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Singer-wongwriter Yosi Piamenta, 'Hasidic Hendrix,' in Coma.

Yosi Piamenta, a self-dubbed "Jewish rock-and-roller," is under a medically induced coma, according to frequent collaborator Naftali Kalfa. Born in Israel in 1951, Piamenta, who first played area weddings and bar mitzvahs while a resident of Brooklyn prior to putting his stamp onto the New York City scene, has rocked international audiences for decades with genre-blending licks from his Stratocaster and Hebrew vocals, often with his brother, Avi. Piamenta, who was reportedly ill last year, has six children.

"Mentioning the late guitarist and leader of the Grateful Dead appears to be unavoidable at Mr. Piamenta's concerts," reported The New York Times in 1998. "With his full beard, tie-dyed shirt (adorned, of course, with religious fringes) and a psychedelically embroidered skullcap, the "Sephardic Santana," as he is sometimes called, makes no apologies for embracing the trappings of the counterculture.

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Author:Zalman, Jonathan
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Apr 17, 2015
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