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Ferroelectric Ceramic Materials Prepared by Nanoparticles in Outdoor Environmental Sculpture Art. Zhang, Ning; Li, Jiexu; Xia, Ying Sep 16, 2022 7954
Construction and Performance Research of Reinforced Iron-Based Powder Metallurgy Materials Based on Phyllanthin as Drug Transport Carriers. Feng, Xuehua; Tao, Ali; Song, Zurong Aug 29, 2022 6910
The Influence of Sintering Pressure on the Preparation, Friction Properties, and Magnetic Properties of Ti[sub.2]AlC-TiC and Ti[sub.3]AlC[sub.2]-TiC Composites Under High-Pressure and High-Temperature. Li, Liang; Chen, Yuqi Aug 28, 2022 6255
Study on Sintered Wick Heat Pipe (SWHP) with CuO Nanofluids under Different Orientation. Kumar, P. Manoj; Saminathan, Rajasekaran; Tharwan, Mohammed; Hadidi, Haitham; Stalin, P. Michael Jos Aug 25, 2022 6681
Famous Sinter Plant is reduced to rubble. KELLEY PRICE @kelleyprice_gaz Aug 13, 2022 360
Explosive video shows last of Sinter Plant brought down in controlled demolition; The demolition of the Sinter Plant was triggered by a former steelworker pushing the button. By, Eden Lewis Aug 12, 2022 310
Watch as another huge explosion at Teesworks brings down famous landmark; Steelworks Sinter Plant has disappeared forever as work to clear site for 'investment and jobs' continues. By, Kelley Price Aug 11, 2022 379
Another huge explosion planned at Teesworks as famous landmark razed; Steelworks Sinter Plant is set to disappear forever as work to clear site for "investment and jobs" continues. By, Kelley Price Aug 10, 2022 392
A Novel Approach to the Sintering Schedule of Ba (Co0.7Zn0.3)1/3Nb2/3O3 Dielectric Ceramics for Microwave Applications. Mouyane, Mohamed; Itaalit, Brahim; Bernard, Jérôme; Houivet, David Jul 22, 2022 4581
Mullite Reinforced SiC/Al[sub.2]O[sub.3] Composites Prepared by Microwave Sintering Based on Green Manufacturing. Dang, Xudan; Shi, Shaojie; Li, Linjun; Luo, Fei; Ding, Zheng Report Jul 9, 2022 8397
The Prediction of Sinter Drums Strength Using Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithms. Ren, Xinying; Yang, Bing; Luo, Ning; Li, Jie; Li, Yifan; Xue, Tao; Yang, Aimin Jul 7, 2022 7575
Optimization of the Spark Plasma Sintering Process for High-Volume Fraction Tungsten Carbide/Al 2025 Composites. Mahesha, C. R.; R, Suprabha; Polayya, Chintada; Rinawa, Moti Lal; Sakthi, T.; Munjal, Neha; Komalnu Jun 29, 2022 4079
Progress in the Preparation of Large-Size High-Performance CuCr Alloys. Han, Jin-Ru; Dou, Zhi-He; Zhang, Ting-An; An, Wang Jun 29, 2022 8919
Gas Flow Characteristics through Irregular Particle Bed with the Vertical Confined Wall for Waste Heat Recovery. Zhang, Sizong; Wen, Zhi; Liu, Xunliang; Xing, Yi; Zhang, Hui Jun 26, 2022 6647
Evaluation on Powder Metallurgy Process Parameters of Ball-Milled AA8079-B[sub.4]C Nanostructured Composites via Taguchi Grey Relational Analysis. Meignanamoorthy, M.; Vinayagam, Mohanavel; Ravichandran, M.; Raja, T.; Gacem, Amel; Mezni, Amine; Ja Jun 25, 2022 5078
Effects of the Layered Distribution Pattern on the Gas Flow Resistance through the Bed with the Multisize Irregular Particle for the Waste Heat Recovery. Zhang, Sizong Jun 21, 2022 7659
Dramatic pictures show controlled explosion as huge section of Redcar Sinter Plant levelled; Later this summer further explosive demolitions are planned to include the last section of the Sinter Plant and its chimney stack. By, Poppy Kennedy Jun 17, 2022 279
Optimization on Powder Metallurgy Process Parameters on Nano Boron Carbide and Micron Titanium Carbide Particles Reinforced AA 4015 Composites by Taguchi Technique. Alrebdi, Tahani A.; Gopinathan, R.; Sunagar, Prashant; Prabu, R. Thandaiah; Kivade, Rajesh; Gous, Ma Jun 15, 2022 4445
Preparation and Optical Properties of Compound Nanopowder Art Ceramics. Li, Yulan May 30, 2022 4129
Application Preparation of High-Performance Iron-Based Powder Metallurgy Sintered Materials in Sports Industry. Yang, Baifang May 27, 2022 7109
Evaluation of MWCNT Particles-Reinforced Magnesium Composite for Mechanical and Catalytic Applications. Sathish, T.; Mohanavel, Vinayagam; Velmurugan, Palanivel; Alfarraj, Saleh; Al Obaid, Sami; Sureshkum May 24, 2022 6239
Physical Properties and Color Stainability by Coffee and Red Wine of Opaque and High Translucency Zirconia Dental Ceramics after Hydrothermal Degradation. Nascimento Oliveira, Ana Lúcia; Elias, Carlos Nelson; Salomão dos Santos, Heraldo Elias; Santos, Cla May 21, 2022 7224
