009
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