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Sinead to sue over abuse claims.

Singer Sinead O'Connor yesterday said she would sue her daughter's father for thousands after her local council dismissed child neglect allegations.

O'Connor said journalist John Waters' allegations that she neglected two-year-old Roisin arose out of "malice and vindictiveness."

"It's the worst thing that you could accuse a person of, other than sexual abuse," the Irish star said.

She claims she was abused as a child herself.

"Camden Council have been down and inspected my house, inspected my children and inspected all of us, and are satisfied that there is no basis for the allegations," she said from her North London home.

"I will be suing him for filing a malicious report and suing him for putting it in the papers, for the damage to my career and family life."

A Camden Council spokesman confirmed that a social worker had visited the house and that they would not be taking the matter any further.

O'Connor was angered by the upset to her son Jake, aged 11.

She had lost ten days' studio time as a result of the disruption at a cost of thousands of pounds, she said.

"Now John will have to go through the courts and let the judges work out how and when he can see Roisin.

"He has just made life much more difficult for himself."

O'Connor and Irish journalist Waters, aged 37, had Roisin after she announced on a chat show that she wanted him to father her child, but they were apart when she was born.

She said the latest rift came about after she decided to sack one of her nannies. Waters made a complaint at a police station about the care of the children.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Feb 3, 1999
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