Synthesis and Workability Behavior of Cu-X wt.% TiC (x=0, 4, 8, and 12) Powder Metallurgy Composites. Mohanavel, V.; Ravichandran, M.; Ashraff Ali, K.S.; Sathish, T.; Karthick, Alagar; Arungalai Vendan, May 21, 2022 4901
Synergistic enhancement of thermal conductivity in thermal interface materials by fabricating 3D-BN-ZnO scaffolds. Fang, Hui; Chen, Anlin; Zhang, Lingjie; Chen, Sheng; Wu, Fangjuan; Chen, Hui Report May 1, 2022 4037
Development of PA6/GO microspheres with good processability for SLS 3D printing. Wu, Bozhen; Zhu, Kaiqi; Wang, Fancheng; Wen, Xinghan; Li, Minpei; Yang, Yuhao; Yang, Jintao Report May 1, 2022 4571
Optimization of Mechanical Properties and Manufacturing Time through Experimental and Statistical Analysis of Process Parameters in Selective Laser Sintering. Korycki, Adrian; Garnier, Christian; Nassiet, Valerie; Sultan, Charles Tarek; Chabert, France Apr 29, 2022 9375
A Model Study on Raw Material Chemical Composition to Predict Sinter Quality Based on GA-RNN. Li, Yifan; Zhang, Qunwei; Zhu, Yi; Yang, Aimin; Liu, Weixing; Zhao, Xinfeng; Ren, Xinying Apr 12, 2022 9815
New generation CAD-CAM materials for implant-supported definitive frameworks fabricated by using subtractive technologies. Cevik, Pinar; Schimmel, Martin; Yilmaz, Burak Report Mar 2, 2022 9218
Study of the Effect of Quenching on Microstructural and Magnetic Properties of Cu-Doped Mg-Ferrite. Poddar, Apurba; Halder, Suman; Liba, S.I.; Hoque, Sheikh Manjura; Sikder, Shibendra Shekher Feb 27, 2022 5000
Hydrothermal Synthesis and Photocatalytic Properties of Graphene@Ag/AgSb[sub.2]O[sub.5.8] Composites: Reaction Laws of the Composites in Sintering Process. Liu, Haomei; Hao, Xihai; Liu, Yuejun; Yan, Aiguo Feb 3, 2022 6335
Research on the Formation Mechanism of MgO and Al[sub.2]O[sub.3] on Composite Calcium Ferrite Based on DA-RBF Neural Network. Ma, Baoliang; Zhang, Yuzhu; Ma, Lixing Jan 5, 2022 8989
The wear of PVD coated elements in oscillation motion at high temperature. Report Dec 1, 2021 2900
In-situ alloying of TiC-FeCr cermets in manganese vapour. Koines, Mart; Tarraste, Marek; Kubarsepp, Jakob; Juhani, Kristjan; Viljus, Mart Report Dec 1, 2021 3426
A novel technique for the development of acetabular cup by cold isostatic compaction and sintering of UHMWPE powder with optimized processing parameters. Jana, Ashirbad; Selvaraj, Senthilvelan; Subramani, Kanagaraj Report Oct 1, 2021 9886
The Effect of Tartaric Acid and Citric Acid as a Complexing Agent on Defect Structure and Conductivity of Copper Samarium Co-Doped Ceria Prepared by a Sol-Gel Auto-Combustion Method. Duangsa, Kornrawit; Tangtrakarn, Apishok; Mongkolkachit, Charusporn; Aungkavattana, Pavadee; Moolsar Jul 23, 2021 15387
Effect of Different Sintering Cycles on the Surface Hardness of Full Contour Monolithic Zirconia--An In Vitro Comparative Study. Shetty, Sanath Kumar; Varghese, Feba Maria; Zahid, Mohammed; Dandekeri, Savitha; Feroz, Fowzaan Jul 12, 2021 3307
Investigation of Stereometric and Fractal Patterns of Spin-Coated LuMnO[sub.3] Thin Films. Marques, Igor Hernandes Gomes; Saraiva Matos, Robert; Romaguera-Barcelay, Yonny; Talu, Stefan; Morei May 27, 2021 6375
Solder Joint Reliability. Apr 1, 2021 226
Effect of Particle Size and Sintering Temperature on the Formation of Mullite from Kyanite and Aluminum Mixtures. Barrientos-Hernández, F. R.; Pérez-Labra, M.; Lobo-Guerrero, A.; Reyes-Pérez, M.; Juárez-Tapia, J. C Jan 1, 2021 6601
Fabrication of SiC@Cu/Cu Composites with the Addition of SiC@Cu Powder by Magnetron Sputtering. Yunlong, Zhang; Wenbo, Li; Ming, Hu; Hongyong, Yi; Wei, Zhou; Peiling, Ding; Lili, Tang Jan 1, 2021 3820
Preparation of Luminescent Glass Aggregates from Soda-Lime Waste Glass. Loryuenyong, Vorrada; Buasri, Achanai Jan 1, 2021 3221
Effect of Basicity on the Microstructure of Sinter and Its Application Based on Deep Learning. Zhi, Jian-Ming; Li, Jie; Wang, Jia-Hao; Jiang, Tian-Yu; Hua, Ze-Yi Jan 1, 2021 8464
XRD Peak Profile Analysis of SiC Reinforced Al[sub.2]O[sub.3] Ceramic Composite Synthesized by Electrical Resistance Heating and Microwave Sintering: A Comparison. Mohankumar, Madhan; Praveen Kumar, S.; Guruprasad, B.; Manavalla, Sreekanth; Isaac JoshuaRamesh Lalv Jan 1, 2021 4609
