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Single cell diagnostics; methods and protocols.


Single cell diagnostics; methods and protocols.

Ed. by Alan Thornhill.

Humana Press Inc.


182 pages



Methods in molecular medicine; 132


Until recently, diagnostics in clinical genetics required relatively large samples of tissue, blood, or DNA. But in the past decade, as Thornhill (London Bridge Fertility, Gynecology, and Genetics Centre, London, UK) notes, microarray technology began being applied to single cells for the identification of chromosome abnormalities and DNA mutations. In 13 chapters, international contributors describe analytical techniques for those providing care for couples seeking treatment for infertility or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, and other clinical and research scientists seeking to glean diagnostic information from a minimal number of cells. They enumerate the required materials, equipment, and protocols of contamination-reducing methods becoming more routine including laser-assisted cell collection, comparative genomic hybridization, and real-time gene expression analysis.

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