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Single- and dual-axis inclinometer.

ASM SENSORS INC., ELMHURST, ILL. The PTAM5 inclinometer is fitted with a robust housing that has been designed for outdoor use in harsh environments. The measurement range for the single axis version is +/- 180 degrees while the dual axis version is capable of +/- 60 degrees. The inclinometer comes with a robust stainless steel housing for use in outdoor applications such as off-highway equipment, windmills, and off shore locations. The inclinometer is securely installed with four M8 bolts. Both models are available for smaller measurement ranges in +/15-degree increments. The resolution is 0.05 degree with a linearity of +/- 0.5 degree. This inclinometer is also available with the standard 4-20 mA and 10 V analog outputs as well as CANO-pen and CAN SAE J1939.



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Publication:Mechanical Engineering-CIME
Date:May 1, 2011
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