Study on Compaction and Machinability of Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Reinforced Copper Alloy Composite through P/M Route. Sathish, T.; Mohanavel, V.; Karthick, Alagar; Arunkumar, M.; Ravichandran, M.; Rajkumar, S. Jan 1, 2021 4815
A Comparative Study on Crack-Healing Ability of Al[sub.2]O[sub.3]/SiC Structural Ceramic Composites Synthesized by Microwave Sintering and Conventional Electrical Sintering. Mohankumar, Madhan; Shankar, A. N.; Karthik, T. S.; Saravanakumar, R.; Oruganti, Hemakesavulu; Venka Report Jan 1, 2021 4262
The Mechanical Alloying Behavior of Fe[sub.2]O[sub.3] into NiO in the High-Energy Ball-Milling Process. Zhu, Y. Z.; Liu, Y.; Huang, H.; Guo, Y. Y.; Yin, S. Y.; Hu, F. W. Jan 1, 2021 4443
Preparation of Magnesia Insulation Materials by Calcination of Walnut Shell Powder by Silica Sol Impregnation. Kang, Chi; Li, Guohua; Han, Jishuo; Chen, Shujiang; Tian, Lin; Luo, Xudong; Yuan, Lin Jan 1, 2021 4649
Microwave Vitrification of Uranium Tailings: Microstructure and Mechanical Property. Wei, Wei; Shi, Keyou; Xie, Yupeng; Yu, Shoufu; Li, Jiawei; Chen, Min; Tang, Zengming Jan 1, 2021 4678
Effect of the Fabrication Technique on Compressive Properties of Cu-PTFE Composites. Tang, Xuezhi; Wang, Zhijun; Yin, Jianping; Yi, Jianya Jan 1, 2021 4765
Characterization of PA-12 specimens fabricated by projection sintering at various sintering parameters. Kaur, Taranjot; Nussbaum, Justin; Lee, Sanboh; Rodriguez, Kevin; Crane, Nathan B.; Harmon, Julie Report Jan 1, 2021 6664
Study of Dielectric and Piezoelectric Properties of(1-x)PZT-xSFN Ceramics Prepared by Conventional Solid State Reaction Method. Fares Kahoul, Louanes Hamzioui, Abderrezak Guemache, Michel Aillerie and Ahmed Boutarfaia Oct 31, 2020 3057
SEPA stops unauthorized sintered iron ore plant in Malir. Sep 6, 2020 206
Effect of Diamond Surface Pretreatment and Content on the Microstructure and Mechanical and Oxidation Behaviour of NiAl/Fe-Based Alloys. Bai, Yaping; Li, Jianping; Luo, Jiajia; Guo, Yongchun Aug 31, 2020 4417
Material Removal Mechanism of Green Machining on Powder Metallurgy Parts during Orthogonal Cutting. Yang, Dayong; Lu, Longsheng; Wan, Zhenping Jul 31, 2020 4751
Bisphenol A Removal through Low-Cost Kaolin-Based Ag@Ti[O.sub.2] Photocatalytic Hollow Fiber Membrane from the Liquid Media under Visible Light Irradiation. Shareef, Usman; Waqas, Muhammad Jul 31, 2020 7486
Effect of [B.sub.2][O.sub.3] Content on the Sintering Basic Characteristics of Mixed Ore Powder of Vanadium-Titanium Magnetite and Hematite. Liu, Hao; Zhang, Ke; Ling, Qingfeng; Qin, Yuelin Jun 30, 2020 3991
Microstructural and Mechanical Analysis of Sintered Powdered Aluminium Composites. Behera, Rajesh Kumar; Samal, B.P.; Panigrahi, S.C.; Muduli, K.K. May 31, 2020 2940
Evaluation of the Bond Strengths between Dental Porcelain and Cobalt-Chromium Metal Frameworks Manufactured with Different Techniques after the Thermal Aging Process. Yoldan, Elif Ece; Turker, Nurullah; Buyukkaplan, Ulviye S.; Ozarslan, Mehmet M.; Karali, Recep; Deni May 31, 2020 5541
Structure, Dielectric Properties and Impedance Spectroscopy of BaTi0.97(Zn,V,Ta)0.03O3 Ceramics. Raz Muhammad, Sajid Ali, Yaseen Iqbal, Amir Khesro and Muhammad Uzair Apr 30, 2020 3315
A Novel Approach to Fabricate Foam Ceramics from Steel Slag. Zheng, Yu; Luo, Xudong; Yang, Jinlong; Huo, Wenlong; Kang, Chi Apr 30, 2020 3967
Ti(C, N)-Based Cermets with Two Kinds of Core-Rim Structures Constructed by [beta]-Co Microspheres. Yan, Hui; Deng, Ying; Su, Yong Yao; Jiang, Shan; Chen, Qiao Wang; Cao, Shi Xiu; Liu, Bing Mar 31, 2020 4786
Influence of 3D Printed Topological Structure on Lightweight Mullite Load Bearing Board in Thermal Environment. Man, Yiran; Luo, Xudong; Xie, Zhipeng; Qu, Dianli Mar 31, 2020 3817
Postprocessing Study for the Controllable Structures of Ceramic Green Parts Realized by a Flexible Binder Jetting Printing (BJP) Solution. Cao, Shu; Xie, Fangxia; He, Xueming; Zhang, Chaofeng; Wu, Meiping Report Mar 1, 2020 9407
A Review on the Contemporary Development of Composite Materials Comprising Graphene/Graphene Derivatives. Li, Fenfen; Long, Linyu; Weng, Yunxuan Mar 1, 2020 11842
Effect of Load on the Tribological Properties of Eutectic Al-Si Reinforced n-[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] under Dry Sliding Conditions. Dev Srivyas, Pranav; Charoo, M.S. Mar 1, 2020 6152
Experimental Approaches for Manufacturing of Simulated Cladding and Simulated Fuel Rod for Mechanical Decladder. Kim, Young-Hwan; Cho, Yung-Zun; Hur, Jin-Mok Mar 1, 2020 5715
