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Homecooked approaches: loading an approach from the GPS database is the easy way to get all your needs met. but when it's not there, you can whip up your own version to compliment the basic needles. Jun 1, 2011 1312
Managing IFR priorities: "Aviate, navigate, Communicate" is embedded deep in the pilot psyche. Yet a frightening number of us behave exactly backwards when we're flying the system. Jul 1, 2010 1999
Gettin' TEC-Route savvy: some of the worst clearances come pre-written if you know where to look. Getting them into a GPS, however, takes a bit more than simple waypoint selection. May 1, 2010 1861
What it takes to type: ever wonder if you have what it takes to earn a type rating for a small jet? Success comes from preparation--something that helps with learning any new aircraft. Apr 1, 2010 2035
Landing with ice: it's a myth that aircraft loaded with ice just stop flying. Most mounts can be landed safely if you understand the forces at work. Oct 1, 2009 2247
Why you need to fly TKE: if you have a Garmin GPS and find that tracking courses perfectly takes more than a passing thought, then you're working too hard. Sep 1, 2009 1222
Try a broken approach: sure, you've got the numbers dialed in for your airplane. But are you ready for the day when all those numbers are wrong? Sep 1, 2009 1495
R U down with VDP's? Visual descent points are one of those IFR subtleties that separate the hacks from the pros. (Don't worry. It's easy to go pro.). Aug 1, 2009 1290
Why use GPS OBS? You don't need to be a Star Wars OBS-Kenobi to feel the power of OBS mode. Master it, and it will do almost magical things for you. May 1, 2009 1637
Perfect proficiency flight: when time and gas are dear, it's tempting to let proficiency wallow. Fight it by cranking up the sweat level of your next practice session. Apr 1, 2009 2083
Don't watch the needles: sometimes the best way to avoid an ILS sword fight on the CDI is to stop looking at the instrument so much. Feb 1, 2009 3036
Pattern-altitude SID: when the DP is notorious for earning altitude busts, the key is reducing the task load. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 339
Top five IFR rust spots: atrophied skills that'll kill you don't involve forgetting your five Ts. Here are five aspects of your instrument flying to keep razor sharp. Report Nov 1, 2008 2305
Pro plate briefings: there are too many critical pieces of information on an approach plate for a haphazard brief. Here's a better way. Sep 1, 2008 1917
Using user waypoints: you can mark your Uncle Bob's fishing camp with them, but user wpts can be just the right tool for the serious IFR pilot. Jul 1, 2008 1743
It's all about angles: one simple mathematical relationship can be used in everything from descent planning to optimal radar use. May 1, 2008 1814

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