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Singles; TUNES By Rick Fulton.

Singles Panic! At the Disco Nicotine Our fave ONE of the standout tracks of a standout album, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! singer Brendon Urie likens a relationship to cigarette addiction: "Just one more hit and then we're through, 'cause you could never love me back." All set to a punky, glammy rock backbone, this is the kind of song The Killers should actually be doing.

Courtney Love You Know My Name KURT Cobain's widow or fallen Hollywood star - certainly you wouldn't describe Court as a musician any more. But the Hole frontwoman still has a nifty line in dangerous punky indie. As she slavers: "All of you look like clowns." Well, pot, black, kettle.

Pitbull ft GRL Wild Wild Love THE new Pussycat Dolls put together by Robin Antin team up with the fusty rapper for some easy publicity. It's all pretty poor with Pitbull's usual rubbish raps in that husky voice that must drive the girls wild (who else buys his stuff). GRL? They're no Pussycats.

Foxes Holding Onto Heaven WITH a Kate Bush-style image and this 80s-style power ballad, the Brit singer should hit the top 20 on Sunday. It's all very earnest as she sings, "I'm holding onto heaven, lights fade but I won't let them", but it's a nice distraction from the hyper pop of Katy Perry.

Molly Children of the Universe THE Brit hope for tomorrow's Eurovision is certainly something a bit different. No old star or cheesy pop, this is more Florence + the Machine, which could mean it does well. With "power to the people" lyrics too, it might just catch on with our European partners.

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