Improvement of Sintering Performance of Nanosilver Paste by Tin Doping. Yang, Hui; Wu, Jihui Mar 1, 2020 2574
Effects of 16% Carbamide Peroxide Bleaching on the Surface Properties of Glazed Glassy Matrix Ceramics. Demir, Necla; Karci, Muhammet; Ozcan, Mutlu Mar 1, 2020 5328
Enhanced Dielectric Properties of Sintered MgFe1.98Nd0.02O4 Nanoparticles. U. Rafiq, M. Hanif, M. Anis-ur-Rehman and A. Ul Haq Feb 14, 2020 4098
Irving Resources Encounters More High-Grade Gold and Silver at Omui Mine Site; Commences Drilling at Omu Sinter. Jan 17, 2020 3828
Effect of Shot Peening on the Mechanical Properties and Cytotoxicity Behaviour of Titanium Implants Produced by 3D Printing Technology. Zebrowski, Remigiusz; Walczak, Mariusz; Korga, Agnieszka; Iwan, Magdalena; Szala, Miroslaw Dec 31, 2019 5575
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Cu/Au Nanoparticle Alloying Process. Zhang, Linxing; Li, Qibin; Tian, Sen; Hong, Guang Nov 30, 2019 4479
Influence of a Two-Stage Sintering Process on Characteristics of Porous Ceramics Produced with Sewage Sludge and Coal Ash as Low-Cost Raw Materials. Al-Qadhi, Esam; Li, Gaiye; Ni, Yaxing Nov 30, 2019 7716
Powder Metallurgy Markets, 2024 - Global Growth, Trends, and Forecasts - Major Players are GKN, Allegheny Technologies, Phoenix Sintered Metals. Nov 8, 2019 718
Irving Resources Encounters High-Grade Veins at Omu, Japan. Nov 5, 2019 5195
Sintered Steel (Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Tool Steel) Markets - Global Forecast to 2024. Nov 1, 2019 631
Silicon Carbide Ceramics Market Share, Size Estimation, Growth Trends, Global Challenges and Investment Opportunities - Forecast 2023. Oct 23, 2019 879
Silicon Carbide Ceramics Market Size, Share, Top Leaders, Growth Factors, Business Opportunity, Industry Trends and Regional Forecast 2023. Oct 2, 2019 982
Global Spark Plasma Sintering Market: Analysis 2018-2019 and Forecast to 2027. Sep 27, 2019 762
Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printing Technology Market - Global Forecasts from 2019 to 2024. Sep 20, 2019 595
Selective Laser Sintering Market 2019 / Global Trends, Future Growth, Industry Size, Opportunities and Forecast to 2024. Sep 20, 2019 638
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) Printers: Complex Geometric Applications Generate Demand. Sep 13, 2019 700
In Vitro Gap Changes After Porcelain Firing Cycles of Three and Four Unit of CAD/CAM Milling, Laser Sintering and Cast Metal Ceramic Restorations. Keles, Muhammed Abdullah; Turker, Sebnem Begum Sep 1, 2019 5154
Selective Laser Sintering Market to See Huge Growth in Future/ Prodways, Formlabs, Ricoh, Concept Laser, Renishaw. Aug 29, 2019 766
Microstructural Changes and Mechanical Response of Aluminum-Based Composites Prepared with Dispersed Ce[O.sub.2] Nanoparticles. Baldenebro-Lopez, Francisco J.; Perez-Bustamante, Raul; Estrada-Guel, Ivanovich; Martinez-Sanchez, R Jul 31, 2019 3833
Selective Laser Melting of Diamond-Containing or Postnitrided Materials Intended for Impact-Abrasive Conditions: Experimental and Analytical Study. Rahmani, Ramin; Antonov, Maksim; Kollo, Lauri Jul 31, 2019 4688
Fabrication and Uniaxial Tensile Properties of Soldered Porous Copper Fiber-Sintered Sheets. Liu, Ruiliang; Zhou, Wei; Li, Shuangli; Xu, Dongsheng Jul 31, 2019 4671
MMK (MCX: MAGN) - MMK launches new 30 billion ruble sinter plant -- 19/7/2019. Jul 26, 2019 637
Case in Point: Robust Sintered PTFE Material Helps to Reduce Risk of HAIs. Chan, Jack Jul 1, 2019 1163
Study of Surface Structure Changes for Selected Ceramics Used in the CAD/CAM System on the Degree of Microbial Colonization, In Vitro Tests. Dobrzynski, Maciej; Pajaczkowska, Magdalena; Nowicka, Joanna; Jaworski, Aleksander; Kosior, Piotr; S Jun 30, 2019 6754
Speed Metal. Anderson, Michael Jun 1, 2019 1022
Spark plasma sintering of layered [gamma]-[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]/graphene reinforced nanocomposites/Alumiiniumgrafeenkomposiitide kihtstruktuuri sadeplasmapaagutus. Shamshirgar, Ali Saffar; Ivanov, Roman; Hussainova, Irina Report Jun 1, 2019 2492
Modelling of impact-abrasive wear of ceramic, metallic, and composite materials/Keraamiliste, metalsete ja komposiitmaterjalide abrasiivkulumise modelleerimine. Rahmani, Ramin; Antonov, Maksim; Kamboj, Nikhil Report Jun 1, 2019 1472
