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Sir Paul: 'I was a cocaine addict'.

FORMER Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has spoken about how he fought his cocaine habit.

Sir Paul told how he became hooked on the Class A drug long before he was knighted in 1997 and said it was only due to his late wife Linda that he pulled through.

He said: "A lot of my mates were quite shocked when I got into coke. I was into it for about a year but then I went off it majorly."

He added: "I was lucky to have Linda because she did ground me. There were certain things I was going off on and she could pull me back, like drinking and drugging and getting crazy."

Sir Paul was applauded for his frank admissions.

Alan Parry, of the Merseyside-based Atlantic Project drugs outreach organisation, said: "I can only commend Paul for quitting.

"I am surprised at his account of how he came off cocaine. It is a different story these days since people in the pop industry are almost expected to do drugs."


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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 14, 2001
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