Reticulated Open-Celled Zinc Oxide Ceramic Foams: Manufacturing, Microstructure, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties. Betke, Ulf; Scheffler, Michael May 31, 2019 7164
MMK (MCX: MAGN) - MMK approaches completion of construction of 2nd stage of state-of-the-art sinter plant -- 17/5/2019. May 23, 2019 322
Global Film Sintering Wire Market 2019 by Types, Application and Forecast 2024. May 22, 2019 1305
Bloating Mechanism of Lightweight Aggregates due to Ramping Rate. Lee, Kang Hoon; Lee, Jae Hoon; Wie, Young Min; Lee, Ki Gang Apr 30, 2019 5568
Effects of Fabrication Parameters on the Properties of Parts Manufactured with Selective Laser Sintering: Application on Cement-Filled PA12. Gadelmoula, Abdelrasoul M.; Aldahash, Saleh A. Apr 30, 2019 4186
Sintering Market Showcases Promising Growth During Forecast by 2024. Apr 18, 2019 1200
Wear Resistance of (Diamond-Ni)-Ti6Al4V Gradient Materials Prepared by Combined Selective Laser Melting and Spark Plasma Sintering Techniques. Rahmani, Ramin; Antonov, Maksim; Kollo, Lauri Mar 31, 2019 4802
Fabrication of Porous Hydroxyapatite Granules as an Effective Adsorbent for the Removal of Aqueous Pb(II) Ions. Le, Duyen Thi; Le, Thao Phuong Thi; Do, Hai Thi; Vo, Hanh Thi; Pham, Nam Thi; Nguyen, Thom Thi; Cao, Mar 31, 2019 6246
EFFECT OF [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] NANOPARTICLES ON CORROSION BEHAVIOR OF ALUMINUM ALLOY (Al-4.5 wt% Cu-1.5 wt% Mg) FABRICATED BY POWDER METALLURGY. Abbass, Muna Khethier; Sultan, Bassma Finner Mar 1, 2019 4131
DIMENSIONAL ACCURACY OF MODELS MANUFACTURED BY SELECTIVE LASER SINTERING TECHNOLOGY. Kozior, Tomasz; Adamczak, Stanislaw; Skrzyniarz, Michal; Zmarzly, Pawel; Gogolewski, Damian Jan 1, 2019 1941
Formulation and Evaluation of Sintered Floating Tablets of Cefpodoxime Proxetil/Sefpodoksim Proksetilin Sinterlenmis Yuzen Tabletlerinin Formulasyonu ve Degerlendirilmesi. Kukati, Latha; Chittimalli, Kishore; Shaik, Naseeb Basha; Thoudoju, Shailaja Report Dec 1, 2018 7049
Effect of Heat Treatment and La Doping on the Electrical Properties of BiFeO3. Ullah, Fazal; Awan, M.S.; Wazir, Z.; Sabir, Irfan; Haq, A. ul Technical report Oct 31, 2018 5175
Evaluation of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) Powder as a Material for Selective Laser Sintering, and Characterization of Printed Part. Bashir, Zahir; Gu, Hao; Yang, Lanti Report Oct 1, 2018 10750
TANAKA Develops 70 degrees C Low-temperature Sintering Technology using Silver Nano Ink and Full-surface Silver Metal Film Forming Technology using Etching Processes. Sep 12, 2018 1189
Exhausting work: TLT Turbo replaces structure at thyssenkrupp Steel Europe's sinter exhaust unit in Duisburg-Schweigern. Sep 1, 2018 1027
Influence of Deposition Methodology and Heating Treatment on Dye Sensitized Solar Cell with Natural Extract. Tractz, Gidea Taques; Maia, Guilherme Arielo Rodrigues; Dias, Bianca Vanjura; Banczek, Everson do Pr Report May 1, 2018 2939
PULSED LASER DEPOSITION OF BIOACTIVE COATING FROM WHITE PORTLAND CEMENT. Fialkova, Svitlana; Yarmolenko, Sergey; Sankar, Jagannathan; Ndungu, Geoffrey; Wilkinson, Kevin Report Apr 1, 2018 3308
Study of milling on [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] ceramic/GFRP component using sintering diamond tools. Gao, Chao; Wang, Sheng; Wu, Guorong Report Mar 1, 2018 5922
Accuracy of Holes created by 3D printing (DMLS). Milan, Dana; Ivana, Zetkova; Pavel, Hanzl; Ondrej, Hronek Report Jan 1, 2018 2696
Abraded Surface Properties of Sintered Carbide Specimens Before and After Deposition of a Thin Layer using PVD. David, Bricin; Vojtech, Prucha; Antonin, Kriz Report Jan 1, 2018 3188
Effect of Subcooling on Pool Boiling of Water from Sintered Copper Microporous Coating at Different Orientations. Jun, Seongchul; Kim, Jinsub; You, Seung M.; Kim, Hwan Yeol Jan 1, 2018 5733
Formation and Properties of the Ta-[Y.sub.2][O.sub.3], Ta-Zr[O.sub.2], and Ta-TaC Nanocomposites. Jakubowicz, J.; Sopata, M.; Adamek, G.; Siwak, P.; Kachlicki, T. Jan 1, 2018 5356
Properties of Ceramic Substrate Materials for High-Temperature Pressure Sensors for Operation above 1000[degrees]C. Guo, YanJie; Lu, Fei; Zhang, Lei; Dong, HeLei; Tan, QiuLin; Xiong, JiJun Jan 1, 2018 3497
Microstructure and Density of Sintered ZnO Ceramics Prepared by Magnetic Pulsed Compaction. Lee, Ji-Woon; Jin, Changhyun; Hong, Soon-Jig; Hyun, Soong-Keun Jan 1, 2018 3583
Tuning, Impedance Matching, and Temperature Regulation during High- Temperature Microwave Sintering of Ceramics. Marinel, Sylvain; Renaut, Nicolas; Savary, Etienne; Macaigne, Rodolphe; Riquet, Guillaume; Coureau, Jan 1, 2018 4390
Microstructure and Thermal Conductivity of Sintered Reaction-Bonded Silicon Nitride: The Particle Size Effects of MgO Additive. Go, Shin-Il; Li, Yinsheng; Ko, Jae-Woong; Kim, Ha-Neul; Kwon, Se-Hun; Kim, Hai-Doo; Park, Young-Jo Jan 1, 2018 3303
Investigation on the Wear Rate of Sintering Diamond Core Bit during the Hole Drilling Process of [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] Bulletproof Ceramics. Zheng, Lei; Zhang, Chen; Dong, Xianglong; Zhao, Shitian; Wu, Weidong; Cui, Zhi; Ren, Yaoqing Jan 1, 2018 6326
Preparation and Coloration of Colored Ceramics Derived from the Vanadium-Titanium Slags. Deng, Yi; Zhou, Yang; Yang, Yuanyi; Shi, Xiuyuan; Zhang, Kewei; Zhang, Ping; Yang, Weizhong Jan 1, 2018 3878
Effects of Gd211 Particles Characteristic in the Precursor Pellets on the Levitation Force of Single-Domain GdBCO Bulks Prepared by the Gd + 011 TSIG Method. Yuan, Xiaochun; Yang, Wanmin Jan 1, 2018 4418
Structural and Magnetic Properties of [Ba.sub.3][[Cu.sub.0.8-x][Zn.sub.x][[Mn.sub.0.2]].sub.2][Fe.sub.24][O.sub.41] Z-Type Hexaferrites. Al-Hwaitat, Eman S.; Mahmood, Sami H.; Al-Hussein, Mahmoud; Bsoul, Ibrahim Jan 1, 2018 7942
Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies of Microwave Sintered Al-SiC Nanocomposites and Their Properties. Himyan, M.A.; Reddy, M. Penchal; Ubaid, F.; Shakoor, R.A.; Mohamed, A.M.A. Jan 1, 2018 3434
Novel Low-Permittivity [([Mg.sub.1-x][Cu.sub.x]).sub.2]Si[O.sub.4] Microwave Dielectric Ceramics. Hu, Chengxi; Liu, Yuan; Wang, Wujun; Yang, Bo Jan 1, 2018 3374
Influence of Carbon Addition to Fe-Mn-Si Type Alloy on the Structure and Shape Memory Effect. Prendota, Witold; Goc, Kamil; Miyazawa, Shunsuke; Takasaki, Akito; Rybicki, Damian; Kapusta, Czeslaw Jan 1, 2018 4364
Synthesis and Characterization of Zn-[Ni.sub.x] Advanced Alloys Prepared by Mechanical Milling and Sintering at Solid-State Process. Miranda-Hernandez, Jose G.; Herrera-Hernandez, Hector; Gonzalez-Moran, Carlos O.; Olvera, Jesus Noe Jan 1, 2018 7588
Sintering Behavior and Properties of Mo-Cu Composites. Sun, Aokui; Liu, Yuejun; Wang, Dezhi; Zhou, Zhihua Jan 1, 2018 3372
Analysis on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Red Mud Materials and Stockpile Stability after Dilatation. Feng, Yanbo; Yang, Chao Jan 1, 2018 7653
Microstructural and Electrical Properties of Sn-Modified BaTi[O.sub.3] Lead-Free Ceramics by Two-Step Sintering Method. Kayaphan, Wichita; Bomlai, Pornsuda Jan 1, 2018 3226
Synthesis of [Ti.sub.2]SnC under Optimized Experimental Parameters of Pressureless Spark Plasma Sintering Assisted by Al Addition. Lu, Chen; Wang, Yue; Wang, Xiaofan; Zhang, Jianfeng Jan 1, 2018 4397
A Study on Ceramsite Production Using Dredging Sea Mud and Its Biofilm Formation Capacity Evaluation. Xia, Ting; Li, Yue; Xiao, Zhixing; Wang, Shixiang; Wu, Qingkai; Sun, Suwen; Peng, Hui; Chen, Dan; Wa Report Jan 1, 2018 4983
Influence Factors on the Properties of Ultrahigh-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Cured under the Condition of Room Temperature. Zhang, Pu; Huang, Yiliang; Li, Yongqi; Zhao, Jun; Dong, Hengqian; Chen, Tao Jan 1, 2018 6311
Custom-Made Direct Metal Laser Sintering Titanium Subperiosteal Implants: A Retrospective Clinical Study on 70 Patients. Cerea, Mauro; Dolcini, Giorgio Andrea Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 6794
Evaluation of the Effect of Different Types of Abrasive Surface Treatment before and after Zirconia Sintering on Its Structural Composition and Bond Strength with Resin Cement. Skienhe, Hasan; Habchi, Roland; Ounsi, Hani; Ferrari, Marco; Salameh, Ziad Jan 1, 2018 8049
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Nano Dimension files for combined process for simultaneous curing, sintering. Apr 19, 2016 286
Nano Dimension files for combined process for simultaneous curing, sintering. Apr 19, 2016 272
Nano Dimension files for combined process for simultaneous curing, sintering. Apr 19, 2016 286
PP powder for laser-sintered robot grippers. Feb 1, 2016 180
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Research on laser micro polishing of SLS technology sintered iron-based powder surface/Selektyviuoju lazerinio sukepinimo budu sukepintu gelezies pagrindo milteliu pavirsiaus lazerinio mikroapdirbimo tyrimai. Vaitkunaite, Gerda; Markovic, Vladislav; Cernasejus, Olegas Report Dec 1, 2014 2292
Sumitomo Electric Releases New Sintered Diamond Cutting Tools. Oct 28, 2014 213
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Industry Changing 3D Laser Metal Sintering (Metal Printing) Technology Now Available from Fonon. Aug 29, 2014 396
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Sintering of Jordanian oil shale under similar conditions of fluidized bed combustion systems. Otoom, Awni Al-; Harahsheh, Mohammad Al-; Batiha, Marwan Report Mar 1, 2014 3366
Comparison of the wear and frictional properties of Cu matrix composites prepared by pulsed electric current sintering/Plasma-aktiveeritud paagutamisega valmistatud vaskkomposiitide kulumis- ja hoordekaitumise vordlus. Ritasalo, Riina; Antonov, Maksim; Veinthal, Renno; Hannula, Simo-Pekka Report Mar 1, 2014 8137
Supply of (a) 10,000 tons, plus/ minus 10 %, natural manganese for the ferromanganese alloys factory in Abu Zeneima, also (b) 15,000 tons, plus/ minus 10 %, manganese sinter. Feb 17, 2014 147
Management, O2 Investment Partners buy Alpha Sintered Metals. Jan 24, 2014 161
Management, O2 Investment Partners buy Alpha Sintered Metals. Jan 24, 2014 164
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Ceramic armour plate under development at Newport; JOINT PROJECT BY MOD AND KENNAMETAL FOR TESTING. Oct 18, 2013 674
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Applied pressure on altering the nano-crystallization behavior of [Al.sub.86][Ni.sub.6][Y.sub.4.5][Co.sub.2][La.sub.1.5] metallic glass powder during spark plasma sintering and its effect on powder consolidation. Li, X.P.; Yan, M.; Ji, G.; Qian, M. Jan 1, 2013 3195
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Bayer MaterialScience and Solid Composites GmbH have announced that they have partnered to develop thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) powders for selective laser sintering, noting, "This innovative method for fabricating three-dimensional structures is based on the use of a laser beam to sinter powdered starting materials. Sep 1, 2012 339
Recycling of WC-Co hardmetals by oxidation and carbothermal reduction in combination with reactive sintering/WC-Co kovasulamjaatmete umbertootlemine oksudeerimise ja karbotermilise taandamise teel koos reaktsioonpaagutusega. Joost, Renee; Pirso, Juri; Viljus, Mart; Letunovits, Sergei; Juhani, Kristjan Report Jun 1, 2012 4064
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Laser made. Thilmany, Jean Brief article Jan 1, 2012 199
Xenon Offers Next Generation Sintering System. Jan 1, 2012 706
Two day sintering course. Jan 1, 2012 140
Molycorp Inc, Daido Steel Co Ltd & Mitsubishi Corporation form joint venture to manufacture & sell sintered NdFeB rare earth magnets. Nov 29, 2011 200
Daido Steel, Mitsubishi and Molycorp to Establish a Next-Generation NdFeB Sintered Magnet Manufacturing and Sales Joint Venture. Nov 29, 2011 473
Laser-sintering for hybrid sports car. Nov 1, 2011 324
Experimental identification of the deformation mechanisms during sintering of cold compacted polytetrafluoroethylene powders. Canto, Rodrigo Bresciani; Schmitt, Nicolas; Carvalho, Jonas De; Billardon, Rene Report Nov 1, 2011 9390
Investigation of sintering temperature and concentration effects on Zn substituted HA. Kabir, S.F.; Ahmed, S.; Ahsanb, M.; Mustafa, A.I. Report Oct 1, 2011 3396
Modification of properties of structural lightweight concrete with steel fibres/Lengvojo betono savybiu modifikavimas plieninemis fibromis. Domagala, Lucyna Report Mar 1, 2011 5549
Austrian Miba buys into Indian Maxtech Sintered Product. Feb 1, 2011 106
Austrian Miba buys into Indian sintered components producer. Feb 1, 2011 108
Request of international offers to supply (a) exhaust fans casing & related accessories, (b) springs for the vibrators of the Sintering Plant No. 2, (c) 500 tons dead burnt (crushed) magensite, also (d) heat exchangers for lubricating cellars of C.S.M. ty. Jan 24, 2011 165
Dimensional accuracy of ankle-foot orthoses constructed by rapid customization and manufacturing framework. Schrank, Elisa S.; Stanhope, Steven J. Report Jan 1, 2011 6625
CAD/CAM dentistry for today's on-the-go military. Hodd, Jeffrey A. Report Jan 1, 2011 7376
Custom shaped caps for LPG filling points. Pogorevc, P.; Tasic, T.; Brajlih, T. Jan 1, 2011 1483
Request of international offers to supply (a) springs for the vibrators serving the sintering plant No. 2 & (b) thickness measuring gauge. Nov 14, 2010 139
Enhanced in vitro bioactivity and osteoblast response of nanocrystalline titanium processed through ball milling. Thirugnanam, A.; Sampath Kumar, T.S.; Chakkingal, Uday Oct 1, 2010 2951
Finnish Outotec gets contract for iron ore sinter plant in India. Sep 2, 2010 188
Finnish Outotec gets contract for iron ore sinter plant in India. Sep 2, 2010 190
Royal plastic to make laser-sintered PEEK aircraft parts. May 1, 2010 86
Optimization of sintering temperature in CdZnS films using reflection spectroscopy. Kumar, Vipin; Juneja, Soniya; Sharma, Sachin K.; Singh, V.; Sharma, T.P. May 1, 2010 2098
Outotec to deliver EUR119m sinter plant to South Africa. Mar 8, 2010 133
Outotec to deliver EUR119m sinter plant to South Africa. Mar 8, 2010 135
CRISIL assigns B+ to Maxtech Sintered Product's bank facilities. Feb 19, 2010 219
Comparison between SLM and SLS in producing complex metal parts. Balc, Nicolae Octavian; Berce, Petru; Pacurar, Razvan Report Jan 1, 2010 1296
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Assessment of wear and tribological behavior of spark plasma sintered Ti. Benga, Gabriel Constantin; Gingu, Oana; Ciupitu, Ion Report Jan 1, 2010 1247
Research on obtaining wear-resistant sintered parts from metal powders recovered. Radu, Stefan; Demian, Mihai; Didu, Anca; Demian, Gabriela Report Jan 1, 2010 694
Selective laser sintering of composite materials technologies. Krznar, Matic; Dolinsek, Slavko Report Jan 1, 2010 1173
Process parameter optimization of pulsed electric current sintering of recycled WC-8Co powder/Taaskasutatava WC-8Co-pulbri elektriimpulsspaagutusprotsessi parameetrite optimeerimine. Cura, Mehmet Erkin; Lagerbom, Juha; Ritasalo, Riina; Syren, Jesse; Lotta, Juho; Soderberg, Outi; Rit Report Dec 1, 2009 3498
Preparation and processing of doped AlN nanopowders/Dopeeritud AlN-nanopulbrite valmistustehnoloogia ja tootlemine. Grabis, Janis; Steins, Ints; Patmalnieks, Aloizijs; Berzina, Baiba; Trinklere, Laima Report Dec 1, 2009 2681
Processing and microstructural characterization of WC-based cermets doped by Zr[O.sub.2]/ Zr[O.sub.2]-ga dopeeritud WC-kermiste suntees ja mikrostruktuurne analuus. Kimmari, Eduard; Hussainova, Irina; Smirnov, Anton; Traksmaa, Rainer; Preis, Irina Report Dec 1, 2009 2901
Influence of sintering techniques on the performance characteristics of steel-bonded TiC-based cermets/Paagutustehnoloogia moju terassideainega TiC-kermise T75/14 tookindlusele. Tsinjan, Aleksei; Klaasen, Heinrich; Kubarsepp, Jakob; Annuka, Harri Report Dec 1, 2009 1959
Diffusion joining of silicon nitride ceramics/Raninitriidkeraamika difusioonliitmine. Dahms, Steffen; Gemse, Felix; Basler, Ursula; Martin, Hans-Peter; Triebert, Anke Report Dec 1, 2009 1907
Dynamic answer analysis of sintering pieces in thermic-structural coupled condition. Ciupitu, Ion; Dumitru, Nicolae; Ghercioiu, Jeni; Manea, Valentina Report Jan 1, 2009 1023
Beyond rapid prototyping: direct manufacturing: when Linear Mold started using laser-sintering for tooling inserts, it accelerated mold production and reduced costs. Gould, Lawrence S. Nov 1, 2008 957
Outotec Oyj wins order for iron ore sinter plant in India. Sep 9, 2008 204
Sintering goes airborne. Brown, Alan S. Sep 1, 2008 366
A novel fabrication route for Auxetic polyethylene, part 2: mechanical properties. Webber, R.S; Alderson, K.L; Evans, K.E. Technical report Jul 1, 2008 6013
Hydroxyapatite-silk functionally graded material by pulse electric current sintering. Nindhia, Tjokorda Gde Tirta; Koyoshi, Yuta; Kaneko, Atsushi; Sawada, Hiroaki; Ohta, Michihiro; Hirai Jul 1, 2008 1447
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Rautaruukki Corporation to closed down sinter plant in Finland. Mar 12, 2008 204
Pressing and sintering of Ti[O.sub.2] powder cathode used to obtain titanium by electrochemical reduction. Roman, Costel; Carcea, Ioan; Chelariu, Romeu; Soare, Vasile Report Jan 1, 2008 1364
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Development of high strength hydroxyapatite for hard tissue replacement. Pramanik, Sumit; Agarwal, Avinash Kumar; Rai, K.N. Jul 1, 2005 2113
Back to the future for sintering. Rive, Meg Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 231
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